Why does Yennefer have Purple Eyes in The Witcher?

yennefer purple eye

Take it Geralt’s unique white hair, his yellow eyes, or the purple eye of Yennefer in the Netflix series, The Witcher sorceresses and witchers possess so many unique traits and features.

Yennefer has beautiful shining violet eyes that have grabbed our attention too far. Well, that’s a very rare eye to have, how she possessed it, and do all the sorcerers possess it?

Let us dig into this thing in this article.

Yennefer, a valiant Sorceress

Famous for her power and beauty, Yennefer wasn’t considered a beautiful one always. She had evolved through a traumatic childhood. She had a hunchback on one of her shoulders and also had a partial facial paralysis which gave her a distorted look. Thus, she was humiliated by her father and the villagers.

Since she possess the quarter-half elf blood, she had the magical ability. Thus, she was taken to Aretuza to study magic where she discovered her real self a great sorceress who could control the chaos.

Yennefer always had a strong will to become powerful and she realize that possessing beauty also would make her a powerful individual. Hence, she went through an extremely painful transformation to become a beautiful-looking person. She also sacrificed her ability to become a mother for this transformation.

Well, this transformation brought numerous changes to her body. Her hunchback was removed, her curved backbone was made straight and her face was also brought into a proper shape. And what about her eyes, did they go through the transformation too?  Let’s know about that.

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What was the color of her eyes before the transformation?

Well, Yennefer had a been through very difficult life before her transformations.

Yeneffer was born in Belleteyn and lived in Vengerberg. Her mother had belonged to the elves’ family. Yennefer was born with a deformity, she had a hunchback and a crooked jaw. Due to this reason, her real father abandoned her and her mother and her stepped dad also insulted her.

Talking about the color of her eyes, it was purplish or violet. We saw Yennefer’s eyes were as same as she had after the transformations before too. Although she considered them unlovable due to her other body features. Thus, she went through a massive transformation.

The transformation wasn’t easy either. She had to go through unbearable pain in order to meet the beauty standards of society. She also had to sacrifice her ability to give birth to a child.

After she had a magical transformation, she looked completely different. Many of her body features were noticeably different but her eyes remained the same. It is also due to her special request to the Sorcerer that she wanted to keep her eyes the same. She loved her violet or purplish eye and we loved her decision to keep those eyes.

Why does Yennefer have purple eyes?

In the series, there is a specific reason for Geralt to have white hair or yellow eye. But the reason behind Yennefer’s Purple eye is not as same as that of Geralt’s.

Well, we have already mentioned that her eyes were the same before her transformations too. Hence, she had purple eyes since her birth and it was her natural eyes. Purple eyes are quite rare and Yennefer looked so beautiful in her sparkling purplish eyes.

Well, we can also conclude that her Purple eye was the creative choice of author Sapkowski himself. Although in the series the purple eye of Yennefer is not that visible the book has clearly mentioned she had purple eyes since she was born. That is how the author wanted to portray his character.

Do other sorceresses possess the purple eye too?

Well as we already told, Yennefer had natural violet eyes and it may be because of her genetic inheritance.

So in this case, not every sorceress possesses violet eyes. In the series too, none of the sorceresses and even the witchers were shown with violet eyes.

Why is Yennefer so Powerful?

Yennefer is undoubtedly a powerful sorceress. Like every other mage, she draws her power from chaos and controls it. She had proved her potency so many times in Aretuza, a school for sorceresses. For instance, she had summoned a portal on the first try in a private session leaving Istredd surprised, similarly she was able to channel lightning through her own body rather than into a glass container as instructed by Tissaia to her students.

Well, the reason behind her being so powerful must be her own will to become a powerful individual. For the sake of being this powerful, she had to go through extreme pain and sacrifice too as we already mentioned about the transformation she went through.

There is also a genetic reason behind Yennefer being so powerful. We know that Yennefer has elven blood running in her veins. Her mother’s family belonged to elves and they are known as inventors of magic in the series.

Having a genetic connection with elves, Yennefer can do even the hardest magic, how can we forget about the fire magic she did in Sodden Hill? It was very difficult magic that only a very powerful sorcerer could perform.

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Are Anya Chalotra’s Eyes Purple too?

Anya Chalotra is an actress who portrays Yennefer of Vengerberg. She has brilliantly played her role as a Yennefer with a purple eye, but does she also have purple eyes in real?

Well, the answer is no! She has a purple eye only as a fictional character in the series and she wears a contact lens for it. Also, the production team also use computer-generated imagery to make her eye viewed as a violet on screen.

Regardless of the purple eye in The Witcher, Anya has amazing dark brown eyes influenced by her Indian roots.

Okay, we have mentioned that there is a specific reason in Geralt has yellow eyes. Let’s reveal that too.

What is the color of Geralt’s Eye?

Geralt and Yennefer share incredible chemistry in The Witcher. Yennefer has a deep love interest in Geralt. They first met in a town named Rinde when Geralt needed the help of a sorceress to aid his mortally wounded friend, Dandelion by a Djinn.

Not to forget that Geralt is the WItcher and his job is to hunt the monsters collecting the bounty from the villagers or from the king.

Now, mentioning about his eyes, they are attractive yellow in color, resembling the cats but all the Witcher do not possess them. Geralt is an exceptional witcher having yellow eyes and white hair. Why?

Well, the reason behind his yellow eye is because he had gone through the difficult process called “Trials of Grasses”. This trial is followed by everyone who wanted to be a witcher and only three out ten survive the trial.

Geralt not only survived the trail but also was resilient and took the experiment very well. Thus he was further subjected to a further experiment whose side effect resulted in a loss of pigmentation in his body. This resulted in turning his hair into white and his eye into yellow color.

The experiment not only brought the side effects but had provided him with a superhuman form with excelled speed, sharp flexes, cunning tactics, and super strength.

Well, his eye also changes into black sometimes.

Why do Geralt’s eyes turn black?

We have already known why Geralt has yellow eyes, different from other witchers but what is its use?

Having yellow eyes resembles a cat. Just like cats use their eyes to see in the darkness, Geralt’s yellow eyes help him see it in the dark and allow him to fight with the monsters in the darkness.

His eyes also turn black sometimes. It is seen after he drinks the witcher’s potions. His black eyes are actually his pupil completely dilated which allows him to see more clearly.

We have seen the black eye of Geralt in the opening scene of the series when he was fighting with a monster named Kikimore.

Wrap up,

The Witcher’s world consists of various peculiar things that leave us astonished.

Geralt’s eyes are yellow as he went through a series of transformations in the process of being the Witcher whereas Yennefer’s purple eyes are her natural which did not change in the transformations.

Whatever the consequences of their physical features both look amazing. Well,  both season of the series has entertained us so far and we are waiting for season 3 badly. Although the release date has not been revealed yet we are hopeful about the release very soon.

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