Who is the War Devil in Chainsaw Man?

war devil
Year after year, there comes a series that is responsible to create a stir in the Otaku community, and seems like this year the trophy will be taken by none other than the immensely popular manga series- Chainsaw Man.
An action-filled dark fantasy, comedy horror series, Chainsaw man is certainly not for weak hearts though. Even with such warnings, the series gained massive popularity when the manga was released in 2018.
The anime adaption of this series is one of the most highly anticipated of 2022. However, the manga series just made a comeback with its second season, and are fans excited? They sure are!!
Just in Japan, the comeback has managed to rack up more than 3.3 million views. This alone caused traffic jams as fans from across Japan rushed to read up on the latest release.
Popular for its unique storyline and amazing illustrations and artwork, Chainsaw man did gain massive popularity just from its first season.
However, so far the second season has also managed to serve the best and, introduced new characters along with interesting action-packed plots.
The new characters surely are doing their job well in attracting the audiences and there is one character that has garnered and piqued the viewers’ interests. That is the one and only – The War Devil.
Surprisingly, the second chapter of the series is more focused on War Devil than Denji, who was the main protagonist of the series. This newly introduced character, War Devil has already created hype among the Otaku community.
Now, your curiosity must be reaching its peak, right? Great! because that is what we are aiming for. So, without further ado let’s get right into knowing more about this one-of-a-kind devil and the reason behind its immense popularity.

Who was the War Devil?


With unique characters in the series, Chainsaw Man had a lineup of devils that are just so distinctive. From Normal Devils to Devil Fiends, the series had all sorts of devils.

The War Devil was also one of the Devils, a Devil Fiend to be exact. Appearing as the central antagonist of Chainsaw Man: Part 2 and the War Devil Arc, Yoru(ヨル Yoruwas the War Devil(戦争の悪魔 Sensō no Akuma), who was also a member of the Four Horsemen. 

In the series, the War Devil appeared before Asa Mitaka, a high school student who was killed by the Justice Devil. The War Devil, Yoru, decided to form a contract with Asa, who was on the verge of death, desperate to survive.

By forming such a contract, Asa became one with Yoru, which turned her into a War Fiend. This gave Asa a second chance in life.

Fiends were human corpses that were taken over by devils as it was their last resort to survive. Devils lost a significant amount of their supernatural power and ability to perform contracts after becoming a fiend.

How did the War Devil come into existence?

In the series, the War Devil was first introduced when Asa Mitaka was killed by the Justice Devil.

It all started when Asa’s high school classmates bring Bucky, a Chicken Devil as their class pet. At some point, Asa’s parents were killed by Devils so she had a strong dislike towards the devils.

Her whole class was overjoyed by Bucky, but not her. However, she didn’t want her classmates to feel bad so she tried to suppress her feelings.

Still, unintentionally Asa ended up killing the chicken and felt guilty over the fact. Her Class Rep and teacher, Mr. Tanaka made her go to Bucky’s grave to pay her respects as they both knew how guilty she felt about Bucky’s death.

However, The class rep suddenly turned into Justice Devil, revealing she made the deal with the Devil so she could have a happy ending with Mr. Tanaka.

Asa tried to run away, but her human strengths were no match to that of the Devil. While trying to escape, she was captured by the Justice Devil and her face was sliced in half, which ultimately killed her.

In her final moments, she reflected on her life and wished that she could have done better and made some friends, instead of sulking over Devils and the happiness of others.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the War Devil appeared and asked Asa if she wanted to live to which a desperate Asa agreed in a blink of an eye. Yoru formed a contract with her in exchange for her body.

After the contract, Asa’s chopped-off body parts were assimilated and she was revived as the War Fiend. Awakening as a Fiend, the War Devil attacked Mr. Tanaka and the Justice Devil, ripping Tanaka’s head and spine off and blowing both of them with a grenade.

Killing both of them, Yoru stated her main goal to Asa, which was to find the Chainsaw Man and kill him. Later, Aas awakened in her bed and realized that now she was one with the War Devil and her half-brian was still kept alive.

So, even though used as a mere tool, Asa was transformed into the host of the War Devil and that is when the War Devil started her plan to find the Chainsaw Man.

The main origin of the War Devil is still unknown. However, in the series, the War Devil was shown to be a member of the powerful group of Devils Known as the Four Horsemen.

The Four Horsemen, along with another powerful devil, Weapon Devils, went up against the strongest devil in the series, the Chainsaw Devil in Hell but at the very peak of the battle, Chainsaw Devil disappeared.

What did the War Devil look like?

Asa and Yoru

The War Devil, after it took Asa’s body, it took on her appearance. However, before taking over Asa’s body, we could see War Devil’s true form, having a bird-like body that was very similar to a dark-colored owl.

As Asa Mitaka, the War Devil was portrayed as a teenage girl, who was about 15 to 16 years in the series. Often seen in her regular Japanese School uniform with a skirt and lace for a tie, Asa had long black hair that was styled in twin tails behind the back of her head.

However, whenever Yoru possessed her, her hair would be set loose instead of the ponytails. Similarly during the possession, three scars on Asa’s face would appear; one on her nose, one on her left cheek, and the other one right under her left eye crossing with the other two scars.

What kind of Devil was the War Devil?

war devil 1

Being one of the Four Horsemen, The War Devil was certainly one of the strongest devils in the series. With a confident and prideful personality, she believed that humans were just some low-life creatures.

Killing humans with no remorse whatsoever, she actually enjoyed it as it gave extreme joy to her. Since it was her goal to find and kill the Chainsaw Man, she used the human being as a tool to achieve her goal.

In terms of her thoughts about humans, it was very similar to that of the Devils. However, unlike other devils, she was a unique and cunning Fiend. She very well understood that in order to find Chainsaw man she must have to be one with the humans.

She used her intelligence and left Asa’s brain intact, so that she could easily fit in with the humans and was also able to find out that Chainsaw Man was a high schooler.

Her human host, Asa was however more of a loner. Having a negative and gloomy perspective of life, she was not so popular in her school.

She had a strong dislike towards Devils and also a special hatred toward the Chainsaw man. She called him a “Devil playing Devil hunter”, which just showed how she disliked the idea of a devil trying to be a good guy.

However, it was just her thoughts, as Chainsaw man had his own fair share of problems and was finally able to lead a good life even though as a devil hunter.

Getting back to Asa and Yoru, they did share a mutual hatred toward Chainsaw man as Yoru’s life goal was to kill him and Asa just hated him.

Similarly, Asa did have anti-social behavior as she was always kind of jealous of her classmates. This also made it easier for Yoru to take control of her.

Before her death, Asa did want to change. However, before she could be the new person, I mean she did eventually become a new person, but normally speaking, she was all set to change and was deciding to lose the “Loner” tag.

Nevertheless, all her plans went down the drain as she was killed by the one she trusted the most and had a good relationship with, her best friend, the Class President.

Did the War Devil have special powers?

As she was a Devil, she surely had powers that deemed her more powerful than any mere human being.

Among the strongest devils in the series, The War Devil had enhanced speed and strength. Just during her debut, she showcased her incredible speed as she moved very quickly and was able to jump around and dodge attacks swiftly.

Also, she was able to rip Asa’s teacher, Mr. Tanaka’s head right off his shoulders and even ripped his spinal cord out of his body, which was surely not an easy task to be pulled off.

Along with her superhuman strength and speed, she had the ability to transform the body parts of her victims into weapons, just like she turned Justice Devil’s hand into a grenade and Tanaka’s spinal cord into a sword called Flesh Hand Grenade (手榴弾 Shuryūdan) and Tanaka Spinal Cord Sword (田中脊髄剣 Tanaka Sekizuiken).

Making contracts with humans was also one of her abilities in which she offered to give her powers to humans in exchange for something. Often she took their body parts and sometimes she even made a deal with them over the human’s lifespan.

The War Devil was able to get stronger by feeding on humanity’s fear of War. Feeding on people’s fear, she regenerated by drinking the blood of the humans.

Being a Devil sure came as an advantage because as a Devil she was granted immortality. In her Fiend form, she was much weaker than her actual form. Hence, she was susceptible to external factors but even if killed, she would be revived in Hell.

Her unique ability as a devil also gave her the power of reincarnation. If she was killed on Earth, she could easily be revived in Hell and vice versa. However, after reincarnation, her appearance and memories of her previous life were all erased.

A very slick and intelligent Fiend, the War Devil was a master of body Possession as she was easily able to possess Asa, even though it was to fulfill her own purpose.

On top of all her amazing and unique abilities and powers, she was also an excellent swordsman. Her top-notch sword skills were showcased when she was in the body of Asa, fighting the contracted Class President with her sword.

So, there you have it, everything there is to know about the War Devil. Since the series is still ongoing you can expect more and more of this amazingly awesome devil. Make sure you keep up with the series, and with the anime dropping this October, fans certainly are eagerly excited for it and so are we!

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