Who is Doma in Demon Slayer?


The anime series, Kimetsu no Yaiba is adapted from a certain manga series written by Koyoharu Gotouge. There are numerous demons and Demon Slayers with surprising power and abilities seen throughout the series.

So, today we are going to let you know about one of the most vicious demons, Doma

Doma was one of the most underrated villains in the anime series, Demon Slayer. He was a badass who was completely heartless and one of the strongest demons among Twelve Kizuki. Most of the viewers love his boldness.

What more catchy and impressive about him was his unique appearance.

Let’s know more about him below!

Who is Doma?

In the anime series Demon Slayer, Doma was one of the main supporting antagonists. Holding the second position in the Twelve Kizuki, he was the upper-ranked demon after Muzan Kibutsuji. Doma works under the Lord of Demons (Founder of Twelve Kizuki Demos).

Doma was one of the unique characters among all. He had a unique appearance as his eyes were rainbow-colored since he was born.

He was the one who turned Daki and Gyutaro into demons and initiated them to Twelve Kizuki. He was also known as the killer of Kanae Kocho(Flower Hashira). Shino Kocho was also killed after she sacrificed herself while attempting to kill him.

Besides Mujan and Kokushibo, he was the third most potent demon at the time.

He was also the main image of the Eternal Paradise Faith. It is a kind of religion where people tell about their suffering to Doma and he recommends to them ways to end their sufferings.

But the cult didn’t know about his true colors. He was so disgusting that he used to devour his own followers by trapping them. No one had been able to escape from his pitfall.

How did Doma turn into Demon?


Doma used to live with his father and mother. His father cheated on her wide so his mother killed her own husband. She also took her life afterward.

But even after visualizing those scenes, he acted like it was nothing.

After that incident, Doma became an orphan. At the age of 20, he encountered Kibutsuji Muzan who turned him into a demon and gave him powers.

The Lord of Demons turned him into a demon by giving him a few drops of his own blood. He soon became one of the strongest demons by devouring the female humans.

According to him, it was better to eat female humans because they had a lot of nutrients inside of them that nurtured babies. This was the reason why he ate the female humans.

Soon after that, he was considered the Upper-Rank Two.

Is Doma already dead?

Doma from the Upper-Rank Two was the murderer of the late Flower Hashira, Kanae Kochou. Kanae Kochou was the sister of Shinobu Kochou. She was the only sister Shinobu had besides Kanao. So the Insect Hashira decided to take revenge by killing Doma.

Later on, Doma and Shinobu faced each other. At the Infinity Castle, The Upper-Rank Two, Doma, and The Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kochou battled with each other.

When they encounter each other, Doma was devouring her disciples. He becomes happy as another meal comes in. But the last disciple begs for her life and asks for help from Shinobu. The Upper-Rank Two Demon got irritated after that and tried to kill her but The Insect Hashira saved her.

Sadly, before she thanked Kochou, the woman exploded right in front of her. Shinobu sees the hair that she wore in the past and asked him about it. He remembered that it belonged to Kanae.

Then he mocked The Insect Hashitra by saying that he couldn’t eat Kanae during that time because the sun rose. Shinobu couldn’t control her anger and she directly charged at him.

She launched a fatal attack that straight stabbed his eye because he couldn’t block. He was impressed by her swiftness.

Later on, he also attack her but she was able to dodge that one. When The Insect Hashira defeated Daughter Spider of the Demon Family, Doma knew that she used poison as her trump card to kill demons. She wasn’t enough strong to cut off a Demon’s head.

He was able to regenerate himself from her attack by rendering her poison non-lethal. Kochou also had a disadvantage in that fight as he used a technique called “Blood Demon Art of frozen mist ” which caused Shinobu’s breathing complexity.

At last, The Insect Hashira used a six-stab attack by injecting a large dose to kill him. She got successful to hit him. Sadly, the moment she attacked him, Doma also attacked her.

They both launched a serious blow at each other. The Upper-Rank Two Demon destroyed her ribs and punctured her lung and instantly got regenerated with his demon ability.

She lost the hope of victory. Despite the serious injury, the Insect Hashira attempted to launch the final attack again.

She with her strange ability confused him and succeded in striking him again and saw him dying from the effect of her poison. However, he was able to regenerate again.

He later ended the life of Shinobu by hugging her and starting to kill her while she maliciously cursed her.

Fortunately, Doma also gets killed by the poison he soaked up from Shinobu after he got his head cut off by Kanao Tsuyuri.

Did Doma kill Inosuke’s mother?

Inosuke mom

Inosuke’s mother was a beautiful young woman with emerald green eyes. Her name was Kotaha Hashibira.She was also a member of the cult called Paradise Faith.

Inosuke’s mother was from an abusive household. Even her husband and mother-in-law abused her. Kotaha couldn’t resist the violence so she escaped from the household and began to look over Inosuke by herself.

When Inosuke was just a child, his mother promised to save him at any cost until he grows into a capable man. She said that she would raise her without his father. Kotaha also promised to save Inosuke’s life even though she had sacrificed her own life. Soon after she escaped from her cruel husband and mother-in-law, she encountered Doma on the cold snowy night.

She ended up being part of a cult where people used to worship Doma(leader of the cult). Her husband and mother-in-law were chasing her but The Upper Ranked Two killed them both as they were quite irritating to him.

Afterward, she took shelter in Doma’s cult. But one day, she realized that Doma was a demon who killed and devoured his own worshipers. She came to know the truth of his evil deeds so made a run to save her life.

Sadly, Doma knew that she was running away. After knowing that, he chased her but she got stuck into a trap. She left hope of being alive and apologized to Inosuke for not being able to save his life although she promised.

She tossed Inosuke into the river hoping that he’ll get saved. Soon after that, she got killed by Doma who devoured her to the bones.

How old was Doma from Demon Slayer?

Doma, an Upper-Rank Two Demon was a vicious and heartless being since he was a boy. He was so emotionless that he was unfazed even though his parents died. He was below 20 years then.

Soon after he turned the age of 20, he met Muzan Kibutsuji who turned him into a demon. He possessed biological immortality after he turned into a demon.

He can’t die because of natural causes or accidents. They can only be annihilated by Nichiren blades or sunlight. It is also revealed that Muzan is about 1000 years old. So, it is possible that Doma was also over 100 years. He had devoured a lot of humans and had been alive for a lot of years.

But at a certain point, Doma faced his grave. He was killed by the Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kochou.

So, how old was he before he died?

As a demon, Doma lived a very long life. According to our research, Doma was about 133+ years before he faced his death.

Does Tanjiro become Demon in Demon Slayer?

Whom did Doma love?

Shinobu Kocho

Doma was a ruthless being since his childhood. He didn’t care about others and was very selfish. He was so heartless that he didn’t know what sorrow actually was. The Upper Two demon didn’t even feel miserable when his parents died. He also stated that he was completely clueless about emotions.

However, audiences got to witness the caring and loving nature of Doma at a certain point. That time Doma revealed his feeling and emotions for the first time.

Were you able to visualize that scene? If not, let’s unravel!

During the Infinity Castle Arc, Doma fought with The Insect Hashira. That fight was the last fight for both of them. At the same moment, The Upper Rank Two demon unleashed his true feelings for the first time.

When they both died they were talking to each other. Shinobu feels guilty because she wouldn’t be able to aid her teams to eliminate Mujan in the future days.

While on the other side, Doma looks toward The Insect Hashira and says that he developed feeling toward her and has fallen in love with her. He also says that he would like to go to hell together with her. However, Shinobu Kocho rejects his offering mockingly.

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