Why did Big Mom and Kaido make an alliance? Their Goal explained!!

kaido big mom alliance

Holding the most incredible title as the Emperors of the sea, Big Mom and Kaido are the most feared pirates in the entire One Piece World. Even the marines and World Government gets frightened of them.

Both of these infamous pirates reign over the specific territory of the GrandLine. They are so powerful that if someone battles with them one-on-one, it’s impossible to win. Only one of them can cause mass destruction and wreak havoc all over the world.

These deadly characters had immense hatred for each other, but in the latest Arc of the One Piece series these two Emperors of the Sea have allied with each other. This announcement has already caused an uproar all around the world.

People are raising questions about why they allied with each other, although they single-handedly held the powers with which they could get and do anything they wanted.

There is a surprising reason for

that, and we’ve provided the information about it in the article below.

Relationship between Kaido and Big Mom

Both Kaido and Big Mom are two Emperors of the sea that is feared by the whole world. They are the primary antagonist in the series, succeeding to rule a particular territory of the Grandline by themselves.

There’s no wonder why they are the most potent pirate to exist, as they are the former members of the most robust pirate crew, Rocks Pirates, in the entire series. The whole world feared this pirate crew because of the unbelievable power they held at once.

While in the same crew, Big Mom and Kaido shared the brother-sister relationship and worked as helping teammates. But after the God Valley war, they started to hate and avoid each other.

No information about that incident has been leaked out yet. However, it is assumed that the strongest creature alive hates Lilin because she abandoned him during the battle that incident.

Rocks Pirate was the notorious crew that consisted of the strongest characters of all time, such as Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, Shiki, Rocks D. Xebec, and others. They all are pirates feared by the world for their terrible powers.

However, they were defeated by the Hero of the Navy, Garp, and King of Pirates, Gol D. roger, during the God valley incident. Getting back to the point, as the battle was between the Rocks Pirates and the Invincible Duo, both Kaido and Lilin were present at that time.

So, they both have been shown capable of supporting in the harshest situation, although they beef with each other currently. In a particular episode of the Wano Arc, Big Mom stated that she still cares about the Kaido as her brother even though he avoids her.

It is also confirmed that Lilin is why the strongest creature in the world is alive till now, and he owes her life. It is because Kaido was almost killed during the God Valley incident, but Big Mom saved him by providing him with a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit.

Despite the hate among each other, history demonstrates that they both can work as teammates.

Why did Kaido and Big Mom ally with each other?

Driving our safari bus toward the Wano Arc, the audience was delighted with Oda’s unexpected turn of events. What happened is that the two Emperors who beefed with each other teamed up and made an alliance.

But this announcement has been itching our brains. Why did they team up with each other if they hate each other? Let’s unravel the truth hidden behind their alliance!!!

kaido big mom alliance

Yeah, they both indeed wished to overwhelm each other. So, the fact about the alliance is that it is temporary, opposite to what actually might think of a typical partnership.

However, this interrogates our minds even more about why did they made such kind of alliance.

Observing the history of both infamous pirates formerly being part of the most vital pirate crew because of their monstrous Devil Fruit powers, skills, and abilities is genuinely a worrying topic to all the fans of One Piece.

Most are terrified as the Rocks Pirates are long-forgotten. It might be possible that the two most powerful pirates in the sea, together,  might be stirring something that no one has expected.

Their collaboration of Big Mom and Kaido might come up with the rage of the defeat of the Rocks Pirates during the God Vally incident.

However, anything might be possible, as we know that the egghead of Oda works exceptionally. As a result, the anime might come up with a unpredictable turn of events.

The Goals of Kaido and Big Mom

Kaido has been shown to demonstrate that he has a very distinctive yet the most pivotal announcement to make. And this announcement is related to the future of the Wano region.

He declared that a project will be held named “New Onigashima Project,” and alliance with Big Mom and her crew is essential for the project’s success.

Chapter 985 of the manga reveals the statement by Kaido where he declares that the newly planned project and its goals will surely benefit these major antagonists. However, the project’s success will be harsher than ever for the citizens of Wano country.

The key intention for launching this plan is another gateway to the greatest treasure of all time, One Piece, if things go as planned. This is why Kaido allied with Charlotte Lilin possibly.

The strongest creature alive also states that the Navy Marines have abolished the Seven Warlords of the Sea because they succeeded in claiming a kind of force that can exceed the power of Emperors of the Sea.

This might be the reason why The King of the Beasts had to create a powerful unit or team to locate the tackle the most potent ancient weapon that holds power to destroy the entire world.

Kaido, allying with Charlotte Lilin and her influential crew members was just to get closer to finding and using the power of those ancient weapons, with the help of which they would begin the destruction and greatest war in the One Piece world.

To transform the world into a pirates’ paradise, these pirates would use the power of those ancient weapons and their ruthless power. Moreover, they also plan to fulfill their ultimate goal of finding the One Piece treasure.

Did they succeed in completing their goals?

I have already mentioned above that these two powerful Yonkos, Kaido and Big Mom, allied with each other to implement their plans smoothly and complete their goal. But the significant interrogation here is whether they succeeded in achieving their goals.

Unfortunately, the entire world feared both of these powerful characters and failed to achieve their goals and ambitions. So how did they become unsuccessful, although they had powers and abilities that were almost unbeatable? Let’s take a look!

We all know that Big Mom and Kaido allied while they were battling against the pirates of the Worst generation. So, they took their opponent side by side.

big mom zeus

As they were taking on their opponents together, Luffy and his allied partner had to face a very harsh situation and had no hopes of winning the battle. So, Law and the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates decided to separate them.

Big Mom got separated from Kaido by the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance. Trafalgar D. Water Law and Eustass Kid started their clash with Lilin on one side, whereas The Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates was dueling with the strongest creature alive on the other side.

But although the Emperors were separated, they were insanely powerful. With her overwhelming powers, Big Mom started to attack Law and Kid. On the other side, Luffy had already got knocked by Kaido, and Zoro was buying him time until Mugiwara made his comeback.

The Captain of the Heart Pirates and Kid Pirates almost got eliminated, but they came up with something that no one ever expected.

According to the manga, both infamous pirates used every strength and launched a tremendously powerful attack that sent Lilin crashing through the ground.

As a result, Big Mom crashed into the Weapons vault and insensibly collided with one of Yamato’s frozen bombs that, injured her even more. As she fell to the ground, she cursed the King of the Pirates for starting this pirate era.

Soon after that, she collided with the ground alongside other explosives. In addition to the previous injuries, she again fell victim to another enormous explosion that ultimately eliminated her.

While at the other side, The Captain of the Straw Hats made a flashy comeback with his new form and started giving tight competition to the strongest creature alive.

Luffy unleashed his Gear Fifth transformation that led him to go crazy. The amusing power of Gear fifth quickly overwhelmed the brutal strength and techniques of Kaido. As a result, the King of Beasts got utterly defeated.

When he got eliminated, he collided with the ground so hard that it opened the underground chamber filled with hot molten lava where the insensible body of both Lilin and Kaido ended up.

As Kaido and Big Mom met their end, the Emperors failed to achieve their ambitions, and the citizens of Wano earned their freedom.

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