Yoda vs. Darth Vader: Who Would Win and Why

Yoda and Darth Vader

Yoda might look small, but the power of his mind knows no limits, and Yoda is quite the fighter too. So ofcourse, fans of the Star Wars franchise wonder who might win when he faces one of the greatest movie villains of all time- Darth Vader.
Yoda’s small stature looks like nothing compared to Darth Vader’s intimidating appearance. For the eye, it looks like Darth Vader could easily beat Yoda one on one. But what might actually happen if they come face to face?

Did Yoda ever fight against Darth Vader? 

In the franchise, Yoda and Darth Vader have never encountered each other. There are many stories and timelines that explain the fight of Yoda and Darth Vader, but they have never fought with each other in the main canon.

Even when Darth Vader was still Anakin Skywalker, the grandmaster Yoda never fought with him because Anakin was still on the side of the Jedi. There were few moments where Yoda and Vader could’ve fought with each other, like when Anakin betrayed the Jedi and went to the Dark Side.

Yoda fight

When the Jedi found out that Anakin had betrayed and went to the Dark Side, Obi-Wan Kenobi wanted to go after Palpatine but Yoda declined to do that. Yoda had feared that he would lose his warriors to the Sith Lord, he feared that Sith Lord would’ve been too much powerful for Obi-Wan Kenobi.

That was the only moment where they could’ve come face to face with each other but Yoda avoided the fight. So, why did the face of Star Wars never fight with each other? Was there a reason? Let’s unravel the truth!

Why Yoda and Vader Never Fought in Star Wars?

The icons of Star Wars have never fought with each other. The main reason why Yoda has never encountered Darth Vader in the battle field because Yoda always stays behind if they are about to engage in the fight. Although he has led in many fights he stays behind in most of the wars.

Yoda seems to have lost confidence in a fight after he lost the battle with Darth Sidious in Revenge of the Sith. He must’ve lost the will to fight in any other battles because when Yoda lost the battle, he threw the whole Jedi Order into the dark realm.

Yoda has always stayed on the peaceful side, he has started to avoid fights and it might be because he is afraid to lose the Jedi members. But in the book Star Wars: Complete Locations, it was stated that Toda chose not to fight with Darth Vader for a reason.

Yoda didn’t draw his lightsaber with Darth Vader purposefully. The book stated that; “Yoda has been able to devote the years of his exile to pondering ancient Jedi texts, meditating on the deepest mysteries of the Force, and using his Jedi skills to communicate with Obi-Wan Kenobi and other exiles.”

He knew that if he would get into combat with Darth Vader, the results wouldn’t be in his favor. He was communicating with the exiles and was also keeping an eye on the Skywalker twins, Luke and Leia. If he had faced Vader it would’ve been deadly and the results would affect to balance of the Force.

Yoda and Darth Vader Power Comparisons 

When we tell you that Yoda hasn’t been in many fights and isn’t always on the front, it doesn’t mean that he lacks powers and is weak. If you’re forgetting then let us remind you, that Yoda is the grandmaster of the Jedi, he can use the highest ability and use the power of Force in its maximum capability despite fo his old age.

But when it comes to using the lightsaber, then the situation favors Darth Vader. Yoda is also a very skillful Jedi warrior, but we can say that Vader is much more skilled in using a lightsaber by only a little bit.

Yoda used his lightsabers during the battle with Count Dooku and Palpatine. When Yoda fought with Count Dooku, he proved to be far more powerful than the former Jedi member who turned into a Sith Lord, but no one won the battle because Dooku run away from the battle when Yoda was on his way to save Anakin and Kenobi.

The second time when Yod caused his lightsaber was against Palpatine. Although Yoda’s weapon got knocked out during the fight, he showed exceptional battle, his skills in using the lightsaber are also one of the best, but we’ve hardly seen anything of Yoda.

Every time we talk about Darth Vader, we’ve seen a lot from him. When he was a Jedi member, Anakin Skywalker, was a powerful Jedi but not powerful enough to defeat Count Dooku. Dooku was able to defeat Anakin easily and cut his hand off. But Anakin got his revenge and was slowly moving to the Dark Side.

When he battled with Mace Windu, he didn’t stand a chance against him but managed to beat him using the element of surprise. But when he turned into the Dark Side and became Darth Vader, he become very much more powerful than he ever was. He was able to defeat almost every Jedi of the Jedi Temple.

Darth Vader has also shown using his Force abilities. More than using his other skills he relies more on his telekinesis powers. But each time he uses the Force his body starts to get more miserable. And to remind you, Yoda has spent more than 1000 years studying the ancient power and techniques of Force.

After becoming the Jedi, he has learned many techniques and ways to utilize the power of the Force to its full capacity. Yoda has a higher understanding, he can even redirect and absorb the Force attacks. He is certainly much more skilled in using the Force to its full capacity than Darth Vader, but Vader also has an advantage in using the Force.

The main advantage of Darth Vader is that he has studied both the Light and Dark Side, he has knowledge on both sides and can utilize his knowledge while battling with the Jedi. And we’ve already seen that when Yoda battled with Palpatine, he failed to overcome the power of the Dark Side.

Vader has great knowledge and skills about both the Dark and Light Side, with such knowledge he can make powerful attacks as we’ve seen in the Revenge of the Sith. 

Both of these warriors are powerful characters in the franchise. In terms of using the Force, Yoda is far better than any other characters but in terms of using the lightsaber, Vader is more skilled than Yoda.

Yoda vs. Darth Vader: Who Would Win?

There are many moments where Vader can have the upper hand in the battle but still, the chances of remaining victorious are of Yoda. He has much more experience than Darth Vader in terms of battles and life experiences.

Darth Vader is a powerful opponent of the franchise but Yoda is way more powerful than Darth Vader. He has mastered the ways of using the ancient powers of Force, which makes him the strongest automatically.

The Grandmaster of the Jedi is far more powerful. In fact, he is known as the strongest character in the franchise. Yoda can easily overwhelm Vader in a fight and remain victorious, but does that mean he is weak?

Vader is a great lightsaber user than Yoda, but the Jedi Grand Master is filled with the knowledge of using the Force. Although we don’t know many things about Yoda, we can tell that he is the strongest character in the franchise. Vader isn’t a weak opponent, Yoda is just stronger than him.








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