Why did Muzan kill Tanjiro’s family?

Kibutsuji Muzan

The anime series Demon Slayer is full of mysterious stories from the start to the end. However, the most bizarre scene in this anime is about the death of Tanjiro’s family. The main protagonist of the series, Tanjiro, whose family members were slaughtered bloodily by the Lord of Demons in his absence. The one who did that heinous action is Muzan Kibutsuji.

The most surprising part is that Muzan himself is a mysterious character. It is not yet shown why he killed the members of Tanjiro’s family. The riddle only resides within the Lord of Demons.

But the audiences are eager to know why the hell Muzan mercilessly murdered the siblings and the mother of Kamado Tanjiro. Don’t get startled! We’ve got a lot of information waiting for you below to let you know about it.

Was Tanjiro successful in saving his family members?

Tanjiro is a kind and loving child from a poor Kamado family. He used to walk to the town to sell the charcoals and make a living for his family. He was very grateful as the townfolks loved him and helped him with various favors.

Tanjiro begins to climb up to his house, but he gets stopped by an old man from his neighbor. The old man said that it is better to take shelter there because he might face demons who devour humans. He falls asleep as the old man tells him about the bloodshedding hatred between Demon and Demon Slayer corps for ages.

The day after Tanjiro returns to his house, his happiness turns into sorrow in a flash. He gets startled as he smells blood and witnesses three bodies of his family covered in the snow.

As he evidences all three are murdered bloodily, his heart suddenly gets unsettled, and he calls out the name of other members of the family with unstoppable tears in his eyes. He enters the house and searches for his family. As he entered his house, he got scandalized as he saw the river of blood flowing all over his family members. He calls for them, but no one responds.

Poor Tanjiro realizes that all of his family members have been mass murdered by the demon except his sister Nezuko. However, Nezuko, too, wasn’t shown mercy. She was left only after transforming into a demon.

When Tanjiro was away from his home, his family was killed ruthlessly by the Lord of Demons, Muzan Kibutsuji. He couldn’t do anything rather than suffer the sorrow. He failed to save his family.

After that, Tanjiro decided to not let anyone suffer the same grief he faced and joined the Demon Slayer’s corpse. He went on a journey to become a Demon Slayer to save humanity from the cruel demons.

Who were there in Tanjiro’s family?

Tanjiro is the oldest heir of his family. He belonged to the Kamado family, who inhabited the mountains. The family used to make their living by selling charcoal.

Including himself, the older heir of the family, he had another 5 siblings along with his mother. Unfortunately, Tanjiro’s father died before the demise of his wife and children by Muzan Kibutsuji.

Tanjuro kamado and Kie kamado was the late parents of Tanjiro. Rokuta Kamado (brother, deceased), Takeo Kamado (brother, deceased), Hanako Kamado (sister, deceased), Nezuko Kamado (sister), Shigeru Kamado (brother, deceased), Rokuta Kamado (brother, dead) are his siblings of him.

tanjiro family

Tanjiro loved all of his siblings very much, and his mother was the dearest one to him. As his father was dead a few times ago, he was determined to support his family and face any hurdles in his life.

He was ready to tackle everything to help his family as the eldest heir of the family. Sadly, his determination was swept away as he evidenced the killing of his beloved family members.

All his siblings were killed by the Lord of Demons, and one of her sisters, Nezuko, was only left alive as his experiment to turn her into a demon worked perfectly.

Nezuko is now still alive, and she, along with Tanjiro on different missions to eliminate the savage demons.

What was the reason for Muzan to assassinate Tanjiro’s family?

Muzan is a vicious and merciless demon and the first demon to be ever formed. He is at the top of the Twelve Kizuki demons and is also known as the Lord of Demons.

Given the name Lord of Demons, he is the strongest demon alive in the series. Currently, his strength is unmatched. He is almost invincible as he generates and comes back alive even though his body is cut into thousand different pieces.

He is the only demon who has lived up to 1000 years and become more and more powerful by killing and devouring numerous till now.

He is also the most robust character in the whole series. However, although he is strong, he fears his death. It is because there was someone in the past who was capable of killing him.

Yoroiichi Tsugikuni was the only badass who held power and abilities to kill the Lord of Demos. He was the strongest Sun Breathing user. It is also revealed that Muzan escaped his death in the nick of time while battling with him.

He was so fierce that Muzan couldn’t kill him by himself. Muzan fears him even now, both mentally and physically. The Lord of Demons eliminates anyone who even whispers the word Sun Breathing. The fear of Yorochi for him was drastic.

However, Yoroiichi got killed by one of the demos. It is true that no demon can kill him, but he indeed was killed by a demon. Even though Muzan couldn’t kill the most robust Sun Breathing user, he plotted a pitty strategy to kill him.

The Lord of Demons manipulated Michikatsu Tsugikunia(biological brother of Yoroiichi Tsugikuni), transformed him into a demon, and planned to kill his brother.

Being unaware of his own brother turning into a demon, Yoroicchi was killed off-guard by his own brother. However, Michikatsu almost got killed when he killed his brother.

Michikatsu Tsugikuni stated himself that if he was just a second late to kill his brother, he would’ve been beheaded. Yoroiichi had so swift reflex that his sword was in the neck of his brother and was just a second late to save himself from getting killed.

Kamado Tanjiro has the hanafuda earring that belonged to their ancestor, Yoroiichi Tsugikunia. Only the Kamado family wielded the Sun Breathing ability, and Kamado Tanjuro could also perform Hinokami Kagura.

After noticing Kamado’s family’s abilities, Muzan got scared about his downfall as his memories recalled the legendary Yoroiichi Tsugikunia wearing hanafuda earrings and having a Sun Breathing fighting style and killed them by himself.

So, there might be a possibility that Muzan assassinated the Kamado family because of their Sun Breathing ability and Demon Slayer’s mark heritage.

Why did Muzan let Nezuko live?

When Tanjiro trekked back to his home after selling the charcoal, he sensed the smell of blood. He rushed towards his house and later evidenced that his mother and all of his siblings were killed except Nezuko.

All of the other family members were killed, but Nezuko is the only sparred one. Why did Muzan not kill Nezuko? This surely questions a lot of audiences.

So, let’s get to know why the Lord of Demons let her live!!

tanjiro nezuko

Before Muzan killed the members of the Kamado family, he injected a considerable amount of blood into each of the members as his experiment to create a demon that could survive sunlight.

The majority of the experiments were unsuccessful, so he left. But he didn’t notice that Nezuko actually survived the experiment and got turned into a demon.

Mizuko became an exceptional demon who was half-human. In fact, Nezuko is the only demon that Muzan Kibutsuji can’t control.

No demon can walk out in the sunlight and will get burned into ashes if they are exposed to the sun. However, Nezuko is not the same. She has the immunity to survive against the sun, even if she is a demon.

This is why Nezuko is also named “The Chosen Demon.”

Did Muzan kill all of Tanjiro’s family members?

kamado tanjiro

Muzan Kibutsuji, aka The Lord of Demons, is the strongest character alive in the entire series. He is also the founder of the Kizuki Twelve and all the demons.

Each and every demon is made by his blood. He is mighty and almost invincible. It is also believed that no one is stronger than him. Only one man was capable of battling him and almost killed him, but Muzan escaped for his life.

Later on, Muzan kills him by manipulating his biological brother, Machikatsu, to kill his own brother. By the orders of the Lord of Demons, he killed his own brother by transforming into a demon.

Kibutsuji has killed thousands of people and devoured them. He also has transformed many people into powerful demons. Even all of the members of the Twelve Kizuki were turned into demons by him.

Among all of those victims, the family members of Kamado are also some of them. He was scared he might be killed by Kamado Family as they could perform Sun Breathing and hanafuda earrings as Yoroiichi did.

So he went himself to assassinate the entire family. Muzan almost killed the whole family members but not all.

The father of Tanjiro, Kamado Tanjuro, didn’t get killed by Muzan. Neither did he kill Nezuko and Tanjiro, but he killed Kei kamado and other heirs of the Kamado family.

Tanjuro Kamado died of an illness before the bloodiest murder of his wife and children. Nezuko was turned into a demon and was sparred, and Tanjiro was lucky that he didn’t encounter Muzan the same day the Lord of Demons eliminated his mother and other siblings.

So, it is revealed that Muzan Kibutsuji killed some of the family members of Tanjiro, but he didn’t kill all of them.

Did Muzan kill the Kamado family for revenge?

The manga of the anime series Demon Slayer never confirmed the reason for Muzan assassinating the Kamado family. There is no fixed answer. However, there are certain theories on why he eliminated the Kamados’.

We’ve collected some information from various research. Let us help you by providing three theories!!

First Theory:

These theories explain to us that Muzan killed Kamados for revenge as they were the longs ancestors of Yoroiichiro Tsugikuina. Muzan might have wanted to take revenge on them because of those ancestors, but I think this theory is not quite a retable one.

Second Theory:

The theory that the majority of fans believe is that Muzan might have been scared of the Kamado family. That is why he killed the members of Tanjiro’s family.

This theory stated that Kamados can perform Sun Breathing, have hanafuda earrings, and Demon Slayer Mark Heritage like that of Yoroiichi. Muzan was afraid he would face his death as he thought Kamados had inherited the will of Yoroiichi, who almost killed him years ago.

Third theory:

Another theory is that Muzan killed the members of the Kamado family while testing his experiment. It is stated that Muzan knew kamados wielded Sun Breathing ability and might have the ability to survive in the sunlight even after turning into a demon.

The Lord of Demos injected a massive amount of blood into their body to test whether they would be successful to withstand it or not. The majority of the testament failed, so Muzan left.

However, he didn’t notice that Nezuko survived the experiment and got turned into a semi-demon. It was also exhibited at the end of the manga that Muzan himself hated to create demons.

He only created demons as an experiment to create a demon that is resistant to the killing effect of sunlight and later devours it to become invincible.

A lot of theories provide us with hints on why Muzan killed the members of the Kamado. But I found the second theory the most equivalent personally.

Lastly, it seems that Muzan didn’t kill his mother and other siblings of Tanjiro for revenge. He had no personal grudges against the Kamado family. 

The second and Third theories might be a bit reasonable as it is revealed that Muzan is scared to even see hanafuda earrings. He is even scared to remind the face of Yoroiichiro and SunBreathing’s ability. He also turned many people into demons, so the experiment might also be considered a reason to kill Tanjiro’s family.

It is also stated that he kills anyone who talks about SunBreathing’s ability. Yoroiichiro has really scared the shit out of Muzan.

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