Why Gorr hates Gods

Gorr hates gods

Marvel Comics has introduced us to various characters over the years, and we, fans, have always enjoyed them all. Thor being one of the most powerful beings in the whole Marvel Universe, has had 3 live-action movies till date.

The latest one to enter in the lineup is, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. It is the fourth installment in the Thor lineup. Thor is also the only character to get a fourth solo movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With the announcement of the movie to the release of the trailer, we all got excited when we got to learn about the villain of the movie, Gorr, the god butcher portrayed by one of the most talented actors, Christain Bale.

With this, fans who have not heard about Gorr are also very confused and curious. But rest assured, here you guys will have every idea about who Gorr is and his cursed purpose, “Why he hates and wants to kill all the Gods?”

Gorr and his past (Comic)

Gorr was born on a planet without a name. The planet was not really habitable and the god who looked over the planet was called Rapu. Despite its inhabitable environmental conditions, it was home to Gorr and many of his species.

Gorr and his tribe were a species who dedicated their life to worship their god. The land was never in a favorable condition. His family died and was only left with his son, Agar, who died shortly after. This led to him giving up on his dedication towards the gods.

gorr comics

Because of this action, his tribe exiled him out of the tribe. And later on while wandering alone in the desert, he witnessed the fight against an elder god, Knull and a gold-armored god.

His hatred was beyond anything when he realized god did exist and asked Knull for his help. Knull did help him seeing his hatred and gave him the All-Black Necrosword which would help him to slaughter even the almighty being, Gods.

Gorr and his past (Thor: Love and Thunder)

The past of Gorr is slightly different from its Comic counterpart in the movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. While the intention of Gorr being the God butcher is the same in the movie, his appearance and the reason that fuels him to being what he is, is a little distinct.

In the movie, Gorr is the disciple of a god named Rapu. Gorr can be seen with his daughter in the harsh environment of his planet. Also, his appearance and head tattoo symbolize his dedication towards Rapu.

Regardless of his continuous prayers, his planet suffers greatly and most of the inhabitants there died out of starvation or lack of water, leaving only his daughter and him alive. Later on even his daughter is weak and passes away in Gorr’s arms.

With this, while Gorr was awaiting his own death, he heard voices and followed it to find a great stream of water and fruits. He is called upon by someone and recognizes him as his god, Rapu.

He follows his path as his devotee and pays his respects to him, to ask him for the eternal reward which his tribe had been promised of by Rapu. While this is happening, Rapu bullies Gorr and says they were simply celebrating the win of his battle against the Dark Shadow Lord.

Gorr continues on preaching about how his people and his own daughter had died in his name, but Rapu simply doesn’t care and proceeds to choke him saying how the purpose of them was simply to die for him.

Then, the Necrosword rises into the hands of Gorr and he stabs the neck of Rapu and cuts his head off of his body. This physically changes Gorr and makes him a powerful being and vows to kill all the gods.

Gorr’s Hatred and Vengeance

The hatred he had against gods was simply because gods didn’t care about their people. While he lost all his people and even his family the gods he prayed to simply didn’t answer his prayers.

In Love and Thunder, seeing how Rapu didn’t care for his disciples, during that very moment he developed a great amount of hatred for Rapu and all other gods too. Rapu saying how the purpose of the devotees is to simply die or serve purpose to them made Gorr hate him.

While Gorr suffered great loss of his family and his people, the gods simply had no care for them. This realization of Gorr made him vengeful and acted according to his heart, which told him to annihilate all the gods in the universe.

This could have been avoided very simply if only Gods were a little softer and actually had a heart. But, the gods simply are very selfish and even in the movies later on we realize how they think of themselves only. While Thor is asking for Zeus’s help, we can see how Zeus only thinks of himself.

Thus, these actions of Gods could really be seen as a fuel of how Gorr had his hatred towards all of them and how he wanted to kill them. In some other ways this could also be a little bit justifiable.

Gorr’s Motive

The ultimate aim of Gorr was to annihilate all the gods in the universe. Gorr after losing his daughter and his family promised to kill all the gods so that others didn’t have to go through what he went through.

In Love and Thunder, Gorr goes in a different way than in the comics. While he does kill some gods in the process like Falligar, his ultimate purpose is to get to The Eternity, a cosmic entity embodiment of the Universe who can grant any wish to the one who finds it.

The Necrosword does help Gorr to kill gods, but he was looking for a shortcut to annihilate them all. This meant he had to find Eternity, and the only way he could get to it was with Stormbreaker to open up the portal to the Gates of Eternity.

Due to the need of Stormbreaker, Gorr plans and attacks New Asgard and kidnaps the children of Asgard. With them, he goes to Shadow Realm and lays the trap and ambushes Thor, Jane and Valkyrie. With much effort, he summons the gate to Eternity.

Jane, Thor and Gorr are the only ones who make it to Eternity. With this, Gorr has what he wanted for all this time, but seeing Thor spend his time being with dying Jane rather than trying to stop him presents him with a different thought.

He is presented with a choice to revive his deceased daughter rather than the wish to annihilate all the gods. With such an option, he asks for his daughter and requests Thor to raise her. Finally after seeing his daughter for one last time, he passes aways along with Jane.

Can Gorr’s action be justified?

After knowing about Gorr, we all were pretty much left with the same question. Can Gorr’s action be justified? Was he right? Did he do the right thing by killing such selfish gods?

Seeing those selfish acts from gods really had us thinking and actually reflecting on whether Gorr did the right thing or not. He developed hatred only because the god he prayed to didn’t answer his and his people’s prayer.

Well, deep down we all know the answer to this question, right?

gorr actions

Despite all those selfish actions of God, he didn’t have the right to kill Gods. Also, there are gods who care for their people like Thor. Gorr was wrong and cannot assume that all Gods are like Rapu, who doesn’t care for their people.

He could have revolted against such actions coming from Gods, but he decided to take matters into his own hands. That is why we have to say that Gorr was wrong.

But, while we know the action Gorr tried to perform was wrong we also should understand where he is coming from. Thus, in the end we have to say while he was wrong to go on such a rampage, we also understand and have an idea on where this is coming from.


Gorr, the god butcher, was a simple being and a devoted devotee before the events of his daughter’s death in the movies. This showcases how he was a victim of certain circumstances.

Those circumstances being the death of his beloved daughter and the ego-centrism of his god, Rapu. Although all these bloodsheds could have been prevented in a very simple way, they didn’t and led to all the actions which happened in Love and Thunder.

Therefore, we can wind this up by saying the ego of some selfish Gods made Gorr hate all the gods. Of course, this doesn’t give him any right to go for all the other gods but we believe we know why Gorr did so.

Overall, the character of Gorr really makes us think about him and his actions in a different curveball. So, at the very end, we can say Gorr bore hatred towards Gods due to the inability of Gods to care for their people.

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