Why can’t Michael Myers die?

Michael Myers

Michael Myers has been one of the most iconic characters in the history of horror.

He has been an important figure in the world of horrors. With the iconic mask and the story behind the character, everything has just been horrifying about Michael Myers. The reason why Michael Myers kills people also has been stunning, but the more stunning part is he just can’t die.

The butcher has terrified their audience with the kill he does. No matter how many changes or the number of new characters that get introduced in the franchise Michael Myers just doesn’t stop assassinating the people of Haddonfield every Halloween night.

Although people have tried to put this horror on end for the final time, it seems to be they have failed each time, so why can’t Michael Myers die? What’s the reason behind his immortality?

Why does Michael Myers not die?

michael myers

Again and Again, every night of Halloween Mivahel Myers returns to terminate every people, he has been severely wounded and has been into various deadly scenarios but the character has managed to survive through all the odds.

If any average man would have been in the shoes of Michael Myers then they would have surely been dead till this time, but Myers has proved everyone wrong and has returned every time. The masked man has always been through some dangerous scenarios and has managed to be alive. Just like Undertaker, Myers has managed to dodge death, but how?

After taking a look at Halloween’s original movies, we can be sure that Michael Myers just can’t die.

The horrifying fact of Michael Myers was realized in the Halloween sequels of Jamie Lloyd. In the sequel, it was revealed that Michel Myers just can’t die, and the fans were finally introduced to why Michael Myers can’t die.

The main reason why Michael Myers can’t die is because of The Cult of Thorn. The Thorn is known for cursing children from ancient times. The curse gives super-human powers to the Boogeyman and also allows him to get safe from any kind of death. The curse prevents death and keeps him focused to complete his mission, to kill his bloodline.

Lurie Strode has also explained why Michael Myers is someone beyond human. In the sequel, Michael is surrounded by the locals of Haddonfield. The locals attack him in the streets and the fight looks dangerous as hell in the final scenes of the movie.

It ap[peras like Michael Myers has been finally stopped for the final time, but the masked man stands up again when he hears about Laurie’s revelation. If a normal human being was in the shoes of Michael Myers, he would’ve surely been dead and cold.

Laurie says that; “a mortal man could not have survived what he has endured.” This makes our statement correct because he has faced brutality many times and even has emerged from the darkness. The man simply can’t die because of the curse.

We can also see the horrifying curse appearing in the franchise as a star constellation in the sky on Halloween night. Michael has been protected by some kind of astrological power and because of the curse he has even gained protection and can withstand any kind of deadly event.

As the movie starts to get move on forward, the power and immortality of Michael Myers get stronger. Laurie tells us that with each kill he becomes more powerful and his immortality ability gets stronger. His supernatural abilities are the main reason why he can’t die but as the sequel starts to grow more, we can find many new reasons.

Laurie almost kills Michael Myers

There have been a few moments where Michael Myers has survived against every odds. He has come back to life surviving almost anything, but there were some moments where the immortal man seemed like was gonna die. Let’s take a look at some of those moments.

The iconic character of the movie, Laurie Strode has never been successful in escaping from the horror of her death. Michael Myers’s favorite target seems to be Laurie and after knowing that the Bogyman is immortal, she is prepared for him and his horror.

She knows that Michael will be back, and this time she was prepared. She transferred the whole house into an active explosion. She even trained her daughter and gave her lessons to survive the Boogyman. Finally, the day came when the Boogyman escaped from the prison and went after Laurie. Her effort was finally gonna pay off.

Michael escaped from the prison and made his way back to Haddonfield to finish off Laurie for the final time. Michael made his entrance but this time her daughters were also prepared to take on any kind of action. with the help of her daughters Allyson and Karem they managed to trap Michael inside their explosive house.

The family ran away from the house but they didn’t know that they were not the only ones who managed to escape from there. Michael also successfully escaped from there. He managed to get through a malfunctioned door that was located in the basement.

The three daughters did their best to trap Myers in the basement and released the bars to the stairwell and made sure that the Boogyman would be trapped there. Then she deployed the mechanism and set the whole house on fire.

Michael was trapped in the basement and after such an explosion, there should’ve been no way that Michael would escape from there right? When the new trailer of Halloween got released, we could see Laurie and her children approaching a rescue vehicle. It showed us how Laurie and her children managed to make the Driver turn around.

Everything was looking perfect but in the end, her plan seemed to be a failure. At the end of the trailer, we could see that Michael Myers was still alive. He had survived the explosion. His mask was burned a bit but he looked ready to kill Laurie again.

Against all the odds Myers survived the disaster and, this could’ve been because of his cursed power. This shows us that Michale can just not die, but doesn’t that mean he is immortal?

Is Michael’s Survival Supernatural?

Michael Myers

After looking at the end scene of Halloween where Laurie looks like she is successful in killing the Boogyman, but it seems like the fire has only damaged a little bit of his mask. He has survived multiple times and it seems like Myers just can’t die. Is he immortal? Does he have some kind of Survival Supernatural?

The main reason why Michael Myers can’t die is because of the ‘Curse Of The Thorn.’ We can believe that the Curse of the Thorn gives Michael Myers some sort of Supernatural powers that helps him to survive and flee through any kind of situation. Let’s take a look at the situation where he managed to survive in Halloween Two.

Michael once again managed to survive death. Both of his eyes got blown up but he again managed to survive that event without getting affected. Just like Undertaker, he came back from the dead and started to cause more chaos than ever. He has been through many deadly situations, he has been burnt alive, handed, and even electrocuted but the Boogyman has managed to survive through all types of tests.

It seems like Michael is gone for good this time, but he somehow manages to come back and haunt the people of Haddonfield once again.

The franchise seems to be connected with Supernatural powers as well. We can take a look at the moment when Laurie’s daughter, Jamie learns about the serial activities that Michael has done. It seems like Jamie has developed some kind of supernatural power that alerts her whenever the Boogyman is near her.

It seems like the movie has some minor supernatural activities being worked on. There also might be some kind of supernatural force being used, and that’s why Michael Myers seems to be escaping from every kind of death scenario.

But when we take a look at the inner story with more perfection, we can find that Michael Myers has managed to survive death because of his own effort rather than using some supernatural abilities.

We can be sure that Mical has survived because of natural events rather than using supernatural powers.

Will Michael Myers ever die?

As we’ve discussed earlier in the article, there have been many moments where it looks like Michael Myers has been done for good, but seems to appear again and again.

In the original 1978 Halloween, we saw Michael Myers jumping off from the balcony after getting stabbed and shot. Laurie and Dr. Samuel Loomis gave their everything to stop the bogeyman, but unfortunately, the bogeyman was nowhere to be seen after the fall. He vanished from the spot.

Michael Myers has managed to survive every time. It looks like Laurie has been successful this time but the horror of Myers still remains because he managed to come back again and again in the franchise.

The only moment where Michael Myers will die in the franchise is when the movie is about to end. David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy has gained mass success from all over the world. If the film is finally in its final chapter then we can see the ultimate fate of Michael Myers in the franchise.

But! We can’t be sure because there is also a high possibility that the story of the iconic villain will keep on going and will make its appearance until the final trilogy.


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