Who is Kawaki in Boruto?


Kawaki is an anti-villain in the series who is a former member of Kara. He was the only extraordinary child who survived after receiving the curse power, Karma.

Although he is a villain, he lived with the major protagonists as their family members. He is also presumed to be the major antagonist in the future because he is the vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki.

It is also revealed that he is one of the Otsutsuki and Isshiki is inside of him. Two souls live inside his single body.

There are a lot of mysteries and unrevealed facts about Kawai as he comes with the unpredictable turn of events. So, who actually is he?

Let us provide you with the information about Kawaki that we’ve successfully mustered.

Who is Kawaki?

Kawaki is a young man who is a former member of an organization named Kara. He is a shinobi who was raised by Jigen to be the future vessel for Ishishiki Otsutsuki.

He is the kind of person who is opposed and unfriendly to anyone. He doesn’t change his behavior and acts hostile even if he is treated by others in a good manner.

Kawaki’s nature is very cold because of his horrible past. He was sold by his own biological father when he was just a child.

Jigen bought him and took him to the hideout of Ishishiki Otsutsuki to put a testament on him whether he will be able to survive the power of Karma or not.

Later on, Kawaki is brought to the Hidden Leaf Village. He is adopted by the Seventh Hokage of the Konohagakure, Uzumaki Naruto. He is the adopted brother of both Uzumaki Boruto and Himawari.

It is not revealed in the anime yet but Kawaki is around the age of 14, two years older than Boruto and four years older than Himawari in the Boruto manga.

He wants to escape from the organization he was raised in and desires to remove the cursed energy from his body.

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Who are their parents Kawaki?

Kawaki was raised by Jigen but who lives along with Naruto and Hinata however both of them are not his parents So, who are his parents of Kawaki?

Let us help you know about it!!

The mother of Kawaki is not yet revealed in both the anime and manga of Boruto. However, the father of Boruto is already revealed.

The biological father of Kawaki was Kotatsu. he was an alcoholic and used to get drunk daily. Drinking daily may be considered fine but he used to beat his own son regularly especially after he got drunk.

Poor Kawaki was just a child then but he used to get abused by his father daily. However, one day a person named Jigen came to his help.

He bought Kawaki from his father with a huge amount of cash and adopted him. Jigen said not to worry as he was his new father. Later on, he took Kotatsu’s son to the hideout of Kara.

With the help of researchers and scientists in the hideout, Jigen launched an experiment on Kawaki along with many other children to check if he survives the power of Karma or not.

After the experiment, all the other children died but only Kawaki survived from the cursed energy of Karma. He became a member of Kara and was trained to become the vessel for Ishishiki Otsutsuki in the future.

He was also beaten by Jigen to defend himself and use the cursed mark’s power. After he trained relentlessly, he mastered the power of the cursed energy.

He wanted to get rid of the organization and the cursed mark. Thus, he escaped from the hideout but he met with Boruto’s Ninja Team and was taken to the Hidden Leaf Village.

Soon after he was taken to the Hidden Leaf Village, he lived under the care of the Uzumaki family.

Later on, it was revealed that Kotatsu was the renowned shinobi of the Hiden Leaf village who fought during the Great Fourth Ninja War.

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Why did Naruto adopt Kawaki?

Naruto and Kawaki

Kawaki possessed the cursed mark and was trained to become the vessel for Ishishiki Otsutsuki in the future. Thus, he wanted to remove the cursed energy and escape from the organization.

He made a run from Kara and while he was escaping from the organization, he encountered Boruto’s shinobi team.

After that, Kawaki went to the Hidden Leaf Village along with Boruto and his other fellow team members.

Naruto took care of him as his son afterward. When Kawaki tried to escape from the Hidden Leaf thinking it was another trap, he was stopped by Naruto before he collapsed.

The next day, Kawaki found himself in the bed of Hidden Leaf Hospital. He tried to run away from there but he got stopped by Shikamaru Nara.

The Five Kages came to an agreement and decided to set Kawaki free inside the Konoha. But he ran away from him because he thought he will be used by him like Jigen.

However, his escape failed as Naruto caught up to him effortlessly and left him no choice but to return to his house.

He started spending his time with Naruto’s family and he even tried to help Himawari for repairing a vase that she made for Hinata’s birthday. He ends up breaking the vase accidentally while trying to repair it.

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Kawaki’s Cursed Seal (Karma)

Kawaki possesses a  cursed seal named Karma which actually is a seal granted by the Otsutsuki Clan. This power has four types of form and all of them provide its user with different abilities and powers.

This cursed seal can even absorb the skills and techniques made up of chakra and is mainly used as the backup life for the Otsutsuki. With the help of this power, Otsutsuki can resurrect themselves from death.

He got a cursed mark on his body when he was sold by his own father. When he was bought by Jigen, he was run into an experiment to test whether he is capable of being the vessel for Ishishiki Otsutsuki or not.

Many experiments failed and as the result, many other children were killed. Kawaki even saw one child losing his life because of the testament.

Kawaki was also forcibly put under the experiment by Jigen and he managed to survive. For some reason, he passed the experiment and received the Karma Seal as a result.

Out of 15 children, he was the only one to gain that power. He became one of the Otsutsuki after then. He was not evil, only the evil blood of Ishishiki ran inside of him.

He possessed inhuman power with the Karma Seal that granted him the power of causing mass destruction.

Soon after the experiment succeeded, Kawaki was trained by the Jigen to help him fully control the power of the seal. He soon mastered the power of the sea and was capable of using the granted power of Karma as his will.

Being the user of the cursed seal, Kawaki has exceptional physical strength and powers. He can even absorb the Justsu based on chakra like ninjutsu.

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Is Kawaki a member of Kara?

kawaki kara

Yes, Kawaki is a former member of Kara(a rebellious organization). He became one of the members of those organizations after Jigen bought him from Kotatsu with a huge amount of money.

After he was adopted by Jigen, he was brought to the hideout of Kara and put on a testament for becoming the vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki.

As he was the only one who survived that experiment, he got the power of the Karma Seal and gained inhuman power and abilities.

Later on, he was trained by Jigen to use the power of the cursed Karma seal properly. After the long and subsequent training, Kawaki was finally able to use the power of the curse as he willed.

Kawaki became a member of Kara even if he didn’t want to. He hated the organization for its evil act and wanted to escape from there.
He was compelled to become one of its members because he grew up within the hideout of Kara.

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Kawaki’s power and abilities

Kawaki is one of the prominent and strongest characters in the series, Naruto: Boruto’s Next Generations. He was more exceptional to others since he was a little kid.

As we know Kawaki is the sole survivor of Isshiki Otsutsuki’s vessel among 15 other children, he is more exceptional than others. He has inhuman powers and is capable of defeating many opponents with ease.

So, what are his skills and powers? As Kawaki’s body was modified by the scientists during the time experiment of turning him into Isshiki’s vessel, he became a superhuman and gained the power of causing mass destruction.

He has surprising physical strength and a cursed power called Karma. The abilities and powers that he granted from the Karma seal are insane. He is capable of changing his arms into different shapes and sizes by manipulating them.

He also has a strange ability through which he can take out weapons from the inside of his body and is quite flexible. In fact, his body is a scientific ninja tool. Kawaki even has surprising durability because he can fight with strong opponents even though he’s fatigued from the battle.

Although he already gained monstrous powers from the seal, he trained more and more days to polish the skill of using Karma and succeeded to control it as he willed. He is potent enough to destroy dozens of formidable robotic puppets with ease. With the help of this seal, he can advance the power of the Jutsu and his physical powers.

Thanks to his curse power, he is able to absorb the attacks created from chakra just like Ninjutsu. Even his Ninjutsu skills that he learned from none other than Naruto are so good that it is almost unmatched. He is one of the best battler in the entire series and very few have the ability to defeat him

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