Zoe Saldana Is Ready To Leave Marvel

Zoe Saldana

For a fact, fans are not yet ready to say goodbye to Gamora and yet, Zoe Saldana recently spoke about her Marvel character and hinted she is ready to leave Marvel after the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3. While talking to Variety, Zoe said that she would not miss early morning calls and her green makeup.

Although the actress directly did not say that GOTG3 will be her last project with Marvel, many fans started suspecting that she will finally leave Marvel. So what are the odds of her leaving Marvel? Personally speaking, I don’t think that will be her final Marvel movie because it is pretty obvious that fans are not ready to lose another one of their favorite characters after Robert Downey Jr.’s Ironman and Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers (Captain America).

When Zoe was asked if GOTG3 will be her final Marve movie, she told, “I can never say no to anything, but that green makeup? I wouldn’t be upset if it didn’t happen again, I miss Gamora but I don’t miss 3:30 a.m. calls and five-hour makeup sessions and trips to the dermatologist afterwards.”

She has been part of GOTG since 2014 and considering her character Gamora’s connection with young Marvel fans, Zoe says that it makes her not to be cynical about Marvel. She said, “Every time that you know that 8-year-old or that dad and mom or those generational fans that remind me that what I did was special to them, it makes me not be cynical about Marvel. It makes me understand that younger audiences should stop being overlooked, They have feelings too and if something impacts them, just because we consider it stupid or immature or cheeky, doesn’t mean it’s not special.”

She continued, “I am picky in terms of the way I curate my life and art, I know the artists that I like, I know the writers that I like, I know the music that I like, I know the intellectuals that I bond with and learn from, and I pick my material based on that curation. And maybe there is good business in that.”

Perfect Christmas gift for Marvel fans

There is still a month left for Christmas but Marvel fans will be receiving a special gift just a few days later and a month before Christmas. This Friday, Marvel’s long-awaited Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is set to be released on Disney Plus. Moreover, this is also James Gunn’s directed television five years after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s release.

This holiday television special is also said to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) conclusion of Phase four. And while we did not see Gamora on Thor: Love and Thunder, this television special is set to cast all the original members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. After this, we will see them on May 5, 2023, in one of the MCU’s most-awaited movies, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is also going to be Will Poulter’s MCU debut. Poulter is set to reprise Adam Warlock’s character.

Sadly, GOFTG3 is considered to be director James Gunn’s last movie with Marvel as he has officially announced as the creative head of DC Studios. However, Gunn has never stated that he is leaving Marvel after GOTG3.

Holiday Special Overview

Looking at the trailer, we can anticipate that in this television special, the guardians’ team, including Drax and Mantis, are on a mission to make Christmas fun and unforgettable for Peter, as he is sad because of Gamora being gone. They go to Earth and search for the perfect present for their leader, Peter Quill.

Critics have already shared their reviews and thoughts on this television special and it seems that it really is going to be special because reviews are really positive. One of the critics named Brandon Davis said that he really enjoyed this holiday special and loved the format. He said, “As far as Special Presentations go, I really enjoy the format for Marvel. I prefer it over series. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and Werewolf by Night are so, so different which is great. Guardians feels like a silly mini-movie check-in with top tier characters.”

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