Why Wasn’t Ron Weasley in Hufflepuff House?

Ron Weasley in Hufflepuff House

Ron Weasley is the most loyal and true friend that Harry ever had. Well, the trait of loyalty and friendship is highly valued by the house of Hufflepuff, then how come he is not sorted there?

He is also a person filled with insecurities and he lacks confidence too, still, he was chosen to be placed as Gryffindor. Did he deserve to be a true Griffindor? You will know about all these things, you just need to stick to this article till the end.

First, let us know how Ron was actually sorted and placed in his favorite house.

The Sorting Ceremony

The sorting ceremony is the first thing that takes place in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after students arrive from Hogwarts Express. In this ceremony, each student is assigned to one of the four different houses.

That house consisted of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherins, and Ravenclaw. The student had to be aligned to certain traits to be in each house.

Initially, the sorting was done by the Founders of the House themselves. They chose students according to the quality they required it each student. They also desired the students to be selected according to their desired quality in the future.

Godric Gryffindor came up with the solution for sorting. He presented his hat in front of the other three founders. All of them enchanted it with their magic and named it a Sorting Hat which is then used to sort the student in a specific house.

Sorting Hat is the wittiest and most magical hat you have ever seen. It could read the mind of anyone who wears it. It could identify the qualities and traits possessed by the students. Other than that it also focuses on the qualities that a student values.

Thus, students are placed under the sorting hat during the sorting ceremony. Then that decides where the students are to be kept.

How was Ron Sorted?

Ron was so afraid of the idea of being chosen in Slytherin. He highly preferred Gryffindor to be his house from the beginning. He had an attachment with this house as all of his family were sorted in Gryffindors and his older brothers were currently in the same house.

Upon  Professor McGonagal calling Ron’s name, he went to the stage nervously in fear that he would be the only Weasely that didn’t make it to Gryffindor.

The Sorting Hat didn’t seem to have much difficulty sorting Ron to a house he desired as we can witness in the announcement of the Sorting hat.

The sorting hat: “Ahhh, another Weasley, I know just what to do with you, Gryffindor!

Ron exhaled with relief and applause could be heard around the hall.

Thus, Ron was sorted into the house he desired although he showed a certain characteristic of Hufflepuff too. With what traits students get sorted to Hufflepuff, let’s know a few things about Hufflepuff.

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Hufflepuff House

Hufflepuff was one of the four houses of Hogwarts. It values the traits such as kindness, dedication, fair play, modesty, and patience. loyalty and hard work in the students.

The symbolic animal of the house was Badger. Hufflepuff harmonizes with the earth elements and yellow and black were the house color.

The students of Hufflepuff are supposed to be focused on fair play rather than biased competition. They seem disinterested in public glory. Besides, it is the most inclusive house among all the houses.

Hufflepuff house is seen as the most unappreciated house. It is even considered that leftovers are placed in this house.

Well, it must not be so, the kindness and friendship valued by Hufflepuff must be rewarded and also respected.

Who was the founder of Hufflepuff?

The Hufflepuff house was founded by Helga Hufflepuff. She was the greatest witch of her time. She along with her other three friends decided to create a great magical school and hence founded Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Describing her physical appearance, Helga was a round and plump woman who can be seen with a wide smile in her every portrait. He favored loyalty, hard work, fair play, and honesty over every other trait.

Helga was renowned for her compassionate nature, she was the one who made the provision of house elves working in the Hogwarts kitchen. This step of her assured harmony and safety among elves. Also, she was renowned for her skill in food-related charms. Her recipe was used in Hogwarts for a long time and is still in use.

Helga was very considerate in selecting the students. She also accepted the students who were not else chosen in other houses. She was also willing to choose the muggle-born and the one who was treated in different ways by the wizards.

Who was the head of Hufflepuff?

The head of Hufflepuff house was Professor Pomona Sprout. She was also the head of the Herbology department.

In her Hogwarts year as a student, she was selected as a Hufflepuff. She excelled in Herbology and after some years of her graduation, she returned to Hogwarts and became the Professor of Herbology.

She grew a magical plant named Mandrake whose roots appear like humans. This plant is used to cure those who were petrified by Slytherin’s monsters.

She had actively taken part in the Battle of Hogwarts against the Death Eaters. She survived the war and she retired at the end of 2020.

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Why Ron didn’t belong to Hufflepuff?

Ron showed some traits of Hufflepuff being loyal and a good friend, but still, he wasn’t placed in Hufflepuff. Why is it so?

Actually, Ron was not suitable enough to be placed in Hufflepuff. Of course, he possessed some qualities of this house that doesn’t mean he possesses its whole traits.

The quality that Hufflepuff values most is loyalty. Okay, Ron was a loyal friend but he has not been loyal to Harry and Hermione all the time. How can we forget the time when he deserted his friends when they need them the most? Well, it was a time during the Horcruxes hunt.

Another major trait of Hufflepuff is hard work. Well, Mr. Ron didn’t possess hardworking enough to be a Hufflepuff. He is so lazy that he even tries to make Hermione do his homework.

Ron was bold enough to be Hufflepuff which is the trait that Hufflepuff students lack. Ron has been bold enough to defend his best friend Harry from Draco. Also, how can we forget the time when Harry was convincing everyone about the return of Voldemort? While everyone didn’t believe him Ron was the one who not only believed Harry but also took a bold stand for him.

Ron could be jealous and hot-headed which is not the kind of trait that Hufflepuff wanted. Remember the time he was jealous of his idol Victor Krum when he was with Hermione? He even broke the miniature of Krum in his jealousy. Also, he has been so hot-tempered upon his immaturity.

Thus, Ron possessed so many qualities that go against the Hufflepuff traits. He may not be a qualified Hufflepuff, but on the bright side, he is a true Griffindor. How? Let’s know.

How was Ron a true Griffindor?

We have witnessed Ron as a guy with a self-esteem issue at various times. But he has proved his bravery and courage many times. He may possess the quality of Hufflepuff but he is more of Gryffindor.

He could be hot-tempered which is the trait of a Gryffindor as this house is associated with fire elements. Many times he has loosened his temper to fight against injustice.

He has also faced his fears like a true Gryffindor. He was afraid of spiders. He accompanied Harry to the forbidden forest knowing that it has the presence of Aragog, a giant spider, and a beast of Slytherins. Well, he deserted Harry even in when Aragog appeared.

Talking about the main trait of Gryffindor, bravery, Ron had proved it various times. He had bravely stood for his friend Harry. He bravely took part in Dumbledore’s army.

Also, he was bravely present there with Harry and Hermione when they were out of Horcruxes’ hunt. Well, he was courageous enough to battle against the Death Eaters in the wizarding wars.

What if Ron was sorted in a Hufflepuff?

It has been the topic of debate that Ron should be placed in the house of Hufflepuff as it fits his personality better. So if he was sorted into Hufflepuff what would have changed? What would be the outcome of his future?

As we know that all of the Weasley had been sorted into Gryffindors. If Ron was sorted in Hufflepuff, he would have felt like an outsider.

Harry and Ron had already met on the train before the sorting ceremony, well it would be a matter of disappointment if these friends were not placed in the same house.

Nevertheless, the golden trio consisting of Ron, Harry, and Hermione would not have been formed if all of them were not in the same house, and if Ron was in Hufflepuff.

Ron, the youngest boy child in his family which was not rich enough, was grown up bounded full of insecurities. If it hadn’t been for his friends Harry and Hermione he might not have been pushed to grow braver while he grew up.

How can we forget Ron and Hermione as a couple? Their gradual friendship during their school year made them end as a couple which might not have been possible if Ron was placed in Hufflepuff.

House of brave, Griffindor has contributed to shaping his traits. He has gradually grown into a braver man in his school years. Take it whether when he has gone with Harry and Hermione in the search for Horcruxes to help Harry defend against Voldemort or when he has actually fought against the Death Eaters.

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At last,

It’s not a matter of what qualities we possess, but it is the qualities we want to possess, that matter most. Ron may not be braver from the very beginning but he always wants to be the one.

Sorting Hat has done a quite good job by sorting Ron into Gryffindor, else a courageous Ron in the latter part would not be seen in Harry Potter Franchise.

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