Why is Berserk so good: The Reason this Anime is different than other

griffith vs guts

The Dark Fantasy manga is full of grief, revenge, war, power, betrayal, and depression, but it has managed to influence its audience from all over the world. Although the manga is filled with dark fantasies, why is it considered the best manga of all time?

Berserk’s darkest storyline

When you look at the beginning scenes of the anime/manga, you can find guts wandering around where he eventually encounters Griffith.

Sooner after the event, Guts joins the band of Griffith and both of them become best friends. Griffith is the leader of the band and Guts acts on his order. It seems like the friendship bond is so deep that it is untouchable, which is true.

There might not be any enemy born to defeat these characters, and then the main antagonist finally appears in the movie. He is nonother than Griffith. The legendary writer, Kentarou Miura, has written this manga in such a way that it has managed to attract all the fans.

The storyline is epic where Griffith, the best friend of the protagonist, becomes the main antagonist. Th each emotion and feeling you’ll get while reading this manga is surreal and it will fill your heart with emotions and makes you fight the demons hiding inside you, just like Guts.

The betrayal that he faces from Griffith was the most unimaginable event, and not only betrayal but the most hated antagonist sexually abuse Guts’ lover. The story is so dark and deep that not many people can completely understand its concept and there are only a few people who can feel the pain in this manga.

The characters and the stories that Miura has created in his imaginary world have left a great mark on the world. Berserk’s storyline teaches us a lesson that no matter 3what the circumstances, no matter what happens to you, you’ll keep on fighting, keep on fighting till it’s the end for you.

The storyline of Berserk takes an epic turn and when you start to read the manga, it makes you experience yourself as the character of the manga. The storyline of the manga is so epic and full of betrayals.

There is plot after plot and betrayal after betrayal which makes the manga darker than interesting and makes Berserk so perfect. Berserk is not just perfect because of the masterpiece storyline but it is also perfect because of its characters.

The best character of all manga, Guts


Guts, the black swordsman faced so many challenges in his life but yet he managed to stand up again and fight until he bleeds out fully. He is an iconic character and that’s why he is the best character to be ever drawn in the manga, but what makes him so much different?

Gut’s Childhood

The protagonist of the manga has different story to tell to their audience. He was found under the tree beside the corpse of his mother. He was adopted by Shisu whi used to accompany Gambino’s journey.

She was happy to finally have a kid of her own, but that didn’t last for long. She eventually became a victim of the plague and lost her life then Guts was left with Gambino who despised the kid. After certain events, Gambino also got severely injured and crippled him.

he had no other choice but to rely on Guts and swapping the roles devoted him so much that he held a grudge on his heart, the grudge to kill guts anyhow. He didn’t kill him but sold him to a mercenary, Donovan while he was unaware.

Donovan was ruthless and when he went inside this tent,m the poor boy didn’t have any other option but to go with him. the most hurtful thing is that Gambino sold Guts to Donovan for only some pieces of silver.

Guts got his revenge on him after some period of time but Gambino was not gonna let Guts pass away with anything. While he was trying to sleep at night, his adoptive father arrived there and tried to kill him. Guts were aware at that moment and he stopped him right there.

To make things more miserable, Gambino told that he had sold Guts for a few pieces of silver. The wounds that were trying to heal inside his heart reopened again, he killed Gambino, and after that nothing remained the same.

The chaos woke up the camp, and when they saw Gambino lying in the tent being killed, they chased Guts. Against all the odds, Guts managed to survive their ruthless attacks and he was left all alone full of wounds.

Best Anime Of All Time

The Growth of Guts

Guts suffered the most pain in his childhood, but that pain became the reason for his strength. The kid started to walk on his own path carrying the big sword around his arm. He was a quiet and dangerous kid but when he met Griffith, his whole life started to change, and find happiness.

When he joined the Band of Hawk, he met many people and became friends with many of them. He met Casca and Judeau who became a close friends of Guts. They started to spend more time with each other and as time started to pass by, Guts started to open up with them.

the Band and Guts started to grow up together, it seemed like Guts was finally finding his happiness as the fans were finally hoping for that, the night of the eclipse occurred.

This was the most heartbreaking scene for the fans to witness. The events that took place in the manga has to be the darkest moment of manga. Every friend of Guts was slaughtered that night. Guts and Casca were in love with each other, and the most traumatizing part is that Griffith molested her, in front of everyone.

Guts lost one eye and he even lost one of his arms while he was trying to save Casca but he eventually failed. After the eclipse, Guts was filled with rage and hatred towards Griffith and set out on his journey to avenge his friends and Casca.

Once again, Guts went to a lonely stage. he lost all his friends, his loved one was gone and just when it seemed like no one was left for Guts, he met Pluck. He showed no interest to Pluck but as they started to spend more time with each other, he opened up again.

Guts finally refreshed his wounds and that was simply something normal people can’t do. Imagining you reopening all your wounds after getting betrayed by the person you save by putting your life on the line.

The story of Guts

Guts have a story that not every character can adopt. He went through stages of grief, betrayal, revenge, and hatred, but still managed to stand up and fight for himself.

Well, the story of g9uts is not only about revenge and betrayals, but it is also about his personality. Guts had several chances from which he could’ve gained access to unlimited powers, but he never seemed on that path and trusted himself more than anything else.

He believed that if he would choose that path it would’ve granted him an enormous amount of power but that would be the reason which would separate him from humanity. the character also has the strongest mentality. No matter what kind of situation he has to face, he always has a positive mindset which became a big influence thing for the whole audience.

The character has gone through all the risks, mistakes, and betrayals. the life of Guts can never be rewritten again in the history of manga, which makes Berserk the best of all time.

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The Journey of Berserk

The manga has such a unique dark journey that has contributed to the whole world in different ways. Miura has written the journey of Berserk starting from the stubborn childish phase of Guts, but as we get to know more about this character, everything changes.

The starting phase of the manga goes on a slow pace seeing fun moments but as time starts to pass, we get into an emotional rollercoaster that won’t make you scream but will fill you with pain, grief, and hardships.

In the end, the journey of the manga makes such a dark turn that people can’t decide the reality. The quest of Guts never gets finished and as he starts to complete it, another pileup. In the journey of Berserk, there are shown some of the ruthless moments and betrayals that are unthinkable in the human world.

The journey of Berserk and Guts has inspired hundreds of people from around the world. It explains to us that the journey of life will never be easy and as we start to grow up and walk on that we’ll have to face many challenges and betrayals which can break us apart, but like Guts, we have to always remain strong.

The struggles that are shown in the manga are just something that we can’t handle but it inspires us to get up on our feet again and survive till we bleed out fully. The journey of Berserk is a piece of art, an impeccable art.

The manga is so epic that it has managed to put its story into the heart of millions. It shows us that the journey of Berserk is the same as that of normal human beings and we’re walking on that path. This is what makes Berserk so epic and the best manga of all time!

The art of Miura can be shown when we look at the story of Berserk, but that’s not only where we can see his epic art.

Berserk, the manga’s details


the artwork that Miura has put on the work of Berserk is one of the most detailed manga you’ll ever see in your life. The manga has an exceptional story and besides that, the artwork of Berserk is a true masterpiece.

Miura has this kind of ability to make detailed and versatile art. His ability to draw this kind of art has made the manga panels more interesting and the readers can find more about the scenarios that are taking place in the manga in more detail.

Miura has been so good with the details in the manga, not only with monsters, and the characters, but he has even did a great contribution to the exterior details. He has even drawn sexual scenarios in the manga which gives the reader idea of how provocative the scenes might’ve been in real.

Miura imagines way beyond what a normal human does and applies his imaginaries to his panels, which makes it one the best. If we take a look at every panel that Miura has made then we can see each small detail joining together, with such details giving a scenario to the readers and making the manga more iconic.

Miura has done some of the madness in his manga panels. Every panel of Berserk is detailed and each part of the art makes it way better. When we take a look at other manga panels and compare it with Berserk, we can find multiple differences.

The iconic art that Miura has created in his manga has managed to attract a great number of people. The art that he has made, defines brutality, sexual violence, grief, and stages of pain. The manga has inspired huge fans to get out of their depression and fight the agony, which makes the manga one of the best tp exist in the world.

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