Why did Sabo kill Cobra?

sabo kill cobra

The unidentified mysteries in the One Piece series have made it successful to make its audience suffer from crippling curiosity. Let’s talk about one of the main mysteries hidden in the series, Nefertari Cobra’s death.

At some point in the anime, it is revealed that the King of Alabasta was murdered by the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army. But his death is the most controversial death in the entire series because there is no clue how he died.

Only the murderer was revealed. The reasoning for murder as well as the cause of death is still not exhibited yet which lefts most audiences wondering.

We’ve got some information that might have the solution for your queries. So without wasting time, let’s dig in!!

How did Cobra die?

Although the killer of Nefertari Cobra is already confirmed in the newspaper, audiences are more concerned to know about how was he killed.

As we still haven’t observed the scene where Cobra was killed, we can’t be sure how was he killed.  However, we can make certain assumptions about the cause of his death.

If the rumors of his death in the newspaper are correct, he might’ve been killed by Sabo with his skilled techniques.

Being the second most powerful member of the Revolutionary army, Sabo has exceptional skills we’ve also got some faint trails of his skills in the Dressrosa ARC when he fought in the Colosseum.

Considering Sabo being the culprit as described in the newspaper if Sabo killed Cobra it might’ve been quite easy for him.

Because the King of Alabasta was deceased from a certain illness, we assume he wasn’t even able to defend against the Chief of the Head of the Revolutionary Army.

He would’ve been a piece of cake for Sabo because we’ve got to witness his overwhelming power of him. However, the cause of the death of Vivi’s dad is also not revealed yet.

The word “killed” has a lot of meaning to it. This single word can make thousands of assumptions about various ways of murdering. So, Cobra might’ve been killed in ways we can’t assume until some clue is exhibited.

Thus, we can’t be sure how Cobra faced his death. It’s up to Oda’s decision to reveal it or make it another mystery.

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When was it revealed that Sabo killed Cobra?

It was revealed that The King of Alabasta, Nefertari Cobra was killed when the news of his death was published. The whole world got stunned by the news of the untimely demise of the Cobra.

But not only his death, but the disclosure of his killer also caused chaos all over the world. According to the news, Sabo of the Revolutionary Army was the killer.

He was killed mercilessly but the major question is when was he killed?

During the Wano Country Arc, Kings and Queens from 20 Kingdoms all over the world gather for a meeting. Those rulers of the world muster at a place to discuss the ongoing events and discuss plans for the future days.

Four years passed past the conference and it was time for a new assembly. The presence of each and every ruler of different kingdoms was a compulsion.

Keeping that in mind, all of the kings and queens of the world were present there including the King of Alabasta.

Sadly, he was killed during the time at the Holy land of Marie Jois It was exhibited that in the chapter named Entei 1054, Nefertari Cobra was killed by the hands of Sabo of the Revolutionary Army.

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Why did Sabo kill Cobra

As soon as the death of the King of Alabasta reached all over the world, the whole world got stunned by the unusual news. The shocking news spread all over the news in a flash.

However, the demise of Nefertari Cobra is very arguable. It was hard for one to witness the KIng of Alabasta getting killed by Sabo.

As the Chief head of the Revolutionary Army was interacting with Nefertari Vivi at the Reverie, it is hard to believe that Sabo killed Cobra. But the newspaper blames him as the killer.

However, the majority of people believed that Sabo is innocent and is framed for the assassination of the King of  Alabasta.

A flood of conflict would arise among the audience on the topic of Sabo killing Cobra. And that might lead to getting us trapped in the hurricane of turn of events.

Audiences surely hesitate the murder of Cobra at the hands of Sabo as he is not the kind of person who will murder an innocent.

What keeps us stopping to believe that Sabo killed Cobra is that the scene is not yet exhibited where he killed the king of Alabasta. The dead body of Vivi’s dad is also not shown yet.

Thus, the fact that Sabo killed Nefertari Cobra is not confirmed yet.

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Who might be the possible real culprits behind the death of Cobra?

As the majority of fans are not willing to believe the fact that Sabo killed the King of Alabasta, it is not surprising that theories would arise.

Sabo is presumed to be the killer of Nefertari Cobra but it is also believed that he was framed for the killing of Vivi’s dad. That leaves various hints for the fans to predict the real murderer.

We’ve come to know about different possible criminals through various theories. Let us share those theories with you if you’re interested.

Sabo kills Cobra for influencing the power of the Revolutionary Army

As the news of the Cobra getting killed at the hands of Sabo spread all over the world, we can’t simply ignore him. This theory states that Sabo killed Vivi’s dad was got killed by him for power and influence.

As Cobra was one of the main images in the whole world, Sabo killed Cobra to aware the World Government about the power of the Revolutionary Army according to this theory.

However, fans are not ready to accept it. It is because Sabo is a character who won’t commit serious crimes of killing the innocent because of those above-stated silly reasons.

He would sacrifice himself to protect the innocent which leaves us no question that he didn’t kill Vivi’s dad.

Even if he committed that crime, it might possible that he was compelled to do so or put into some critical situation otherwise, he has no reason to do so.

Although we know that he is the one who won’t commit that crime, the news also cannot be ignored. Thus, Sabo is also assumed as one of the murderers of King Cobra in the faces of other characters although he might’ve been framed.

World Government assassinated Cobra for blaming Sabo

Not only Sabo, but Oda has also pointed out some points that might later conclude the World government as the killer of Nefertari Cobra.

The theory we’re about to explain will provide us with some clues why World Government also can be suspected.

According to this theory, the World Government annihilated the King of Alabasta due to some political reasons. Nefertari Cobra was pointing out some interrogations that could put many powerful organizations in difficulty.

This is why WG has a reason to eliminate him. It is also possible that World Government killed Cobra and blamed Sabo for his killing because he was causing havoc in the Levely. 

Sabo rescued Bartholomew from the Celestial Dragon and declared war against the WG. Thus they might’ve carried out the assassination of Vivi’s dad and cleverly drawn the string to point out Sabo as the danger or killer to put a stop to the trouble he was causing.

Five Star Elders killed Cobra thinking of him as the traitor

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Gorosei aka Five-Star Elder leaders of the World Government. According to this theory, Gorosei killed the King of Alabasta because he was from a Nefertari bloodline.

So, Cobra might have been killed by the Five Star Elders because of his bloodline issues. Goresei might’ve somehow misunderstood the Nefertari as the betrayer and decided to assassinate him.

Imu’s blessing to do a massive cleaning can also be connected to this theory. This might point out a clue to suspect the WG for eliminating the King of Alabasta as well as their generations.

Thus, Five Star Elders also has good reasoning for killing Nefertari Cobra and might be the real murderer behind the scenes.

Will Cobra come back?

Cobra one piece

Nefertari Cobra, the King of the Alabasta Kingdom was stated to be dead. During the time of Reverie at the Holy Land of Marie Jois, all of the rulers of 20 different kingdoms of the world gathered for a conference.

At the same time, Nefertari Cobra was assumed to be dead at the hands of Sabo according to the newspaper.

However, there was no sign of Cobra being attacked by Sabo or his dead body. That leaves a lot of questions and predictions of the upcoming plot twists for the audience.

One’s death cannot be confirmed by the newspaper because it can be used to brainwash people. The dead body ar the live action of the death of the victim should be proof to verify one’s death.

Thus, it is hard to believe that Cobra is already dead.

According to some theories, it is believed that Cobra escaped to safety and will come back at some point, which would relate the case to the theory of Sabo saving him by faking his death.

However, our assumption states that he is actually dead as he was already quite weak and old. He is feeble and not strong enough to endure the damage on the run which faintly hints that he couldn’t save himself.

As the death of the King of Alabasta is not confirmed with proof till now, there might be surprises that Oda is packing for the audience.

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