Why did Hermione choose Ron Weasley over Harry Potter?

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When we first witnessed Harry and Hermione, we predicted both of them would end up as a couple together.

However, it was Ron and Hermione who married each other.

Some Potter-heads still believe Harry and Hermione would have made a wonderful couple. What might be the reason that they were not together, and why did Ron and Hermione end up as a couple? You will gradually know, just stick to the article till the end.

Hermione as an individual


Hermione belonged to a muggle family. She realized she was a witch when she was 11 years old and hence she was invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

She was a very independent, wise, and intelligent girl. She had proven her intelligence many times during Hogwarts, during the time of the Hocruxes’ hunt, and during the second wizarding war.

She may be quite bossy sometimes but is a very loyal and trustworthy friend with whom you can share all your highs and lows.

Talking about Hermione’s relationship, she was not dating anyone until she realized her love for Ron. However, she was seen in the Yule Ball with Victor Krum.

Alright let us know how it all began, how the golden trio met, and how things went.

When did Ron and Harry meet Hermione for the first time?

The golden trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s first meeting occurred in the Hogwart’s Express. Hermione came looking for Neville’s pet toad, Trevor, into the compartment where Ron and Harry were sitting.

The meeting between Ron and Hermione didn’t go quite well as she pointed out dirt on his face. She seemed to be more interested to meet Harry rather than Ron.

In their very first meeting, Hermione demonstrated her intelligence and talent in her magic were far beyond her age even though she had just learned that she was a witch. She repaired broken glasses of Harry with a magical spell which made Ron and Harry astonished.

Well, Ron did not take her intelligence too well. He found it rather bossy, hence he used to mock her from the very beginning of their first meeting.

Ron and Hermione’s relationship

The chemistry between Ron and Hermione wasn’t quite alluring from the beginning. As we mentioned earlier, Hermione had pointed out dirt on Ron’s face. Well, that is not what we do when we meet someone for the first time. 

Ron constantly mocked Hermione for her bossy nature and even made Hermione cry. For instance, we can take the “It’s LeviOsa, not leviosAAA” moment.

Gradually the friendship between the two started to go quite well. The adventure they encountered each time in Hogwarts and each problem they solved together took their friendship to the peak.

Ron did not stop mocking Hermione; his instant answer would be, “I make fun of you because I like you!” Okay! But this does not make sense, though, does it?

Gradually, the duo developed a romantic feeling for each other upon arriving in their youth. We could witness the developing jealousy among these two friends.

Remember when Ron got jealous when Victor Krum danced with Hermione at the Yule Ball? Ron had even destroyed the replica of his idol, Victor Krum, which he had bought with his savings.

Ron was even doubtful about the relationship between Harry and Hermione. How can we forget the time when the rumor of Mr. Harry and Hermione being together was published in the Daily Prophet?

Well, both Harry and Hermione didn’t consider the matter to be a big deal, but it was Ron who was bothered a lot due to this.

Ron was not the only jealous one, but Hermione was also envious regarding the matter of Ron. Remember the time when Lavender and Ron were dating each other? That also made Hermione jealous.

Who was the first to realize their love?

It was Hermione this time as well. It seemed Hermione was more forward than Ron, even in realizing love matters. We saw Hermione realizing her love for Ron in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

She had fully realized her feelings before the time of the Yule Ball. She had hinted to Ron about the feelings she had. She constantly reminded him about the Yule Ball and asked what kind of girl he would take to the ball.

Ron was tactless as always; he just admitted he wanted to go with Fleur Delacour (which was sort of impossible). Well, Hermione did appear more girly than before, but Ron just failed to get the clue from her. Victor Krum ultimately noticed her and asked her out for the Yule. Hence Hermione ended up going with Victor instead.

We also witnessed her rage when she saw Ron with Lavender. She was entirely sure of her feelings by then. She even mentioned her feelings towards Ron to Harry. But Ron just misunderstood the relationship between Harry and Hermione instead.

Potter fans have always seen Ron and Hermione fighting and arguing over matters. She usually seemed to snip Ron’s words and boss him around. When did Hermione just develop feelings toward him?

Well, the whole process seemed to be gradual. They were not so friendly to each other, and maybe Hermione usually bossed around him because she was always drawn to him.

Okay, Ron didn’t understand the clue, then! When did that tactless fellow understand?

Ron’s feelings for Hermione

With the constant mocking, Ron finally started to develop feelings for Hermione. It was the time of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princetwo years after Hermione realized. Well, it’s better late than never.

He understood that he treated Hermione horribly. He had the longest fight ever with her for kissing Krum- two years after the incident took place. That is when he realized that he was in love with her.

Even after realizing his feelings, Ron still couldn’t tell anyone. He was still unsure if Hermione liked him the same way. Perhaps George must have realized his brother’s feelings as he had given Ron the book which taught him how to charm witches.

Ron memorized all of it and gifted the book to Harry, after which Harry realized Ron had used one of the pointers on Hermione. It seemed Ron was not leaving any stone unturned to pursue Hermione.

He was with Lavender just to make Hermione jealous. Later when he was poisoned and was regaining his consciousness, he took Hermione’s name instead of Lavender’s. Well, this incident brought the couple closer.

How can we forget the moments from the Deathly Hallows? Hermione kissed Ron when he was talking about the safety of house elves. It was great to finally witness both of them sharing a common interest- which was in house-elf rights.

Later the epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book/movie in the best-selling series, reveals that Ron and Hermione got married. They had a daughter named Rose Granger-Weasley, and a son, Hugo Granger-Weasley. They were sending their daughter to Hogwarts, possibly to follow their parents’ path.

Harry and Hermione

Harry and Hermione have a relationship of true friends and of course, Harry loved Hermione. A platonic love existed between both of them.

Hermione was the one with whom Harry felt most of his emotions are safe. He felt extreme comfort in her presence. He found Hermione the most loyal and compatible friend.

When it comes to their love relationship neither Harry nor Hermione had feelings for each other. We can never witness the feeling of jealousy or any other romantic moments between them throughout the entire book or movie.

Hermione was supportive of Harry dating Cho or when he was in love with Ginny. Likewise, Hermione’s closeness with Victor Krum didn’t bother him either, and neither did her relationship with Ron.

Thus, Hermione and Harry were never meant to be together.

What would have happened if Harry and Hermione had ended up together?

Well, this duo of Harry and Hermione is liked by most of the fans. With the bravery of Harry and the intelligence of Hermione, the couple had made the perfect combo.

There might have been good consequences but there also might have been other not-so-good aspects to their relationship if Harry and Hermione had ended up together. Some of them are something we have mentioned below.

Ron would have been just a sidekick

Being the chosen one, Harry was regarded as the special one from the beginning. He even proved his bravery and made the prophecy come true by defeating Voldemort.

Hermione is considered another lead character in the Harry Potter franchise. With her intelligence and wit, she has helped Harry in many horrible and dangerous situations.

On the other hand, Ron is not considered a prime character throughout Harry Potter’s journey. He has of course, been a very supportive friend to Harry. However, his character has not been recognized with particular importance like Hermione’s.

Thus, if Ron’s character was just left alone in the franchise character would have been just remembered as Harry and Hermione’s friend and nothing more. Hence by pairing Hermione with Ron, J.K. Rowling must have given importance to the character of Ron Weasley too.

Hermione would not have got the perfect loving pure-blood family

Hermione had been raised by the muggle family. Being the witch herself, she might always crave the perfect wizard family.

Although Harry was a half-blood wizard, he had been raised by the Muggles. It would not be wrong to say that Harry didn’t have a proper FAMILY.

If Hermione and Harry had ended up together, they would not have had the perfect wizard family.

Hermione, along with Ron, got the big and loving Weasley family. Similarly, Harry marrying Ginny gave him the perfect Weasely family.

Why did Harry choose Ginny instead of Hermione?

Although Harry and Hermione were friends for a very long period. They were even emotionally attached. Still, Harry didn’t have any romantic feelings toward Hermione and he was strongly attracted to Ginny.

Harry seemed to be more inclined towards attractive girls. He had previously dated Cho Chang who was an attractive girl. Unlike Cho and Ginny, Hermione was not portrayed as an attractive girl in books.

Of course, she was a beautiful-looking girl in movies. We love the pair of Ema Waston and Daniel Radcliffe as Hermione and Harry as a beautiful couple. It’s not the same as what w wish when it comes character-wise.

In the movies or books, Harry never felt jealous of Hermione’s love relationship with anyone. It was neither when Hermione was with Vitor nor she was with Ron. Instead, Harry was envious when he saw Ginny with Dean Thomas.

Thus, Harry married the girl he was totally drawn to who was Ginny of course.

Did JK Rowling regret, putting Hermione with Ron?

In one of the interviews with Emma Waston, Harry Potter’s author, J.K. Rowling mentioned “I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment,” she says. “That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” she continued, “I can hear the rage and fury it might cause some fans, but if I’m absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that. It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. Am I breaking people’s hearts by saying this? I hope not.”

Thus, we could conclude that it was whole Rowling’s personal choice to put Ron and Hermione together from the very beginning. She just stuck with her plan till the end. She felt sorry for her decision as some fans were not happy with this pairing.

Final Ideas

Some friendships are very precious. Well, they don’t need to be in a romantic relationship for having love and respect among them. The same goes for Harry and Hermione, they are beautiful friends.

Okay, most of us wanted them as a couple from the core of our hearts but why can’t a boy and a girl share a beautiful connection as very supportive friends?


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