How Does Your Lie in April End? Ending Explained

your lie in april

Your Lie in April is one of the most beautiful anime out there. The story and the emotion between the characters are portrayed carefully and beautifully. However, the end of this anime was quite confusing to most of the fans. To know the meaning of its end, let’s take a look at its beautiful storyline.

What anime is Your Lie in April?

Your Lie in April has been one of the most famous and popular anime and the best one with a great storyline. It was first released in the market as a ‘one-shot comic’. They later started the manga and eventually reached the anime. The animation became a successful anime that made a fanbase from all over the world.

The story focuses on a talented young boy who is a skilled pianist player name, Kosei Arima. He is very talented but after some time, his mother dies because of an illness and after that, his talent gets erased into dust. He loses his ability to play the piano once more.

In his daily routine of life, he walks through a park, and there he meets a person that would later change his life forever. The young girl that appears in the life of Kosei is Kaori Miyazono, a talented violinist player. Let’s take a look at how the story takes place.

The anime, Your Lie in April, is about the boy Kosei Arima who had given up on his music. He had lost all his hope and believed that he could never make an impact with his music to others. While he believes that, his music makes a great impact on the young violinist player.

Kosei’s piano keys touched the would of Kaori. This helped Kosei to understand that people understand him and he is more important to many people than they think. the story of this anime is beautiful and is one of the best romantic animes out there.

This touched the heart of many fans, its storyline and ending were what brought tears to many of their fans. But many fans also seemed confused with the ending of this anime. If you’re here because of that then don’t worry, we’re here to explain that perfectly to you.

Do Kosei and Kaori Get Together?

At the beginning of the anime, we see the main protagonist Kosei has stopped playing Piano for two years. Kosei had loved music all his life, but it seemed like he would never play another instrument once more. Kosei wasn’t able to play his beloved piano and play beautiful music because he stopped hearing the keys of the piano.

After his mother’s death, the fourteen-year-old boy became hopeless. The death destroyed him from the inside which caused great trauma to the young boy, he got so devastated that he stopped playing his beloved music. He had thought he would play Piano again in his life until he met Kaori Miyazono.

Kosei used to play piano for his mother, she was the reason that inspired him to become one of the most talented pianists. After his mother’s date, he had no one to play the piano for and that was until he met Kaori. Miyazono Kaori is a cheerful girl, who leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes. And that sparkle also made a big effect on Kosei’s life.

Kaori is a girl who loves to play the violin on her own rule without giving a damn about its rules. This made her a talented violin player but there were also demerits. The music industry and the expert players of violin disliked her for that kind of behavior.

Reading all these you must be thinking that the anime is about music but that ‘music’ makes a way to find love between them. During the OVA we could never see Kaori and Kosei together but we all knew that they had feelings for each other.

Throughout the anime, we could see their feelings being expressed in one way or another. One way they showed their love to each other was through their music. They helped each other especially Kaori when Kosei had lost all his hope for music, he could finally understand and wake up from the nightmare that he was facing for years.

With the help of Kaori he learned to play music in a free way, he could finally play those keys without any desperation, hesitation, or any kind of obstacles. Kaori and her care was the way she expressed her love to Kosei and because of that, he was able to stand on his feet and play the instrument once more.

It’s sad to say that the both of them loved each other but they never ended up being with each other. 

The reason why they don’t end up with each other is Kaori gets ill. Although she fell into trap of a disease, she successfully helped Kosei. Because of her, Kosei was able to reach the finale of the Eastern Japan Piano Competition. During his performance, he felt Kaori’s spirit with him and that spirit slowly faded away.

But soon after the competition ended, he found out about the death of Kaori. After her death, Kosei went to attend the funeral of Kaori where he found her letter and a photo of a young girl with her violin. He framed that photo of Kaori and cherished it as a treasure. Well, what was written in the treasure? Let’s see here your own words.

What was written in Kaori’s letter?

Your Lie in April Kaori Letter

Before her death, Kaori left a letter for Kosei and when he was reading that letter he shredded in tears. Not only Kosei, but all the fans were also in tears when they saw the letter of Kaori. Let’s take a look at her letter.

Dear Arima Kousei,

It feels weird writing a letter to someone you were just with…

You’re the worst.

Indecisive. Gullible. Twit.

The first time I ever saw you perform, I was 5 years old. It was at a recital for the piano school I was going to. This awkward, clumsy kid came onto the stage and accidentally hit the piano stool with his butt. It was too funny. He turned to the piano that was way too big for him and the moment he played that first note, I was drawn in.

The sound was beautiful, like a 24-colour palette. The melodies danced.

The girl next to me started crying. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

And even so, you gave up the piano. Even though it totally changed other people’s lives. You’re the worst. Indecisive. Gullible. Twit.

(Cut to Kaori as a kid, telling her parents she’s giving up piano for violin because she wants Kousei to play again.)

When I found out we were in the same middle school, I was ecstatic. But how would I ever come to talk to you? Maybe I’d hang out at the lunch concession. Instead, I just watched you from afar.
I mean. After all. You all seemed to get along so well. There wasn’t really any space in there for someone like me.
When I was a kid, I had to have an operation and I started having to be at the hospital for regular check-ups. In the first year of middle school, I collapsed and I was admitted over and over. With every visit, I was there for longer and longer. Really, I didn’t get to class much in middle school, I spent more time at the hospital. And I knew something was wrong with my body.

One night, I saw my parents crying in the waiting room and I knew that my time was running out.

That’s when I ran away.
I didn’t want to bring my regrets with me to heaven, so I stopped holding back from what the things I always wanted to do.
I wasn’t scared anymore to get contact lenses.
I ate what I wanted instead of always worrying about my weight.
And I took the music with all its high and mighty directives and played it the way I wanted.

And then I told a lie. Just one.
I lied and said that I, Miyazono Kaori, liked Watari Ryouta.

And that lie brought you to me.

Please apologize to Watari for me… though I’m sure he’s forgotten me by now
I think I need someone more wholehearted and earnest than him.
I think we’d be fine as friends though.

And please apologize to Tsubaki for me too.
I want for there to be no hard feelings. And there was one thing I could never ask of her, to ask her directly to introduce the two of us.
I don’t think she would’ve had an answer for me.
After all, she was in love with you.
We all knew that.
I think the only people who didn’t know were you and her.
That underhanded lie brought me to you didn’t work out the way I had imagined.

It was darker.
And meaner.
And denser.
And more stubborn.
And more perverted.

And softer.
And more masculine.
And sweet.
Remember that bridge we jumped off? The water was so cool and refreshing.
Racing each other alongside the train. I really thought I could win.
The moon was saw from the music room that night, like a delicious-looking bun.
Singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with you as we rode on that bike together. Then falling out time. We’re awful singers.
At the school at night. I’m still sure there was something there.
The falling snow, just like cherry blossoms.

It’s strange to be a musician, but then to have your heart so filled by something that comes from off-stage
They’re unforgettable scenes to me. But they’re such little things. It’s weird, isn’t it?

What do you think?
Do you think I made it into anyone’s heart like that?
I wonder if I made it into yours.
I wonder if you’ll still remember me.

If you forget me, I’ll just come back and..
No, I don’t want to start over.
Please don’t forget me.
Promise me you won’t forget me.

I’m glad it was you.

I hope this reaches you, Arima Kousei.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I’m sorry we couldn’t eat all those canelés.
I’m sorry I hit you so much.
I’m sorry I was so selfish.

I’m so, so, so, so sorry.

Thank you for everything.

Miyazono Kaori”

These were her words to Kosei. When we read this letter sometimes, it still gives us tears. Kaori, a happy girl who was dying inside saved Kosei. Kosei wanted to drown and Kaori wanted to live but she helped her to live and sacrificed herself which was one of the saddest and the most beautiful part of the anime.

How Does Your Lie In April Ends? 

your lie in april


The last episodes of Your Lie in April were so emotional that they gave emotional damage to their viewers. Kosei finds out about the critical condition of Kaori. After that, he struggles to play the keywords of the piano.

After his mother, he wanted to play his music for only Kaori but seeing her in such a condition broke his heart. He couldn’t take part in the competition after that. Although Kosei declines to meet Kaori, Tsubaki manages to convince him to see her.

Kosei visits to see Kaori and once more they talk with each other. The young pianist explains that he can’t play piano anymore because the only person he wanted to play for was his mother and Kaori, his loved ones. He then explains that there is no reason to play piano if he can’t play for his loved ones, for Kaori.

Kaori explains that she doesn’t want to die and because of her desire, she is going through a risky surgery that can make her health better. She explains that Kosei is the reason she wants to be alive, playing music with him and being with him is the desire that has helped Kaori to fight her illness, it is the reason why she wants to live.

As Kosei explains that he is scared of losing her like his mother. Kaori calmly shows his love to him and states that his music will always act as healing for her. The last scene where both of them are on the rooftop makes the whole fanbase cry.

Kaori expresses her love to Kosei and tells her that she wants to be with him, ask him so many things, and spend more time with him, and she doesn’t want to die.

eventually, Kosei plays the piano again for Kaori. Although he finds it hard to play the piano once more, he plays it perfectly at the end. In the meantime, Kaori is having her surgery. He starts to feel her presence and suddenly her spirit appears and assists Kosei in his performance. After the performance, Kosei finds out that Kaori has passed away.

Kosei is seen with the letter of Kaori where she had expressed her love and her story on how she wanted to be with him.

Kosei finds a photo of Kaori with her violin in the letter. In the picture, we can see five years old Kaori. It was so beautiful when the anime revealed that the person who inspired her to play the music was no other than Kosei. She left him with many questions for him, then he starts to answer all the questions.

That moment was one of the most beautiful anime of all time. Kosei says that she will always be in his heart and will see her playing violin as she always has. We can even see Kosei framing the picture and cherishing it as a treasure.

The Ending of Your Lie in April

In the letter of Kaori, we could see her expressing her lies and feeling for Kosei. In the anime, we could see that Kaori was interested in Kosei’s best friend, Ryota. Kosei was devasted and broken when he found that the girl he liked was in love with his best friend but in the end, we could find the truth that unraveled the ending and relationship between Kosei and Kaori.

In Kaori’s letter, we could find that her relationship with Ryota was nothing but pretend. She had made feelings for Ryota only because she wanted to get more close to Kosei. She even revealed that she knew that someone else liked Kosei and it was his best friend, Tsubaki. She didn’t want to hurt Tsubaki’s feelings so, she maintained her distance.

She eventually expresses that she loves him and hopes that she will also live in his heart forever. This was a lie from Kaori to Kosei, but there was another, a heartbreaking lie.

Kaori had promised Kosei that they were gonna play music once more, which they never got a chance. This broke the hearts of fans from the inside.

Your Lie in April is one of the most beautiful anime. It gives us a view and explains to us that we can also see the world in a different way. There will always be people who will love you and always care for you, you’ll never be lonely and even if you are you’ll eventually find someone like Kosei had found Kaori.

The end of Your Lie in April was one of the most beautiful ones. It taught all of their fans a beautiful lesson. Kosei lived for Kaori and Kaori died for Kosei, there isn’t any beautiful as Your lie in April. A heart whelming anime with an emotional and beautiful storyline.

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