Why Dave Grohl Hates Hollywood

Dave Grohl’s life, till this point, has been filled with success and heartbreak. While Nirvana and Foo Fighters brought him fame and fortune, losing his close friend Kurt Cobain to suicide brought him heartbreak and misery. Most artists struggle to build a music career and remain relevant after their bands decide to call the quits, and it’s even more rare for artists to get back on their feet after a tragic loss.

However, Dave managed to stand up tall, form Foo Fighters, and try to move on. Like many artists, Dave Grohl seems to have found solace in his art; thus, it is unsurprising that he has channeled his feelings into his work. One instance where he might have let his emotions inspire his songwriting is the track ‘Stacked Actors.’ The song has had fans questioning whether it had anything to do with Kurt Cobain’s infamous relationship with Courtney Love.

What Made Dave Grohl Detest Hollywood This Much?

In Dave Grohl’s case, he lost his band Nirvana and close friend when lead singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. While most musicians would step down from another venture, Grohl decided to form his band Foo Fighters, and they have been swimming in success for the past decades.

However, the lingering feelings of what happened to Kurt Cobain and his relationship with Courtney Love might have made their way into his lyrics. Even though Grohl dismissed the rumors that Cobain and Love’s relationship influenced ‘Stacked Actors,’ fans assumed that the song contained a hidden message about the life he experienced in Hollywood.

During a previous interview, Dave Grohl stated that he wrote the song about everything he felt during his Hollywood experience. He observed that everything and everyone in Hollywood was fake and unreal. He added that he hated everything about Hollywood, including the lifestyle and the people they met along the way.

Dave Grohl’s words about the story behind ‘Stacked Actors’:

“I wrote ‘Stacked Actors’ about everything fake and plastic and glamorous and unreal, so if that pertains to anyone that comes to mind, then there you go. Living in Hollywood always seemed transitional to me. I f*cking hated Hollywood, hated the whole life, hated most of the people we met. That’s what I’m saying in ‘Stacked Actors.’”

You can listen to ‘Stacked Actors’ below.

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