Why do the Sith have Yellow Eyes in Star Wars?

Sith have Yellow Eyes in Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises with a considerable fanbase. One of the iconic things about this franchise is that they give detail to every little thing. Their different type of Light Sabers, actions, and even eyes. Have you looked at the eye of the Sith? They’re actually yellow so what’s the reason behind that?

Most of the Sith have red eyes which have been an iconic symbol of the Dark Force. Well, some have red eyes and some even tend to have yellow eyes, ice-blue, and even dark. The Dark Side affects the person in various ways and gives different colors to their eyes. Let’s take a look what is the hidden thing under those sparkling yellow eyes.

What role does the Sith play in Star Wars?

Star Wars is a popular franchise and the Sith and the Jedi have been prominent characters in the franchise. The Jedi are the force of Light and the Sith are the force of Dark. They have always been the rival of others. By reading this statement you can judge who’s on the right side and who’s on the wrong.

The Jedi are the protectors of the galaxy and the Sith, they are known for their evil and destructive acts. It is an organization where every member works for the Dark Force and is evil. When they devote their whole life to the Dark Force, they gain immense powers which makes them invincible. They get unlimited powers but there’s a catch.

They devote their whole life to the Dark Force, they can’t get control over their emotions, or neither can do things according to their will. They will be in full control of the Drak Force and will do as they are ordered. They play the role of evil, they won’t miss a chance to strike their opponent and create havoc.

The Sith’s characteristics and personality will make you fall in love with the franchise. There are many powerful Sith members which possess yellow eyes, like Palpatine. But do you remember that he tried to hide his eyes? Let’s get a brief description of these Yellow Eyes.

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Why Do Sith Have Yellow Eyes?

anakin and palpatine

We can see the Yellow Eyes on some of the strongest characters in Star Wars, such as; Anakin Skywalker and Palpatine. They are one of the strongest members of the franchise that possess the power to create destruction. These Sith Lords have yellow eyes, but why do they have them? Why is it yellow and not any other color?

When a character shares its deep thoughts and devotes everything to the Drak Force, their eye color starts to change. The eye colors also display how corrupted they are and how deep they are embracing the Dark force. While they devote their whole life to the Dark Force, they get unlimited power and for that, the Dark Force takes full control over them and changes their whole appearance.

Earlier we talked about what they have to sacrifice if they have to devote themselves to the Dark Force, and that was their life. They can’t control their emotions nor use them according to their will, and that’s what explains why the Sith have Yellow Eyes. Yellow Eyes defines the loss of control.

The Sith get unlimited power, will power, and they become more corrupt which will change their whole behavior and appearance. The Dark Force will take full control over them and will lose their control. Now. Let’s take a look at the character who also had Yellow eyes, Maul.

Maul is a member of the Dark Force who was raised by the Sith Lord, Palpatine. He had devoted himself fully to the Dark Force and the main reason why he did that was that he was the apprentice of Palpatine. The Sith Lord himself was the lord of evil and he showed the same path to Maul, the path of darkness.

And just like Palpatine, Maul also had yellow eyes. He died while battling with Obi-Wan Kenobi and even when he died his eyes remained the same and never turned back to normal. Now let’s take a look at Savage Opress.

Savage Opress also possessed yellow eyes after a Magick was cast on him. Whenever he used to be in a rage, his eyes turned their color. But after the Magick was outcasted his eye turned back to normal, and they turned back to their original green-blue color. This gives us a hint.

As we’ve looked at the above characters, all of them were fully devoted to the Dark Side. They were also powerful members of the Sith. This ultimately means that when Sith develop their Yellow Eyes when they are corrupted to the ultimate level. The Sith’s eyes will turn yellow if they embrace the Dark Force truly. The Yellow Eyes define the level of corruption they are.

Now when we take a look at the Sith Lord, he himself was hiding his Yellow Eyes. So, why did he hide his Dark Eyes?

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How Did Palpatine Hide His Sith Eyes? 

Palpatine has been one of the prominent characters of the franchise. He was the one who manipulated Anakin and turned him to the Dark Side. He is the strongest Sith Lord and holds immense powers. He was also the character that managed to hide his Yellow Sith eyes. Let’s take a look at how he did this.

Darth Sidious was able to hide his Sith eyes and managed to fill hundreds of them but eventually, they got revealed in the end. He was in lust for more powers. Although he was one of the most powerful Sith Lords out there, he wanted more power. He wanted to focus on the whole galaxy and the Jedi community where he became successful as well.

To fool the whole community wasn’t easy, especially when he had those evil Yellow eyes. So, to hide them he wore his Chancellor mask. The mask hides his Yellow eyes and gave him a normal look. This was one of the iconic moments in the franchise where he was able to fool the whole galaxy. The Jedi were fooled but not even many Sith knew that Palpatine and Chancellor were the same people.

Darth Sidious was playing a double-faced role in the franchise. He was playing a role in the Jedi community in a disguise. Although there was no need for him to reveal his true identity, he did in the end. The only reason why he showed his true eyes was because he was hungry for more power.

Darth Sidious wanted to kill Mace Windu, but he was also one of the powerful Jedi Master. As we’ve already talked about, the more deeply you embrace the Dark force the more powerful you get and the more corrupted you get. To kill Mace Windu he needed immense power and for that, he needed to embrace the Dark Force.

He couldn’t engage deeply with the Drak Force while he had his mask on. So, to get more power he needed to reveal his true form and those sparking yellow eyes. Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, is truly one of the genius villains in the franchise.

For him to engage with Dark Force he needed to embrace it, and after he did that he got filled with rage and his eyes turned Yellow. When he was in disguise he was able to control his corruption but now he had no longer to hide anything.

In the battle with Mace Windu, the Jedi’s purple lightsaber made a lightning reflection. The reflection made his magical disguise come off and after ultimately being on with the Dark Force, his eyes turned back to normal. He finally revealed his true form, Darth Sidious.

He was able to fool the whole Jedi Community and was successful in manipulating Anakin Skywalker.

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Did Darth Vader Have Sith Yellow Eyes?

Darth Vader, the face of Star Wars has also been a prominent character in the franchise. Vader is known for many things but not for having Yellow Eyes. He doesn’t have Yellow Eyes but there were moments when his eyes turned yellow. There were two moments in the franchise where we could see the Yellow Eyes of Darth Vader.

The first time when Darth Vader had yellow eyes was for an instant moment. His helmet fell off for a moment in Twilight of the Apprentice and we could see his yellow eyes for a moment. The Second time we could witness Vader’s Yellow eyes was in Star Wars: Purge. But there was a moment where we could completely see his eyes turning yellow.

sith eye green

In Revenge of the Sith, we could witness Anakin and his eyes turning yellow. This time we could completely say that it was yellow because before when his eyes turned yellow, they weren’t completely yellow. This he wasn’t looking different than a Sith. His eyes turned into a sparkling yellow color, but why?

Let’s time travel to when Anakin Skywalker was turning into Darth Vader. He had always loved Padme more than anything. After seeing her future in his dreams, he became scared and swore to do everything to protect her.

The main reason why he became the Darth Vader was that Palpatine had given him hope to save Padme. After hearing that statement, there was nothing holding him back from joining the Dark Side.

His evil journey finally started to begin. He slowly started to get consumed by the Dark Force and got corrupted. He started to follow the path of brutal and murdered many Jedi at the Jedi temple. And that’s when his eyes began to change colors. Did you notice why his eyes turned Yellow?

The more brutality he showed and the more corrupted he got, his eyes turned yellow. This shows that he had reached the level where high corruption is needed to change their eye’s colors. The main reason behind his turning into Dark Side was because of Palpatine.

Darth Sidious was the one that encouraged Darth Vader to get more corrupted and commit more crimes. The hate and rage, these kinds of negative emotions are the main reason behind his eyes turning yellow. After being filled with rage and anger his eyes turned yellow while fighting with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Are Yoda’s Eyes Yellow?

Yoda and Darth Vader

Yoda is one of the most prominent characters in the franchise. Not only prominent, he is also the strongest Jedi member of the franchise. He also holds the title of the Great Jedi Master. He is the most experienced Jedi and is known for being a wise character. As we all know that the Yellow Eyes will only appear if the person is devoted to the Dark Side. So, does the Grand Jedi Master even has yellow eyes?

If we take a look at the appearance of Yoda then he is green and has amber eyes. His eyes color are a combination of green and yellow. Yoda never relies on power or weapons, he believes in himself and always stays focused. That’s why he wasn’t that powerful on the Dark Side.

While Yoda was fighting with Darth Sidious, he was filled with rage and anger. Even at that moment, he wasn’t consumed by Dark Side and we could see that his eyes never turned yellow. But, this doesn’t mean that he has a Dark side of his own. he even has a Dark Side but he keeps that side in control.

In episode 12 of Season 6 ‘The Clone Wars’ the priestesses tested him and found the Dark Side. He had the Dark Side and was keeping that under control. His Dark Side wasn’t powerful enough so his eyes never turned to Yellow.

This means that Yoda even has the Dark Side inside him, and he was battling with Darth Sidious who controlled that side. He remained strong and didn’t let the Dark Force consume him. He realized that it wasn’t right to get in control of rage and anger and backed off in time.

Because he was able to control himself he wasn’t consumed by Dark Force. Yoda was able to defeat the force, but he also had to face defeat and it was nonother than Palpatine. If we had used his power from the Dark Side he would’ve been able to defeat Palpatine but he chose not to and controlled himself.

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