Why Angus Young Was Biased About AC/DC Songs

As a fan of a legendary rock band like AC/DC, picking a favorite song can feel like an impossible task. Each track resonates with different emotions and memories, making it challenging to choose just one.

Now, imagine being a musician in that very band, with every song carrying not only the emotional weight of personal experiences but also the creative process behind its creation. This was the dilemma faced by AC/DC’s co-founder and lead guitarist, Angus Young, in 2020.

With a deeper understanding of Angus’ unique perspective on AC/DC’s songs, let’s delve into the band’s formation, the guitarist’s role in the band’s establishment, his contribution to the band’s sound, and finally, his admitted bias towards AC/DC songs.

The band was formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. It started as a rebellious, high-energy rock band with a vision to create music that would stand the test of time. Over the years, they achieved worldwide fame with their electrifying live performances and iconic hits, becoming one of the most enduring rock bands in history.

While AC/DC’s core sound has remained consistent, they have experimented with different musical styles and production techniques, keeping their music fresh and engaging for new and old fans alike. This creative flexibility has played a significant role in their sustained success over the decades, but it was not the only factor that influenced it.

Young, who played a crucial role in the establishment of the band as the lead guitarist, crafted the iconic riffs and solos that defined AC/DC’s sound. From their early days to their current lineup, Young has remained an integral part of the band‘s songwriting process, ensuring the continuity of their distinctive sound. It was in this context that the guitarist revealed his bias towards AC/DC songs.

In a 2020 interview with Vulture, the musician confessed to being biased toward AC/DC songs, stating that it was tough to pick a favorite since he had been a part of every song since the band’s inception. He eventually decided on two songs based on different factors: ‘Riff Raff’ for its challenging guitar work and ‘Thunderstruck’ for its overall composition.

His word on the matter went as follows:

“Oh, jeez. That can be very tough. I’m biased because I’ve been on them all, you know? [Laughs.] If I was just thinking of the guitar, since I’m a guitar player, I’d say ‘Riff Raff.’ The guitar work was a challenge but interesting in the way the song rolled out. That’s my guitar answer. But if it’s for a whole song, ‘Thunderstruck‘ is a big one. I like that answer.”

Angus Young’s personal connection to AC/DC’s songs made it difficult for him to choose a favorite. His involvement in the creative process of each track, from the intricate guitar work to the overall song structure, has shaped the band’s unique sound and contributed to their enduring legacy. So, the next time you find yourself struggling to pick a favorite AC/DC song, remember that even Angus Young himself finds it a challenge!

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