Who Was Rocks D. Xebec, How Strong Was He & Who Defeated Him?

Xebec D. Rocks

A masterpiece anime created by Oda, One Piece is an anime that has hype worldwide. Companioned by an amusing storyline, this anime series has varieties of characters, and each and every one of them is uniquely designed.

As this anime is about pirates existing all over the world and competition among them to claim the mythical treasure of One Piece, battles and conflicts are often displayed.

At one time, they caused the greatest battle in the history of One Piece, and it was named the God Valley incident. This battle was declared by Rocks. D Xebec against the World Nobles.

That certain pirate was the only one who attempted to assassinate the World’s Nobles and their slaves. He was indeed incredibly potent but faced an ultimate defeat at that moment. He was powerful and ruthless enough to be erased from the history of One Piece.

So, who actually was he ??

Let’s dive into it!!

Who was Rocks D. Xebec?

Better known as Rocks, Rocks D. Xebec was the Captain of the most substantial pirate crew of the One Piece world, Rocks Pirates. Before Gol D. Roger came into the hype 40 years ago, he was one of the most feared pirates to exist in the sea.

During the old era, he was a pirate who caused havoc all over the sea. Although it hasn’t been revealed yet, we can undeniably assume that he had a bounty that crosses over a billion.

He made his first debut in chapter 957 of the manga and 958 episodes of the anime. He was shown to possess the power to match the strength of the late Gol D. Roger.

Xebec D. Rocks

Talking about his appearance, he was demonstrated as a tall man, but he was a normal-sized character, unlike some of his giant-sized crewmates. With a toothy smile on his face, he had bumpy dark long hairs sticking out behind his head.

According to Sengoku the Buddha, the Captain of the Rocks Pirates was the toughest opponent that the Hero of the Navy, Monkey D. Garp, faced. Likewise, the other strongest character in the series with the letter D in their name, he also had the letter D in his name.

Being one of the most powerful characters, he was fearless and vicious. He didn’t care about the position of anyone. He could kill the World Nobles if he wished to. He was also ambitious to become the “King of the World.”

Before he died, he caused tremors all over the world by destroying many places with his dominance. Not only that, but he also was very curious about the hidden subjects of the government.

He is one of the badass characters in the series, which is still renowned for his villainous actions while he was still alive.

Who were the members of the Rocks Pirates?

Rocks Pirates were a group of pirates who were considered the strongest in the entire series. The Pirates crew consists of members who wreaked havoc before and after the disbandment of the crew. Let me help you to know the members of the Rocks Pirates.

So, here it is!

  • Rocks D.Xebec.
  • Edward Newgate.
  • Charlotte Linlin.
  • Kaido.
  • Shiki.
  • John.
  • Silver Axe.
  • Ochoku.

Above listed pirates are those who scared the shit out of every person. All of the members of the Rocks Pirates were so powerful that they were actually undefeatable in a one-on-one battle.

Some of them are already dead, but they are still renowned worldwide for their brutal strength and endurance. All the members of this pirate crew who survived the Gid Valley incident became the most wanted criminals in the world and grabbed the most iconic titles.

Big Mom became one of the Emperors of the sea who started ruling certain territories of Grandline, Whitebeard came to be known as the strongest man in the world along with the epithet of Yonko, and Kaido got renowned as the strongest creature alive in addition to being another Emperor of the sea and Shiki the Lion became the first pirate ever to escape from the Impel Down prison in the history of One Piece.

All of them are such badasses who caused tremors worldwide with their sheer strength. And Rocks D. Xebec was the Captain of this pirate crew who handled all of these infamous pirates by himself.

How was Xebec defeated?

Over 40 years ago, Xebec founded the Rocks pirates on the island named Hachinosu and gathered the most powerful crew members in the history of One Piece.

Soon after that, he became known as the most formidable pirate who demonstrated his powers by dominating different places and pirate crews until Gol D. Roger became the King of the Pirates.

His crew members were so powerful that all the surviving members either became the disastrous character who escaped from the Impel Down or the Emperors of the Sea.

Xebec and his crew members were so powerful that they were considered the biggest threat to the world because of their overwhelming powers and abilities. They weren’t scared of anything and would cause destruction everywhere they wished.

38 years ago now, Xebec led his crew on a task that was the biggest threat to the World Noble and their slaves. They declared the greatest war ninth history of One Piece.

In the God Valley, Rocks D. Xebec and his crew members clashed against the King of the Pirates and a marine combatant, Monkey D. Garp. The battle was known as the God Valley incident, in which all of the Rocks pirates tasted their defeat.

This incident led to the disbandment of the crew as their Captain lost his life during the battle. Soon after that event, the remaining crew members became the Emperors of the sea who started to reign over the particular territory of Grand Line.

The legacy of Xebec has already been extinct considerably over the last few decades since he faced his grave, and numerous younger or newly recruited marines don’t know about him and his dominance 38 years ago.

According to the former Fleet Admiral of the navy Sengoku, his terrors and actions aren’t exhibited because of the involvement of the World Government, as his fate resulted in his trial in forbidden subjects.

Moreover, he didn’t have excellent relations with the crew members, and everyone in the crew hated him. Thus, the remaining members of his team hesitated to state the events of the time they sailed along with him.

 How strong was Rocks D. Xebec?

The Captain of the Rocks Pirates was an exceptionally skilled and powerful pirate. His potential and strength are still unexhibited, but we can assume that he was stronger enough to b the biggest threat to the world.

According to Sengoku, Rocks D. Xebec was so potent that the most robust character in the entire series, like Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger, was compelled to team up before taking the battle against him. 

He is regarded as the first and most daunting opponent that the King of the Pirates faced, even more than the world’s strongest man, Whitebeard. This is fortified by the truth that among the fewest in the series, Xebec could match the powers of Kaido.


Although he was insanely powerful and had the most powerful crew in the history of One Piece, he wasn’t respected by his own crew members who later got renowned as formidable pirates, such as Shiki the Lion, the strongest man in the world, strongest creature alive and the Queen of Totto land.

We know that all of these infamous pirates don’t like to follow the orders of any other person, and this hints to us that he was strong enough to make them work on his orders.

Former member of the Rocks Pirates, Charlotte Lilin stated him as dishonest and “good for nothing,” someone who ridiculed her. He also had prominence as one of the fewest who injured the strongest create alive.

His tremendous powers and skills led him to cause life-threatening or destructive activities, so he was unquestionably powerful and skilled. We can surely assume that he was a pirate worth several billion.

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