Why Did Harry Potter Break The Elder Wand?

The Elder Wand is one of the Deathly Hallows that was a gift from Death to the three brothers. Upon combining the Deathly Hallows, one becomes a Master of Death, but to our surprise, Harry broke it! Why would he do that?

To know that, you must know about the Elder wand from the beginning. For that, you must know about the tales of the three brothers.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, former Professor Dumbledore bequeathed Hermione, the book that describes this tale. His real motive behind this was probably to help Harry and his friends defeat Voldemort. What was the tale? Let us dive into it!

What is the tale of three brothers?

The tale of three brothers is inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Pardoner’s Tale. According to the tale, three brothers were grappling with crossing a treacherous river. Everyone who ever tried to cross the river had been taken away by Death.

These three brothers were cleverly able to cross the river by building a bridge across it with their magical powers. At halfway, they met the personified form of Death who was enraged to lose his potential victims. Yet, he pretended to be impressed by them and offered them to fulfill their desired wishes.

The elder brother asked for the most powerful wand, the middle brother asked for the power to recall the dead, and the youngest brother asked for something he could use to hide from Death. Death was compelled to provide the elder one the Elder Wand, the middle one the Resurrection stone, and the younger one Cloak of Invisibility. 

Thus, this is how the Elder wand came into existence. Well, we will describe more about Elder wand. You just have to keep on reading the article.

Elder Wand: A Deathly Hallow

The 15-inch wand made up of the rarest magical elder wood is the magical item that every wizard and witch dreams of having.

The Elder Wand was the first deathly hallow that was created by Death himself. It was gifted to fulfill the wish of the eldest Peverall brother, Antioch Peverell, as he had outsmarted the Death.

Antioch wanted the most powerful wand that any other wand couldn’t defeat, and hence his wish was fulfilled by Death. Thus Elder wand is the most powerful wand that has ever existed. Its power is unbeatable that it could perform magic that could not be performed even by skilled wizards or witches with a normal wand.

dumbledore elder wand

Every Owner of Elder Wand

The first owner of the elder wand was Antioch Peverell, who wished for the most powerful wand ever. Well, he was gifted the wand by death himself.

The eldest one, getting the most powerful wand, was so proud that he bragged about it to everyone he met. Eventually, he ended up getting robbed and killed when he was asleep.

Emeric the Evil was the one who killed Antioch and stole the wand, and became its owner. Then the wand just kept passing to different owners throughout the generations.

Egbert the Egregious became the next owner after defeating Emeric the Evil in a duel and killing him.

Godelot gained the mastership of wand after that. He used the wand as an instructor for writing the book named ‘Magick Moste Evile’, containing Dark magics.

Hereward was the master of the wand after he left his father Godelot to die locked in his own cellar, stealing the wand. 

Barnabas Deverill became the next master of the wand afterward in the early eighteen century. 

Loxias defeated Barnabas and became the master of the wand then. He named the wand ‘Deathstick’ and used it against anyone who displeased him. 

Either Arcus or Livius became the owner of the wand after Loxias. The truth is still unknown and debatable in the wizarding world.

Mykew Gregorovitch, a wand maker, had possessed the wand sometime in the ninetieth century. He tried to replicate the wand believing it would flourish his business. Well, the end was stolen from him too. 

Gellert Grindelwald is the most powerful wizard of all time (considered more powerful than Albus Dumbledore and even more evil than Voldemort). The Elder wand came into his possession after he stole it from Gregorovitch. 

Albus and Gellert had teamed up to gain all the Deathly Hallows. However, the partnership broke due to conflict between them. Well, Gellert, anyhow, didn’t leave his will to gain the Elder Wand. Thus, he stole it from the wand maker, Mykew Gregorovitch, by casting a stunning spell at him. 

Gellert used the wand to establish his supremacy in the wizarding world, although it didn’t end for long as he was defeated by his old friend Albus Dumbledore in a dual. Thus Gellert lost his ownership of Elder Wand.

Albus Dumbledore is the one we consider a true owner of the Elder Wand. Well, we see him with the Elder Wand all long the Harry Potter movies until his death. 

He had gained the mastership of Elder Wand after he defeated its former owner Gellert Grindelwald in a duel. Unlike any other wand’s owner, Dumbledore used the wand for good purposes.

Only the death parted the wand and Dumbledore from each other. Draco unarmed him in the Astronomy tower before Snape cast the killing spell on him. The wand was placed along his corpse in a graveyard after his death.

Voldemort had broken into Dumbledore’s grave and stolen the wand. He believed that the mastery of the Elder Wand belonged to Severus Snape as he was the one who had killed Dumbledore. Thus Voldemort instructed Nagini to kill Snape so that Dark Lord could be the master of the Elder Wand.

Well, Voldemort didn’t know that Draco had unarmed Dumbledore before he was killed, and slaughtering Snape didn’t make Voldemort the Wand’s master anyhow. Thus Voldemort cannot be considered a wand’s owner, but it was somehow possessed by him to defeat Harry.

Draco Malfoy had cast the Expelliarmus the Disarming Charm against Dumbledore before Snape had cast the death spell. Thus, Draco was the unintentional master of the wand then.

Harry Potter was also the owner of the Elder Wand. Well, how? Let’s know.

How did Harry become the master of Elder Wand?

When Death Eaters confronted Dumbledore, Harry hid under the invisibility cloak in the Astronomical Tower. He witnessed Draco disarming and Snape casting a death spell on his favorite professor.

Harry must have felt powerless when he could not do anything in this situation. Well, he didn’t give up easily on the death of Dumbledore. Harry highly focused on Dumbledore’s goal, which was to defeat Voldemort. Eventually, he disarmed Dracoy at Malfoy Manor, and possession of the Elder wand was passed to Harry.

Well, Elder Wand can be considered the great weapon which helped Harry to defeat Voldemort. Dark Lord regarded himself as a master of the Elder Wand after killing Snape till the final duel with Harry, although he was not the one. We know who was the actual master, right?

Of course, it was Harry, as he had already disarmed Draco till then. Even after Harry revealed the real ownership of the wand didn’t belong to Voldemort, he disagreed with believing it and still cast the Killing curse Avada Kedavra on Harry.

The wand forbade killing its master, Harry; hence the Killing curse backfired to kill Voldemort himself. Thus, Harry’s victory against the Dark Lord is also possible due to the Elder Wand, not to forget Harry and his friends had already destroyed all the Horcruxes in the past.

After all these consequences and after defeating the Dark Lord, it was a moment of joy for every wizard and witch beside the Death Eaters. Harry and his friends were also overjoyed, but what had happened to the Elder Wand?

Well, Elder Wand’s event is different in the book and the movie.

In the book, Harry just left the wand at the grave of Dumbledore without the greed to be a powerful wizard.

In the movie, Harry repaired his own wand with the Elder wand and broke it. What! Really??

Well, yes, he just broke it and tossed it off the bridge.

Why did he do so? He could be the most powerful wizard in the whole wizarding world with the help of that wand if he kept it for himself. Let’s find out!

Why did Harry break the Elder Wand?

Till now, we knew the nature of Harry. Our hero has a selfless nature and does not have even a little desire to be the most powerful person.

Well, one of the examples we can take is he just broke the Elder Wand without the second thought of being the most powerful. Perhaps he broke the wand as it produced greed and the ultimate desire to be powerful.

He further realized that he already had the mastery of all the Deathly Hallow, Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, and Invisibility Cloak that made him the master of death.

He believed to have that sort of power was not true bravery. It would instead invite greed and hunger for power. Hence, he dropped the Resurrection Stone in a forbidden forest and broke the Elder Wand. He kept the Invisibility Cloak, maybe because it was inherited from his father.

Furthermore, Harry thought the presence of the Elder Wand would bring never-ending greed among the wizards for its ownership. Thus, destroying it would establish peace rather than rivalry in the wizarding world.

Well, he must have done it right as he would have struggled his whole life to protect it against going to the wrong hand if he had kept it with him. Also, he was the one who could destroy the wand as he possessed the ownership, and he even dared to destroy the wand due to his greedless nature.


Most of us want to be powerful individuals. Alright, just keep yourself in place of Harry. Would you destroy the most powerful wand which you have ownership of? You could also be the Master of Death if you kept the Resurrection Stone, but will you throw it too?

Only a few of us would have the courage to destroy and throw them. Thus we must praise Harry’s bravery that he let go of the thing that would have made him a most powerful wizard for the shake of a peaceful wizarding world.

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