Why Is Kingpin So Strong?


The Marvel Universe has a host of villains and supervillains alike. Every one of them has its own powers that define them. Out of the sea of villains that Marvel has to offer, Kingpin could probably be considered one of the strongest.

It’s not surprising that most of you are wondering why Kingpin is so strong.

His endurance and resistance to the blows and strikes he faces have made an excellent impression on the audience. However, does he have any other superpowers besides his unnatural endurance towards pain and his ability to get up no matter how often he’s struck down? Let’s find out!

How is Kingpin able to get up again and again?

Kingpin is a businessman and a criminal with enormous power and resources. He might not have superhuman powers like other MCU characters, but his cunning and ruthless strategies can easily outsmart other characters with superhuman abilities.

He has a considerable muscle mass, which makes him incredibly strong and more durable than any other human.

He isn’t trained in close-to-close combat, but his sheer size and muscles make him more durable enough to resist damage than any other character.

According to “The Official Handbook of Marvel Universe: Daredevil 2004,” he states that despite his size, he has almost no fat on his body and is just a big bulk of muscles.

This is the main reason behind Fisk’s strength and durability. His persistent training made his body full of muscles, having only 2% body fat. Thus, it makes it very difficult even to knock him down, let alone kill him. He’s very persistent and therefore gets up again and again.

Since Netflix’s Daredevil series ended in 2018, the character hasn’t been shown afterward. But in another series Hawkeye, he made a cameo which still got a lot of plaudits from the audience.

What power does Kingpin hold?

Wilson Grant Fisk does not hold any superhuman powers. He is just a normal person like anyone else, with a mind more cunning than others and a body trained to withstand pain.

He doesn’t have any superhuman power like other marvel characters, but when it comes to planning, strategizing, and tactical powers, he is superior.


Many audiences haven’t realized that even after Hawkeye, Wilson Fisk wears bulletproof vests but it’s hidden from a defense that has kept him alive, as confirmed by Dare Devils.

Kingpin started to build up his strength at the age of 12.

He was fascinated and got involved by gaining an interest in Sumo Wrestling and the academic field of political science.

This made him more robust in terms of both physical and political ideologies.

Who has Kingpin clashed with?

Wilson Grant Fisk is one of the most powerful villains in the MCU who has given a hard time to the most popular superheroes.

Kingpin has a long history with a lot of superheroes. He’s been a prick to every superhero that he has faced. Let us look at some of his clashes that the superheroes would probably want to forget about.

Captain America

Kingpin had a brutal battle with Captain America years ago. Both of them dueled vigorously exchanging fatal blows. After a lengthy fight, it looked like Kingpin had gotten the best of Captain America, with Kingpin clearly having the upper hand in the fight.

Kingpin managed to hold down Captain America in a grip so hard that it threatened to destroy his spine.

Fortunately, The Redwing and Falcon arrived just in time and managed to save Captain America from being smashed.

Eddie Brock

Kingpin spent a large amount of money and time to transform Venom Symbiote into a techno-organic creature that he could manipulate.

Fisk seized the symbiote from Eddie Brock, and his plan succeeded. Afterward, Fisk stole the symbiote, and shot it straight in his head and killed him.

Iron Fist

A team of heroes who called themselves The Ultimate Nights planned  to kill Kingpin in the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

But the elimination of the supervillain Kingpin was not easy as it sounds.

The Ultimate Nights were in awe at the fact that they kept on losing at the hands of Kingpin. Only later they realized that Kingpin, ever so cunning, was one step ahead of them; he was getting information about the attacks through one of the Ultimate Nights teammates.

It was later revealed that Kingpin had blackmailed one of their teammates, Iron Fist, by threatening to kill his parents.

That is how Wilson Fisk used one of the most famous Marvel characters Iron Fist as his puppet with his cunning strategy.


At one time, the Legacy Virus was dominating the mutant community, and the X-Men and the Shang-Chi were suffering from it badly, and it threatened their existence.

They were searching for something called Elixir Vitae, believing it to be a cure for the deadly virus.

But unfortunately, Kingpin had possession of what they were searching for.

Kingpin planned to get ridiculously rich by selling those Elixir Vitae. While the X-Men desperately wanted hold of the Elixir, they knew they had no way to get it from Kingpin.

They didn’t want Kingpin to earn profit from those Elixir Vitae and were in a dilemma. After much thought, Storm, a Veteran X-Men member, destroyed the Elixir. Controversial.

As a result, Legacy Virus continued to devastate the mutant world, meanwhile, Kingpin remained filthy rich and powerful.

Is Kingpin dead?

Wilson Grant Fisk was the former friend of Maya’s father who turned on him and killed her father. After learning about this, she realizes Kingpin is her enemy and seeks to avenge her father.

We’ve seen Kingpin noticing Maya take out a gun, but we don’t see how the conflict ends.

The spectators witnessed only a dark passageway where the camera cuts off to gunshot sounds and the apparent sound of a body dropping to the ground. Who was the one who got shot?

Well, if there’s no body, we cannot just assume that Kingpin is dead.

Depending upon where Maya shoots him if she shoots him in the chest, there is a meager chance of him getting killed because his armor is made from the same material as Dare Devil’s original armor.

Kingpin is a badass character who took an arrow straight to the chest like it was nothing, got rammed by a car, and survived even after grenades blew up his face. We think it’s safe to say that a gunshot will not be the end of Kingpin.

Kingpin has always been unexpectedly challenging to kill. He might face some injuries, but there’s a very low possibility that Kingpin would get killed so easily.

What happened to Kingpin (comics)?

There is no easy end for a character like him. People are crazy about the power that Kingpin holds and how he can resist the attacks of the opponent. He’s never disappointed audiences.

kingpin comic

There was a scene where he was seen fighting Maya, who lost her father because of Kingpin.

The scene is very intense when Maya pulls out a gun and attempts to kill Kingpin. However, the scene was not displayed. Only the gunshots and smack of someone falling on the ground were heard.

So is Kingpin dead?

No. He was indeed shot by Maya but was not killed.

Kingpin manages to survive and recovers. However, the gunshots make him blind.

Therefore, The supervillain in American comic (Kingpin) books will make his comeback soon. Stay tuned!

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