Why does Michael Myers kill people?

Michael Myers

Halloween is never complete without a costume of Michael Myres.

The 1978 film Halloween, directed by Carpenter, was one of the scariest movies to be ever made in Hollywood. One of the most terrorizing moments in the movie was during “final girl” when Laurie Strode and the cliché of a masked murderer targeted multiple young people.

The movie was so horrifying that people still remember it to this present day. Well, one of the reasons why the franchise has been popular in the world is because of the immortal killer, the horrifying murderer, Michael Myres. The mass murderer has been the face of Halloween, but there is still one thing that fans can’t understand, why does he kill people?

The fact has been shrouded in mystery, well don’t worry because we are to clear that mist for you guys.

Why Michael Myers wants to kill Laurie Strode in the original Halloween films?

Michael Myres is one of the coldest killers in the movie. He has slaughtered almost hundreds of people without any intention. To find the truth behind why he kills people, we should go through some timelines, so let’s discuss why Myres wants to kill Laurie Strode.

Halloween follows the story of a boy named Michael Myres. He was already a killer when he was just 6 years old. At that age, he killed his sister and, after then, was sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium for hopeful treatment. But as soon as he started to grow up, he began to think about escaping from there.

michael myers

Almost 15 years later, Michael escapes from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and makes his way back to Haddonfield, Illinois, his hometown. During his return, he encounters a teenager named Laurie Strode, who was opted to babysit for her neighbor’s son, Tommy Doyle. He kills all of her friends and when he is about to strike her, she escapes from the horrifying fate.

The fans were in the commotion on why he was targeting Laurie Strode, and they got their answer in Halloween II. The franchise finally revealed that Laurie Strode is the sister of Michael Myres. The Strodes family had adopted Laurie when she was a small kid, and the truth about her original family bloodline was kept a secret from her.

Michael returns to kill his bloodline but gets stopped by Dr. Samuel Loomis. We could unravel some more secrets about Micael Myres’s intention to kill his sister in the franchise. In Halloween: H20: 20 Years Later, which is the following sequel to Halloween II. In the new movie, Laurties plays the role of the headmistress of a California boarding school. She fakes her death and manages to fool Myres, and because of that, she ends her ties with him, but it doesn’t take any longer for him to find out.

Michael discovers their true identity of Laurie. He takes out every piece of information n of her and even finds her current location. The two encounter each other once again. In this series, we can get some information on Michael’s persona and behavior. Let’s take a look at what Dr. Loomis has to say about his persona.

“I met him fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left… no reason, no conscience, no understanding, in even the most rudimentary sense, of life or death, of good or evil, of right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes… the Devil’s eyes.”

She added, “I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply… evil.”

They both had connections with each other, and the ruthless killer wanted to finish all the people who were on his bloodline.

Why Michael Myers wants to kill Jamie Lloyd and his bloodlines?

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. In this series, we could see another adventure of Michael Myres where he has stated his mind to kill Laurie’s daughter and his niece, Jamie Lloyd.

Many events have passed since the fourth movie appears. Laurie has died, and another character, a new member of the family, gets introduced in the movie Jamie. The sole purpose of his journey gets completed, and he successfully kills his niece. Well, the story of Myres doesn’t end there. Let’s take a look at his new journey, which takes place in the fifth and sixth films in the franchise.

myers lloyd

In the fifth and sixth movies of the franchise, Michael sets on a new adventure, an adventure to hunt down and kill other members who are related to bloodlines. He gets on the journey to kill Jamie’s son and Laurie Strode’s cousins.

During the sixth movie of the franchise, another thing was revealed about Michael Myres. It was revealed that he was under the control of the Cult of Thorn. The movie explained that he was in an ancient curse, a curse that allowed people to kill every member of their bloodline. Interesting isn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at this cult.

What does Cult of Thron mean? In ancient periods, it used to represent a group where that placed a curse on the child to save themselves from the Demon. This time, the cursed child happens to be Michael Myres.

Every fallen piece of the puzzle is now slowly getting together and making an image that’ll reveal the truth about why Michael Myres kills people. Michael has fallen under the curse and is now on his journey to kill all the members of his bloodline on the night of Samhain (Halloween). It is believed that the curse even grants him powers!

Many believe that the curse grants Michael some supernatural strength. He even possesses some super abilities which are similar to Jamie. Many have believed that this is a false statement, but many also believed this is the truth, especially after when it was noticed that he bore the Mark of Thorn.

The main reason why Michael is on his journey to kill his bloodlines is that he is under the curse of the Cult of Thorn. This is the main reason why Michael Myres is inspired to kill other people, but there are still some theories that have proven why Myres wants to kill people. Let’s take a look at one of them.

Michael Myers Wants To Spread Fear, Not Just Kill

Well, all the way through this point, we’re looking at many possibilities to find the missing piece of the puzzle, but the piece can be right in front of your eyes sometimes, and you’ll still be searching for it. This theory proves this same case.

We’re looking at some of the most complicated reasons why Myers wants to kill people, but the explanation might be much simpler than we all have ever thought. The main reason why he kills might not be anything to do with his sisters, bloodlines, and even the curse to save the people from the Demon or something like that.

This theory gives us a different concept and actually makes sense in a way. This theory suggests that the main reason why Michael Myres wants to kill people is that he wants to spread fear all over the place. The theory tells us that when Michael is on his journey to the people, he doesn’t draw the face of his victim.

He doesn’t have any specific victims to kill. Let’s time travel and go back to the time when Myres made his first kill when he was just a six-year-old boy. He murdered his sister at that time, and do you know what time it was? He killed her on the night of Halloween.

The time couldn’t have been any more perfect for spreading fear and stories all over the place because of the event that occurred during that night. The spooky night would be remembered forever, and there would be more fear than happiness on the night of Halloween.

After the murder, he was sent to Smith’s Grove in the hope of recovering, but that never happened. He again started to spread fear all over the place. He didn’t commit murder but made other people fear him. How? Let’s take a look!

He didn’t stab anyone or use any kind of abilities or something like that to spread fear, but he didn’t even speak for once. After the tragic death of his sister on that Halloween night, he didn’t speak a single word. Michael Myres was starting to be a mysterious child, and to unravel the mystery, even Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence) became interested in him.

Because of his actions, he turned into a monstrous figure. He became the person that was feared by everyone, but that was only for a limited time.

As time started to pass by, people of Smith’s Grover began to look at Michael Myres in a normal way, just like a normal human being. By the time Michael escaped from there, everybody had already started to look at him in a normal way, a boy who was just having some kind of disorder.

Even Michael started to realize that people were staring to look at him with a standard view, and when he crossed paths with Laurie, he found the perfect victim. The both of them encountered each other when Myres returned to Haddonfield. Laurie wasn’t scared of Myres and wasn’t scared to go in front of him.

Tommy Doyle also warned about the terror of Myres, but that didn’t scare Laurie, and that’s when things started to take a turn for the worst. He wanted to spread fear all over the place once more, just like he did on Halloween night, and Laurie was the perfect target for Myres.

He knew that killing her at first wouldn’t affect anything. He sets his new journey to kill all his friends of Laurie and starts to make a perfect plan at the Wallaces’ place. He made sure to fill the room with corpses of her friends in that place.

This was truly a fearsome plan by the serial murderer. By doing so, he was feared again by the residents of Haddonfield. He made sure for them to know that he was back and was a perilous person. “To spread fear,” there are high possibilities that this can be a major reason why Myres kills people.

Michael Myres’s motivation to kill in the newest Halloween trilogy?

Michael Myres is an exceptional character in the world of horror. And in the new David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy, Michael Myres seems to have no reason at all to kill the people. In the newest Halloween trilogy, it almost seems like there isn’t a single reason why he causes so much havoc.

Another exciting thing about this new trilogy is that Laurie and Myres aren’t related to each other. As we’ve discussed earlier many times, Myres goes on the adventure to kill all the members of his bloodline, but this time Laurie isn’t even related to him. Although they weren’t related, he still went to kill Laurie, and the reason was nothing but kill.

Taking a look at the earlier series, it made sense that Myres killed every people who stood up against his victim. He would kill everyone until he accomplished his goal, but this time it didn’t make any sense. He just wants to kill all the people without any kind of motivation or goal behind it.

This event makes us believe that Michael might be going through some disorders or he’s just a psychopath who finds peace when he starts to kill other people. Well, he has proven the fact that he hates Laurie, whether she is related to him or not. Let’s take out some points to probe this statement!

Michael returns after 30 years, and this time, he comes back not just to remind the people that he should be feared, but he comes with the sole reason of getting revenge on Laurie.

During the 1978 massacre, Laurie was the solo survivor, and this frustrated Myres so much that he went on the adventure to seek Laurie, so he could seek revenge. He couldn’t even lie down with an open mind until Laurie was officially dead. In the new trilogy, the reason why he kills Laurie could be more because of his personal benefits.

The motivation behind Michael Myres’s killing in the new series is that he can. He doesn’t care about the bloodline or anything at all. He kills because he can. This also gives us a different view of why Myres kills people but also gives us the critical points of the theory that we discussed earlier.

After going for the only survivor that was alive, it would have a significant effect on the world. This was a great crime for Myres because he would be spreading fear all over the place again and would get his revenge as well.

There are many reasons why Michael Myres kills people. Some believe that he has many personality disorders since he wasn’t treated well by his parents when he was just a kid. He could just be a psychopath that likes killing or is a cursed child.

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