Why did Yelena make that face to Armin?

If you are a fan of dark fantasies and gore content, Attack on Titan might just be your cup of tea. With Titans and scouts getting slashed here and there, it surely depicts a scary genre. And just when we thought it couldn’t get scarier, boom! Yelena’s look.

The artists involved in the series surely have brought the best of their skills. With their amazing talents, they have successfully scared the audience with the ugly titans.

And have you seen the characters’ faces during intense scenes, just wow!

In the most recent season of the series, they have charmed us again with their skillfulness. Yes! the look that Yelena gave Armin.

What in the world is that LOOK??

Before we talk about her Famous “LOOK”, let’s dig a little info about her.

Who’s Yelena?

The tall girl with blonde hair and an androgynous frame, Yelena made her debut in the flashback scenes during the early episode of the latest season.

Not much is known about her history, but the series does provide us with a little of her backstory. She was born in a modest family in Marley. Despite being a citizen of Marley, Yelena disguised herself as a refugee, who lost her homeland to the Marley. She later joined the Marleyan military and met like-minded soldiers. Together with them, they organized an Anti-Marleyan Volunteers to fight against Marley.

How did she meet Armin?

During the Marley Mid-East War, when Yelena and her comrades nearly lost their will to go against Marley, Zeke revived their fighting spirits and saved them from their death. This inspired Yelena and soon she idolized Zeke as a God.

Zeke believed that the only way to solve the problem that they were facing, would be solved by wiping the entire Eldian race out. This whole idea was a bit on the absurd side, however, because Yelena was so inspired by Zeke, she totally believed in him and everything he said.

Marley Arc

During the Marley arc, Yelena came to know about Zeke’s half-brother Eren. Eager to meet him, Yelena along with her comrades went to Paradis Island. On arriving on the island, they were soon met with Eren’s Titan form. Seeing Eren’s titan form, Yelena expressed her feelings about how she wanted to meet him.

She allowed Hange and Levi to inspect their weapons. She even talked about the outside world to the Eldians. When asked about why Paradis wasn’t not attacked, Yelena stated the fact that the titans, that were sent to destroy the Eldians, instead protected them. Moreover, she disclosed the fact that Marley, at that time, was at war with many countries. Hence, attacking Paradis island was not their priority.

Yelena met with Eren after a while in the Trost District. Yelena told Eren all about Zeke’s plan and pushed him into stirring up the military and taking action, to which Eren seemed to agree. After some time, Yelena learned about Eren’s plan to attack Marley. Along with her forces, Yelena went to Paradis Island to retrieve Eren.

War for Paradis Arc

Yelena returned to Paradis Island, with Titan serums they stole from the Marley Garrison. There she met with Pixis and tried to make him join the Yeagerists, to which he declined. Later when it was discovered that they were made to drink wine that contained Zeke’s fluids. Anyone who had that wine would turn into a Titan. In fear of turning into a Titan, Pixis joined Yeagerists.

She then met with the prisoned members of the Survey Corps. There she shared her ideology with the corps. This is where Yelena first met Armin. She is surprised when she first notices Armin shedding tears. When asked why was he crying, and still sobbing, Armin stated how moved he was by her words. Her ideas are to make the world a better place by eliminating hate and wars truly moved Armin.

Armin deserves an Oscar, doesn’t he?

When did she make that face to Armin?

Yelena make that face to Armin

As the battle was taking place, Yelena and her comrades got worried, as the Marley troops were winning. At this point, the warrior titans were taking over Eren. However, Yelena was relieved once Zeke arrived. She was fascinated by the way Zeke was taking down the warships.

While watching Zeke in awe, the members of the Survey Corps were worried about Reiner getting beaten by Zeke. They were surprised to see the Beast Titan in Shiganshina, as they believed he was beaten by Levi and Hange.

Not wanting to create any more fights, Armin tried to calm his members down, by saying that no matter what, they had to help Eren and Zeke if they wanted to save the world. This is when the rest of the members except Armin, gets startled by the sight in front of them. Seeing his member’s reaction, Armin slowly turns his head back, only to see Yelena’s frown face.

Does Yelena hate Armin?

To the question, why did Yelena make that face to Armin? Many fans straightforwardly said that Yelena hated Armin. But there is not any evidence that she hates him. She might have had him locked up, but she didn’t kill him.

During the battle, they were seen together on the rooftop. Both of them supported Eren and Zeke. After she made that face to Armin, she soon changed it to a bright smile. Breaking into a beautiful smile, she thanked them for trusting her and asked them to save both the brothers.

So she probably didn’t hate Armin, as she thought he was on the same side as her.

Is Yelena’s face scary?

It actually is very scary. Just like Armin, many fans were terrified as well. Even the mightiest Mikasa, was about to draw her sword.

Need I say more?

But it’s kinda normal in the series, considering the ugly Titans that we kept seeing during the whole series. However, Yelena’s look was one of a kind and will surely go down in history.

Is Yelena a villain?

yelena face

This is a real topic of discussion. Her actions in the series certainly did confuse the audience.

So here’s the thing, at the beginning of the arc, she seemed to be an ally. But later on, when her true intentions were revealed, she was confirmed to be a villain.

The Survey Corps was celebrating their first time seeing the outside world. But  Eren expressed that, the freedom that they sought was still very far from them. Eren told that, if they were to truly achieve freedom, they had to defeat their enemies, which were beyond the sea.

Now there are some points that defended Yelena as an ally.

  1. Just like the Survey Corps, Yelena was against Marley.
  2. Yelena showed Levi and Hange their weapons and even talked about the Marlyean secrets.
  3. She even killed her member, Griez, for bad-mouthing Sasha.
  4. She didn’t kill the Eldians, but rather shared her ideology with them.
  5. She was very protective of Zeke and his brother, Eren.

However, just because she did some good deeds, doesn’t really make her a nice person. As the series continued, she showed her true selfish nature. As she believed in Zeke, she was trying to help him get to Eren. Zeke’s plan of combining their strengths, in order to wipe out the Eldians was put into action with the help of Yelena.

She did everything she could possibly do to assist Zeke. From shipping wine mixed with Zeks’s spinal fluid, which turned everybody into a titan, to scaring the soldiers with her scary face. Yelena made sure that her idol, achieved his goal without any difficulties. She even went an extra length, to gather their trust by helping Eren to form the group of Yeagerists.

However, her true self was revealed, when they found out that, Yelena was actually only supporting Zeke and his destruction plan. She wanted to make everyone on their side, so she even used the wine with Zeke’s fluid to threaten the Eldians. She successfully made Commander PIxis surrender as well. This showed how evil she can get, in order to get what she wanted. Faking her background and disguising herself as an ally, Yelena surely couldn’t be trusted.

Was she a Titan?

No! She was not a titan. Well judging by her famous look, many fans quickly assumed that she could be a Titan.

However, rest assured she was not a Titan. She might have had the Titan serums with her, but she never used them on herself. She didn’t even consume the wine with Zeke’s fluid. She was just there to help Zeke fulfill his mission. But just because she wasn’t a Titan, didn’t mean that she was weak. With a great physique and incredible intelligence, she sure was a force to be reckoned with.

Will we get to see more of Yelena?

Well, the series is still ongoing, but the manga has already come to an end. So those of you who are keeping up with the series probably will get to see more of Yelena. The second part of season 4 just ended recently, with Yelena escaping in a lifeboat with the rest of the inhabitants. So, fans can expect to see her in the next parts as well.

But as the manga has already been completed, many fans will probably miss her. Not for her story, but for her scary looks.

She surely is beautiful, the artists just messed with her during “THAT” scene.

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