Why Does Venom Hate Spider-Man

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Just like Thor has Loki, Spider-Man has Venom. They have a complex relationship. There was a time when Venom liked Peter, but now it’s complicated,

They had a good relationship and bond with each other at some point, but they ended up having a “break-up” eventually.

But why does Venom hate Peter Parker so much?

Let’s dig in.

Venom History

Venom is a sentient alien symbiote who survives by connecting to a host, and the host is usually a human.

He got his first intro in Marvel in the comic, The Amazing Spider-Man no. 252 (May 1984), but the full appearance of Venom was in The Amazing Spider-Man no. 300 (May 1988).

Venom was born to a race of extraterrestrial symbiotes, who made their living by making a host of other life forms.


The Superheroes’ secret war took place in 1984, and that war brought many superheroes and villains to the Marvel universe.

During the War, Spider-Man’s suit got damaged, so he was looking for a new suit. Later, Peter appeared with a sick black suit, and it was a mystery where he got that suit from.

Venom wanted a host, and our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was a perfect host for the symbiote.

The symbiote went inside of Spider-Man’s body, but it didn’t last long enough, let’s see why.

Why did Spider-Man reject Venom?

When the two started to work as a team, it was a positive response at first. Venom helped Spider-Man in destroying the evil, the symbiote would even change outfits for Peter.

But their romantic couple relationship was not looking good anymore; Peter became more powerful, but his persona also started to change and became an arrogant and angry person.

The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man was not friendly anymore.

Venom was good in mind, but his actions spoke clearly. The symbiote was too cruel. He had his sense of justice, which was to kill someone that he didn’t like or eat probably.

Eventually, Peter found out about his suit, that it was a creature, Venom, the symbiote was sensitive to sound, so Spider-Man took the symbiote to a church, and he rang the massive bell.

The symbiote poured off his body but went to another host, Eddie Brock.

But who the hell is Eddie Brock?

Who is Eddie Brock?

eddie brock

Eddie Brock is a citizen of New York and worked as a reporter in the Daily Globe.

Eddie lost his mother in his childhood, and he didn’t have a good relationship with his father because he blamed Eddie for his mother’s death.

Eddy had a dream of being a successful reporter, and he achieved his goal, and he started to report about The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man.

Eddie and Peter Parker were rivals in Daily Globe.

But later, Eddie also started to hate Spider-Man.

Why does Eddie Brock hate Spider-Man?

Eddie Brock was a solid reporter, and he was working on his project “Sin-Eater” A man named Emil Gregg informed Eddie that he was the Sin-Eater.

Emil Gregg wrote a letter to Eddie describing how he is the Sin-Eater. He started to write articles and news about his project and then revealed it to the public.

The Sin-Eater’s identity got revealed to the public and even to the police, so they arrested Gregg, but the number of murderers still increased and made everyone doubt Eddie’s Information.

The Friendly Spider-Man was there to save the day again, and he also revealed the true identity of Sin-Eater, the chief of police, Stanley Carter.

After that tragic truth, Eddie lost everything, his dreams, job as a reporter, trust, and, more importantly, a chance to get close to his father.

Eddie thought that he had a chance to gain his father’s trust again by revealing the serial killer’s identity, but Peter crushed his hopes and dreams.

This filled Eddie with anger and only hate for Spider-Man.

Why does venom hate Spider-Man?

Venom’s first host was Spider-Man, but after getting rejected by Spider-Man, he didn’t only get rejected once by Spider-Man, but it was twice.

Venom wanted to make Spider-Man his permanent host, but after getting rejected every time, the symbiote got filled with rage and anger toward Peter Parker. It was more of revenge.

After getting disbanded by Spider-Man, the symbiote found a new host, Eddie. They both shared the same emotions toward Spider-Man. Venom wanted revenge, and so as Brock.

The bond between Brock and Venom grew stronger and stronger as time passed, they started to hate Spider-Man even more than they ever had.

So, Why does Venom hate Spider-Man?

He hates Spider-Man because Peter rejected Venom every time and, after making Eddie the host, who shared the same interest as the symbiote, revenge, they matched their synergy and hated Parker more.

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