Why did Omni Man kill the Guardian?

omni man

The Amazon Prime Show Invincible is the most loved series. It portrays both father and son as superheroes. Based on the comic by Robert Kirkman, the story showcase the transformation of Mark into a superhero named Invincible under the guidance of his father Omni Man.

Omni Man is shown to kill the Guardians at the beginning of season one. If you are new to watching the series and haven’t read the comic yet, you may wonder why Omni Man killed the bunch of Guardians.

Well, you are in the correct place, but beware of spoilers as this article consists of plenty of it.

Who is Omni Man?

Omni Man aka Nolan Grayson is the original inhabitant of a distant planet named Viltrum. Thus he is a member of a Viltromite race. This race of people evolved through the principle of Darwins, which states the survival of the strongest one.

They go through the process of breeding the strongest people and filtrating the weak ones. Thus Vitromite race is comparatively much stronger than the people of earth.

They also live for thousands of years and they become more powerful as they age. Their speed and power are the highest known in the universe.

Nolan came to earth for a certain mission, actually the mission of the whole Viltromite race.  What mission? Well, you will know it, just keep on reading!

He came on earth and became the superhero, Omni Man. He is also husband to Debbie Grayson and father to Mark Grayson on this planet. He has been training his son to be a superhero like him at the age of 18.

Omni Man is recognized as earth’s most powerful superhero. Sometimes he is also regarded as a member of the Guardians of Globes, a team of superheroes.

Something to know about Mark Grayson

Mark was born as a son of a Viltromite father, Nolan, and a human mother, Debbie. He was raised listening to the story of his father. He was told that his father was an alien from another planet named Viltrium.

He was made believed that Viltomite were peaceful superheroes and his father also has come to establish peace on Earth. He learned he would also be a superhero one day thus he grew up eagerly waiting to be a hero one day. He dreamed of protecting the world along with his father. Also, he desired to be a part of the Guardian of the Globe.

He started to discover his power when he was 17 years old. Two months after this discovery, he had the first team up with his father to fight the alien’s invasion.

Did Omni Man kill the Guardians of Globe?

In the first episode of the first season, we witness a shocking moment. Yes, Omni Man killed the bunch of the Guardians one after another. What! we regarded him as a hero, but he turned out to be a villain instead.

This event occurred in Washington D.C. when two giant identical monsters named Mauler twins appeared and start shooting the White House with their laser beams.

Soon the team of Guardians of Globe arrived to fight against the monsters. We could see Aquarius, the king of Atlantis, Darkwing, Red Rush,  Martian Man, War Woman, and Green Ghost on the team. This team was led by Immortal.

This team was dealing with the monster and suddenly Omni Man appeared for help. They fought with the demon and won the battle.

Then each superhero moved to the headquarter on the announcement of their name. Out of a sudden Omni Man appears and started to murder each of the heroes one by one. Omni Man also ended up getting injured during the fight. The only one who survived later was Immortal.

Well, Omni Man killed Guardians of Globe in the first ever episode but his motive behind killing them remained in suspense till the final episode of the show. Finally, in episode 8, we got to know about the reason.

Omni Man’s motive

As I mentioned above that Omni Man had come to earth to accomplish a certain mission of the Viltromite. Now lets me reveal what mission it was.

Viltromite lived in peace until its inhabitant started battling with each other to weed out the weak ones. The strongest ones were bred after thousands of years of fighting.

Viltromite had been conquering the other planet to expand the Viltrum empire. Hence each Viltromite went through a different planet. They allow a trade for the inhabitant of each planet to be subjugated. In return for their subjugation, Viltromite would provide a large number of resources and protection.

Thus, Nolan had come to earth with the motive to conquer the planet, Earth. His real intention was to fulfill the purpose of Viltrum.

Okay, that was his motive, but why did he murder the Guardians? Finally, let’s enter into the matter.

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Why did Omni Man kill the Guardians?

As we mentioned this suspense was revealed at the end of the first season in the conversation between Omni Man and Invisible.

Till then we considered Omniman as a hero and Viltromite had a good image in our eyes. The revelation of Omni Man left us surprised.

When Nolan was saving a Carnival from a monster he was hindered by Immortal, the guy whom Omni Man attacked in the past. Well, he was revived by the Mauler twins.

Immortal attacked Omni Man and demanded to know why he had killed the Guardians. In between the battle, Invincible came and started to fight for his father.

The fight concluded as Omni Man parted the body of Immortal into two halves. Well, Mark witnessed this rough side of his father.

This is the time when Omni Man revealed the true motive of Viltromite and his mission to conquer the Earth to his son. Hence, he killed the Guardian of Globes as he believed they would be a hindrance to his mission. As it is obvious that the heroes of the Guardian would not let Earth be conquered by him.

Invincible’s reaction to his father’s truth

Mark was shocked to witness the truth about his father’s darker side. He always considered his father a hero who was working very hard to protect the Earth.

Well, Omni Man also asked Mark to be part of his mission. Mark became angry with his proposal and refuses it and also attacks Nolan.

The fight between this father and son duo became brutal and was drastically overpowered by Nolan. He was ready to kill Mark but his fatherly love didn’t allow him to do so. Thus, he spared him and left the earth.

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Why did Omni Man take too long to kill the Guardians?

Viltromite were the people who have superior power over the human race.  They have greater speed and strength. Also, they possess a greater life span of thousands of years. Thus, the life span of humans meant nothing to them. Omni man hence waited for several years for the right time to invade the earth.

Similarly, Viltromite had been capturing the other planets for fun purposes. There is no urgency to capture the Earth too fast and early. Thus Nolan is not in hurry to capture Earth.

Likewise, Earth is not easy to be conquered like some other planets. It still consists of other superheroes who were solely working for the protection of this planet, take the Guardian as an instance. Hence, Omni Man had to wait to know their weak part and work accordingly.

The major reason for the long wait of Omni Man is his son Mark. He waited for his son to gain his power and join him to conquer the Earth.

Little did he know that his plan would backfire due to the presence of humanity in his son. Mark had been raised on Earth and his love for the people of this planet even led him to backfire on his father’s plan.

The love of Omni Man towards his son is greater than his son and he betrayed his own race for his son. He left the Earth to avoid the fight with his son.

Small wrap-up,

Omni Man was an idol figure for his son Mark who always dreamed to be a superhero like his father someday. He became a superhero and named himself Invincible, then along with his father he was set on a mission to protect the Earth.

Well, he was stunned to witness his father killing Immortal. He was furious with his father when he realized Nolan’s actual motive on Earth was to conquer the Earth and even killed the Guardians of Globe to avoid the hindrance they would create.

Both father and son started to fight as the son refused the proposal to be a part of Nolan’s allies. Well, the father could not kill his son out of his love and he leave the Earth.

What happens next is the matter that arouses our curiosity. Hence we are eagerly waiting for the next season. What about you, are you excited too?

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