Why Does Gojo Wear a Blindfold?


The white-haired and handsome Satoru Gojo stole the show in Jujutsu Kaisen. Although the anime is centered around the protagonist Yuji Itadori, Goju’s mysterious and dazzling aura with a light-hearted personality swept away the hearts of many Otaku.

You cannot deny the fact that the powerful sorcerer Satoru Gojo is a treat to the eye.

But why are his eyes always covered? Many fans wanna know the reason for the blindfolds.

Before answering the question, it is important to know about the special eyes of Gojo. The eyes that he covers using the blindfold. The power his eyes hold and the ability he can perform.

Gojo’s ‘Six Eyes’

In episode seven of the anime series, we can witness the brute power of his beautiful blue eyes. Gojo’s eyes were hidden until engaging in battle with a cursed spirit, Jogo.

The Six Eyes were revealed to possess immense power. We get to witness one of his techniques called Limitless Cursed techniques, which easily overpowers the cursed spirit.

So, What is ‘The Six Eyes’?

The Six Eyes (also called ‘Rikugan’) is a rare Jujutsu inherited by the family members of Gojo. What makes him special is that he is the first member of the family to be born with both the Limitless and the Six Eyes in the last hundred years.

The Six Eyes also uses the cursed energy of the user efficiently. The energy lost when activating this technique is close to zero. So, the Six Eyes user never runs out of energy.

This grants Gojo the ability to use Limitless power to its full potential; making him the strongest sorcerer.

These eyes also allow him to see incredible detail of cursed energy. So, his eyes are like a high-resolution camera that can capture every detail around them.

Why does Gojo Need to Wear a Blindfold?


Gojo covering his eyes has been his trademark style in anime. Having immense power can be tiring for a normal human being and the same can be said for Gojo. We know that his eyes bear great immense power and are capable to use one of the most powerful techniques among the sorcerers.

So, using immense power requires immense energy as well. The exhaustion that comes with using this power is also great. Since he can’t control this technique and can’t shut it off completely, this is where the blindfold comes in. It prevents his eyes from tiring out.

The blindfold that he uses is so dense that a normal person is unable to see even a little hint of light through it. That’s how powerful this technique is and what measures Gojo has to take to subside it.

You can also consider this state of wearing a blindfold as charging. Like you charge your device, Gojo is also able to charge his power and use it fully when necessary.

How is Gojo able to See?

If the blindfold worn by Gojo is put on a normal person then they wouldn’t be able to see at all. But we are talking about probably the most powerful sorcerer in the anime.

It is not shocking for him to see with the blindfold on.

However, it doesn’t mean that his vision is as good as seeing with the blindfold off. The vision might differ from the traditional view we see but the power of Gojo’s eyes is so immense that he can obtain the extraordinary perception which allows him to see through any form of cover.

The power also makes him able to see everything that has cursed energy and also that doesn’t have cursed energy. According to an interview with Jujutsu Kaisen’s creator, Gege Akutami said “He can even see like high-resolution thermography when wearing a blindfold.”

So, this alone makes Gojo’s ability to see even with a blindfold on, mind-blowing.

Is the Blindfold only the Option available for Covering his Eyes?

In episode twenty-one of the anime series, we see Gojo wearing black sunglasses. So, it concludes that besides blindfolds there are other things that Gojo can use to cover.

The only criteria are that the glasses should be so dense and dark that a normal person would be unable to see anything through them.

Is Six Eyes his only Ability?

Gojo without blindfold

Being one of the most powerful sorcerers of his time, it is believed that Gojo can easily destroy the whole world and kill all humanity if he wanted to.

So, it is not shocking for Satoru Gojo to have other abilities besides his inherited technique.

Let’s look at other techniques and abilities that Gojo has:

Master in Hand to Hand Combat

Besides having the cursed technique, Gojo is an amazing martial artist in close combat. We get to witness his martial art technique during his combat with Jogo.

With immense physical strength and technique, he was able to overpower Jogo easily. We also get to see his speed and reflexes like no other and the tactical intellect to know his opponent’s movement with just a little knowledge.

So, an opponent is sure to have a hard time even when Gojo is blindfolded. A common cursed spirit wouldn’t want to mess with him.

Cursed Energy Manipulation

Gojo can perform many techniques that are related to the ‘curse energy manipulation’. They were Reversed Cursed Techniques also known as Hanten Jutishiki and Black Flash also called Kokusen.

Reversed Cursed Technique is used by sorcerers to heal themselves. Gojo is one of the few who was able to master this technique.

This technique not only allows him to heal himself but also allows the flow of energy to infinity, giving him access to Red and Hollow Purple attacks.

He is only the sorcerer who can reverse the effect of the cursed technique, balancing his inability to heal others.

With Black Flash, Gojo can do this technique which allows him to create a spatial distortion when the user connects with an impact of cursed energy within 0.000001 of a physical hit.

This causes a phenomenon that flashback the cursed energy to create a more powerful attack.

Barrier Technique

There are two types of barrier techniques that Gojo can use. They are Curtain also called Tobari and Unlimited Void also called Muryokusho.

The curtain barrier surrounds the curtain not allowing any person or a specific person to get in.

Unlimited Void, which is the famous Gojo’s Domain Expansion creates a metaphysical space that causes the victim to restrain their thought processes and the action.

Gojo can activate this technique for 0.2 seconds, which limits the lasting effect of those within it.

In Conclusion,

To prevent Gojo’s eyes from tiring out due to the immense power that his six eyes possess, he has to cover his eyes most of the time.

Despite having his eyes closed he can see perfectly fine and even better than a normal person. This also allows him to charge his power and use it whenever necessary.

A powerful sorcerer with powerful technique, and a handsome look, is everything an Otaku needs in their Husbando.

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