Why did Itachi kill his clan?


Itachi, A Rouge Ninja who mercilessly slaughtered all of his clan members in a single night. He also killed his parents the same night. All the people of the Hidden Leaf Village hate him for his evil actions.

However, he should be considered the Hero of the Hidden Leaf Village. People judged him without knowing the real truth of him and his sacrifices for the welfare of the village.

He was a legendary shinobi who wanted peace and harmony in the village. There is a specific reason why Itachi had to turn evil.

So, what was the actual reason for Itachi to eliminate his own clan?

Let’s unravel the truth!

Which clan does Itachi belong to?

Uchiha clan

One of the four Noble clans of the Hidden Leaf Village, the Uchiha Clan, is the clan to which Itachi belonged. This clan was known as the strongest clan in the entire village because the members of this clan possessed Sharingan.

Sharingan is an ability that gives the power to observe an opponent’s next move. It also grants the authority to a ninja to copy various kinds of attacks as soon as their eye captures the moment.

Itachi was the exceptional child of the Uchiha clan. He was incredibly genius and skilled at a very early age. He was capable of using Fireball Jutsu, which was as dangerous as his father’s.

He exceeded every children’s and even many of the adult’s power and skills when he was 10. Itachi accomplished a lot during his child age. He became jonin at the age of 7, chunin at the age of 10, and joined Anbu at 11 as its youngest member.

His Genjustsu was tremendously influential. He was able to defeat one of the legendary Sanin within a minute without even touching him. He also had a hard time with Kakashi with his Genjutsu skill when he went to Konoha as a member of Akatsuki.

As a member of the Uchiha clan, Itachi was one of the strongest, although he was very young. He had the potential to be the strongest in the entire clan. And the Uchiha clan would be invincible.

However, before that, Itachi killed all the members of his clan, including his parents and lover, only sparring with his brother.

Did Itachi really want to massacre his clan?

Uchiha Itachi was the most renowned shinobi from the Uchiha clan. He was known popularly as the gifted child among the Uchiha, even in the Hidden Village Leaf, because he was exceptionally proficient in comparison to others.

He was loved and praised by everyone in the clan. Itachi also treated everyone very well and respected everyone. He loved his clan mates and other members. However, even though he cared for them, he killed everyone.

So why did he kill his clan? Did he really want to kill all of them? We’ll help to let you know about this!!

 It is a fact that he slaughtered each and every one of his clans in a single night. He showed no mercy. He even killed his parents with his own hands. It is not because he wanted to rule the Uchiha clan or any other kind of personal hatred. He was missioned with the task to eliminate the Uchiha by the Fourth Hokage.

It was because the surging power of Uchiha and misunderstanding might cause war among the clans.

But Itachi didn’t want any war because he knew the consequences, suffering, and loss that war could cause.

That is why he accepted the mission of massacring his whole clan except his little brother, Uchiha Sasuke. Later on, he joined a group of Rouge Ninjas called Akatsuki to guarantee the safety of his brother.

Why did Itachi betray his own clan?

Itachi was someone who wished for harmony and prosperity in the village. But the relationship between the two clans was quite unusual in the very past since the time of Hashirama and Madara.

Those legendary shinobi used to be the rival of each other. They were the ones who founded the Hidden Leaf Village by joining the forces.

Itachi uchiha naruto

Although both the clans got united, the unusual atmosphere among them was still alive.

Daily small disputes were occurring one day after another. The Uchiha used to all gather at a place and performed a meeting to take over the Hidden Leaf Village. They decided to conduct a coup d’ètat and rule the Konoha.

But the Fourth Hokage knew about it as Itachi told him everything. After learning about the plan of Uchiha’s coup, Hiruzen tasked Itachi with a mission to kill all the members of his clan before they tried to take over.

So yes, it is true that he betrayed his clan, but he did so for the prosperity and harmony of the entire village.

Although he caused a terrible crime, he saved many from that unprecedented loss and consequences. He was successful in stopping the coup of Uchihas.

Did Itachi kill his parents and girlfriend?

The Uchihas were about to start a coup d’etat to take over the village. There was a war that was about to take place between the Uchiha and other clan members. But Itachi was afraid of it.

He didn’t want a war to start as it would cause mass murder and destruction. To stop the coup d’etat of Uchihas, Itachi was missioned by the Fourth Hokage to kill all the members of his clan.

That was the only way to stop the war. So, he decided to give up on his clan and kill all of them for the welfare of the whole village. So did he kill his parents and girlfriend too?

Yes, he killed his parents and his girlfriend. But he didn’t want to do so.

His father was the one who was the leader of the Uchiha and the one who decided to start a coup d’etat. Fugaku knew that Itachi was the one who murdered all the Uchihas that night.

His father didn’t want to battle with his son, so he let Itachi kill him and his wife. Even though Itachi killed all the clan members, his father and mother didn’t say anything.

In fact, his parents said that they were proud of him and respected his decision to save the village. They let Itachi kill themselves without flinching and said to see after Sasuke.

Seeing that, Itachi’s tears started to fall. However, putting his feelings and emotions aside, he slaughtered them. Itachi also killed his girlfriend.

Izumi was the one he killed first so that he wouldn’t have any hesitation in assassinating other members.

Izumi wanted a peaceful life with Itachi, where they were married and raised their children. Hence, Itachi killed her with his strongest Tsukoyomi ever, where Izumi lived another life in her dream that she wished for.

Itachi killed her in the kindest way possible by putting her in Tsukuyomi. Therefore, this concludes Itachi killed his parents as well as his girlfriend by the orders of the Fourth Hokage.

Why did Itachi turn evil?

Itachi was the one who eliminated the entire Uchiha clan mercilessly. In a single night, he killed each and every one of the clans. He didn’t spare his father and mother even though he killed his girlfriend.

However, this is not the truth. He was compelled to kill all of his loved ones and had to live as a rouge Ninja. He was indeed a kind-hearted person who had to force himself to do that horrible act.

By the orders of the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, he had to kill all the clan members of the Uchiha. Hiruzen also didn’t have any personal hatred for the Uchihas.

He didn’t want a war to break out throughout the village, which the Uchihas were planning for. The clan members of the Uchiha were about to take over the Konohagure by starting a coup d’etat.

Fortunately, Itachi was also a member of that clan, and he told the plans of the Uchihas to the Fourth Hokage. That is why Hiruzen missioned him to stop the Uchihas.

Itachi also agreed with Hiruzen even though he had to kill all of them because he wanted his village to be filled with peace and harmony. That is why he sacrificed his happy life and lived as a rouge ninja for the balance of the village.

So, Itachi was never evil. He didn’t mean the harm he did. He is the hero of the Konoha, but people only witnessed his bad deed without knowing the truth. He just carried out the mission that he was assigned.

Itachi was the legendary shinobi who always did well for his village. Even after his death, he turned the sides of the Fourth Great Ninja war by putting a spell on Kabuto. Because of that spell, the powerful shinobis that Kanuto reincarnated disappeared.

Kabuto and Obito would’ve won that war easily by manipulating those old legendary ninjas if Itachi didn’t do so at that time.

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