Who is Sabbac in Black Adam?

black sabbac

Thanks to the recent trailer of Black Adam, we have this simple idea of who the villain is in the upcoming DCEU Black Adam. The second trailer gave us, the audience, a glimpse of Sabbac. Sabbac appears to be the main villain in the movie, who will go head to head against ‘The Rock.’

While Sabbac may be new in this movie, he has gone against the likes of Captain Marvel in DC Comics. Sabbac first appeared in DC Comics Captain Marvel, Jr. Chapter 4 all the way back in 1943.

There have been a lot of Sabbac in the DC Universe, but they all come from the same old source, which is powered by the worst six demons in the DCU.

Sabbac’s Identity

Sabbac has had a lot of comic book appearances over the years. But the

Sabbac, which is shown in the recent trailer for Black Adam. For this movie, Sabbac is supposed to take the later form of himself, where the New York-based Russian crime lord is possessed by the demon, Archaic evil lord.

Ishmael Gregor, a militant leader in New York, is possessed by the demon lord and after that, he is determined to take over the world. He is empowered by the six devils of the DC Universe. They are Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Crateis.

Ishmael gains the power of Sabbac by managing to steal the power of Timothy Karnes, the former Sabbac, by tricking and performing a ritualistic massacre that kills Karnes and a bus full of innocent people.

The previous version of Sabbac’s alter ego went with the name Timothy Karnes. This Sabbac appeared in Captain Marvel Jr #4 back in 1943. Timothy is the foster brother of Captain Marvel Jr. but was sent to live with a different family when the couple was killed in a car accident.

This made him shift from one family to the other who was abusive, which made Karnes hate Freedy Freeman, aka Captain Marvel Jr.

The newer Sabbac, which was by writers Geoff and Gary Frank, was rebooted along with the whole Shazam Myths. This was done as a part of DC’s New 52 relaunch. This version showcases Sabbac, who is powered by the seven deadly sins of man rather than the original demons.

The sins possess the body of a bully named Bryer, whom Black Adam tries to use him for the destruction of the world.

Powers and Abilities of Sabbac

His powers and abilities are really similar to Black Adam’s. As he burrows his power from the seven devils of the DCU, he can also have their abilities.

For instance,

Sabbac possesses superhuman strength, exceptional resilience, extraordinary stamina and mobility. This gives him the ability to go on par with the likes of Black Adam, who have the power of Gods. He could also dwarf the power of Adam as he is really powerful.

He is also like Shazam in a sense, as he has to say his name every time he has to transform into the demon form. Black Adam has the pure ability to destroy the world if he wishes to, but on the other hand, Sabbac is pure evil, unlike our anti-her Black Adam.

This makes him a grave threat to the world, and with his ability, he can also go against the Man of Steel, as he is quite weak against magic. With such vast potential, Sabbac is definitely a grave threat to everyone around.

Whereas in the movie, we haven’t really seen the potential of his power as the trailer has only shown a small portion of him on the screen. But his appearance does seem very evil and powerful. This red-headed evil beast could really give a hard time to every superhero in the DC Extended Universe.

Sabbac, what does it mean?

Sabbac is the acronym for the six evil demons in the DC Universe. Sabbac is a being like Shazam and Black Adam, who is powered by someone else, which gives him the ability of superbeings.

Black Adam is powered by the ancient Egyptian gods Shu, Hershef, Amon, Zehuti, Anpu and Menthu. Whereas Shazam is powered by the six immortal elders, Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury.

It is the same with our Super Villain, Sabbac. Sabbac is powered by the six devils in the DC Universe. They are Satan, Amy, Belail, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Craeteis. Each of them gives Sabbac a whole new ability. This means each of the six entities gives him a different benefit.

Satan gives Sabbac indestructible superhuman strength. Amy helps Sabbac with the indestructible body. This makes him invulnerable and gives him a super strong body. Belail provides him with superhuman knowledge. Beelzebub is the entity that helps Sabbac with pyrokinesis.

This gives him the ability to play with fire. Whereas Asmodeus gives him evil courage and powerful endurance to anything. And lastly, Craeteis helps Sabbac with Speed and Flight.

With all these entities providing him with such great feats, we can expect Sabbac to go head-on with our Anti-Hero Black Adam, very quickly. Both of them share very similar power and the same strengths. This movie will have us all on the edge of our seats.

Black Adam and Sabbac

With the recent release of trailer 2 of Black Adam, many of us audiences have been wondering how this villain will play out in the upcoming movie. As this villain has various versions of himself in the DCU, many of us are confused.

The DCEU has been in shambles for a long time now, we cannot really be sure which Sabbac will have the most impact in the movie. But we can expect that all three Sabbacs will have an influence on the main villain.

Black adam villain sabac

We will most probably see the second version of Sabbac who is Ishmael Gregor in the upcoming movie. In this version, he will draw the power of six demons of the DC Universe.

It is also rumored that the Sabbac in the movie will draw the power of only a single demon. This will mean that the Sabbac we could see in the movie could be relatively less powerful than what we have seen in the comics.

Sabbac’s Role in Black Adam

We cannot really pinpoint the actual role of Sabbac in the movie for now as audiences, but we have a fair idea of what it could be. We all know the DCEU is shared and very vast.

Sabbac is a mob, who wants to rule the world with his power. He is possessed by a demon and is determined to take over Kahndaq and the world, but as Adam hails from the middle east, it is not very likely that Sabbac will succeed in doing so.

We can expect the second version of Sabbac in the upcoming movie, and it seems like Gregor will be the main character. The only fair shot is that the mobs would like to showcase their power to the world. As sabbac is full-on pure evil, this will even make the Anti-Hero Black Adam go against him.

Even, Black Adam has gone against Heroes in the comics as he is more of an Anti-Hero, but seeing a pure spout of evil run around, it seems like Black Adam will go against him to save the world, but only for now as he would gladly destroy it to get what he wants.

The possibilities

This movie gives us infinite possibilities for what we can expect in the DCEU in coming years. The best one we can think of is the superteam, The Outsiders.

Sabbac’s introduction was done with the brawl between Sabbac and the outsiders back in the comics Outsiders #8. This was the second version of Sabbac, which is most likely to be seen in the movie.

When he gains his power, he opens up the portals, which pour demons on the earth which are battled by the outsiders and Captain Marvel Jr. But this was in the comics, and the upcoming movie is quite different from the Comics.

Here, Sabbac will be battling against Black Adam, but this doesn’t mean the outsiders will not be there. Sabbac’s appearance alone can tease the outsiders could be out there somewhere in the DCEU.

One of the members, Katana, has already made her appearance at the DCEU back in 2016. With this movie, a whole lot of other characters could be teased and could form outsiders in the near future.

With all these, the possibilities are there for sure but we as audiences also should be careful with our expectations as the DCEU has been in the dark for a long time. We can only hope for the best for now. Fingers crossed.

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