Why Did Homelander Kill Black Noir In The Season 3?

homelander kill black noir

The Supes is one of the strongest human beings in the world. They are like Superheros but there is one major difference between them. Most of the superheroes get their superpower when they were born and Supes, get the power after having Compound V. And another major difference is they don’t communicate well which was the main reason Homelander killed Black Noir.

It was surprising that Homelander had killed Black noir at the end of the Season. He was one of the most respected Supes by Homelander and it’s not like Black Noir was doing anything for Homelander or anything at all. It was a massive surprise to the fans that Homelander had killed Black Noir at the end of Season 3.

Let’s take a detailed look at why Homeladner chose to raise that step.

Why Did Homelander Kill Black Noir? 

Black Noir, the Supe who kept on wearing his black suit and never ever revealed his identity was one of the most mysterious characters of all time. He would never speak a single word and was the most reliable Supe of the Seven.

He wouldn’t speak or make signals to anything, he would go on a mission that he is assigned to and would complete the mission on his own. He was one of the killing machines in the Supe Squad.

He would do anything that Homelander had asked him and would always complete his mission. He was one of the Supe who would keep on minding his own business and gets on a mission that he is assigned to. It was a crazy twist to believe that Homelander actually killed Black Noir because it seemed like they were good friends and had a good connection that the rest of the Supes.

It was shown in the final episode of The Boys when their relationship started for the first time. Their relationship started growing when Homeladner was starting his journey as a Supe. We could witness Homelander had once again killed innocent people and he had thought that Black Noir was gonna unravel those secrets but the unexpected happened.

Black Noir actually helped Homelander to clear that mess up, Black Noir was actually with Homeladner with his back. After noticing Black Noir as his own ally, Homelander and he started their friendship journey. They had such a good relationship that when homeland found out about Soldier Boy, the only person he took that information was Black Noir, saying he was the only one that he could trust.

After hearing that news Black Noir ran away out of fear because of the past issues he had with Soldier Boy. Black Noir then started to get flashbacks of how he and Payback had actually betrayed Soldier Boy and allowed the Russians to take him away.

After some time the truth was finally revealed. He had gotten permission from the Vought to betray Soldier Boy and send him to Russia. they were more focused to get Homeladner and his powers than on Soldier Boy. It was also later revealed how Homelander was born in the lab. The Vought was more focused on the superhero who could fly than Soldier Boy.

the plots then started to get open and the mysteries started to get unraveled. In episode 7 of Season 3, Homelander found out about his dad, he found out that he also had a family like other people and the person who revealed this to him was Black Noir. He was finally feeling betrayed because the Vought knew everything and still decided to hide the truth.

Black Noir was then absent for some time and when he came back, he came back with a goal to kill soldier Boy. Black Noir had finally decided to pour his revenge on Soldier Boy for what he did to him back in 1984.

Homelander was happy to see his most trusted buddy once again, but not any longer after he shared his goal to kill Soldier Boy. Homelander was in shock then he started to make one question after another to Black Noir.

He then started to ask Black Noir if he always knew that he had a father and if he was created in a lab from Soldier Boy’s serum. Black noir then unraveled the secret to Homelander. He told him that he was with Soldier Boy before and he was the one that suggested the Vought change their former leader with Homelander.

After hearing all that, Homelander was having a hard time digesting all those truths. He got frustrated and punched right into Black Noir’s abdomen. His punch was so strong that it caused a straight hole in his abdomen. As soon as he removed his arm, Homelander fell to the ground.

There was a zero percent of chance for Black noir to stay alive as Homelader created a hole in his abdomen. Homelander had trusted Black Noir the most and after finding out the truth he felt betrayed by his old friend. He was deeply hurt by him and more when he told him that he was going to kill his father, Soldier Boy.

Was Homelander Made In A Lab?

Did Black Noir Betray Homelander? 

black noir

Homelander believed that he was betrayed by his only friend Black Noir, but was that the case? Things are different because Homelander is truly unaware of Soldier Boy and his presence. Homelier only looked at the betrayal side of Black Noir and didn’t try to see the reason why he had to take that step.

We believe that Homelaner never tried to understand and read the feeling of Black Noirebecause we all know that Homelander has the power to see things through things. he never tried to see the face behind that black mask and it can be because of his frustration.

He was unaware of the things Black Noir had to go through because of Soldier Boy. Homelander had no idea about all those wounds and injuries Black Noir had to face for all those years when he was working under Soldier Boy. The main reason that he couldn’t realize the pain of his friend was because Black Noir couldn’t speak.

The first reason why Black Noir kept the secret of Soldier boy from Homelander was that he couldn’t speak. everything starts to make sense and even explains why Black Noir supported Himelander when he killed innocent people. He knew about Soldier Boy and he didn’t want his son to become abusive to him.

Black noir was trying to protect Homelander from him following the footpaths of his father. If we take a look from Black Noir’s side then we can see his innocent side. Black Noir wasn’t trying to betray Homelander, In fact, he was trying to protect him. He had always remained loyal to Homeladner and was always by his side.

Black Noir was so loyal to Homeladner that he was ready to go through all kinds of limits for Homelander. From his side it was kindness but from Homelander’s side, he felt betrayed because the only people he trusted in Vought seemed to hide the truth from him for all those years.

Only if Homelander had the ability to read the heart of people, he would have immediately noticed all the painful moments Black Noir had to go through because of Soldier Boy.

Could Black Noir Still Be Alive?

We always see some characters going through some crazy shits but coming into life once again. But for Black Noir, it will be hard to make a comeback in the series because we could see a hole straight in his abdomen. He punched him, made a hole, and took his guts out. And even if that wasn’t enough to make him dead, Homelander opened his mask and made sure that he was dead.

It almost seems impossible for Black Noir to make a comeback, but if we take a look at the comics then it shows us a different situation. In the comics of The Boys, the viewers had the chance to know the real identity of Black Noir. Behind that Black Mas, it was nonother than Homelander.

In the comic version of The Boys, Black Noir is actually a clone of Homeland. In the comics, Black Noir is proven to be one of the prominent characters but in the action series, he is completely a different person. He isn’t important in the action series which is why it makes it hard for us to see the appearance of Black noir once again in the series.

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