Who does Anne Elliot end up with?

Anne Elliot

Persuasion movie, adapted from the novel written by Jane Austen is a beautiful romantic drama. The movie mainly focuses on how the lead character Anne is persuaded in leaving her love influenced by societal norms.

Well, Anne left her love behind but whom she ended with? Did she get her love back or she married someone else? We are going to reveal, just stick with the article till the end.

Lets us first know something more about Anne.

Actress Dakota Johnson portrayed the role of Anne Elliot in the movie Persuasion. Anna is 27 years old middle daughter of Sir Walter Elliot of Kellynch Hall. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman, her sweet gesture pleases many people.

However, she considered herself a crack in her father’s looking glass.  She was ignored by her father and sisters. Her presence and her words were neglected in the family.

Unlike her sisters her preference toward marriage was different. The riches and the appearance of a man don’t seem to influence her as she had once fallen in love with a guy lacking a good rank and fortune.

Well, the plot of the movie began after Anne’s heartbreaking past. What had happened? Let’s know!

The bitter past of Anne

Anne was just nineteen years when she fell in love with Frederick Wentworth. At a young age, she accepted the marriage proposal of Frederick who was just a young Naval officer without great status and fortune.

She was persuaded by her family, and social norms not to marry Frederick due to her poor status. She under their influence broke the engagement with the love of her life.

Anne’s decision to part from him not only broke the marriage but she was left heartbroken too. She could not forget him and she spent eight years with a broken heart.

Well, she didn’t get concerned from her family too. The only person she could rely upon was her mother’s best friend and also her godmother, Lady Russell, although she was the one who persuaded her not to marry that Naval guy.

Frederick Wentworth

Frederick was commander during the British naval action of St Domingo (1806). As he was not sent to sea soon, he stayed with her brother, Reverend Edward Wentworth.

He fell in love with Anne during his stay at Monkford. Well, as we mentioned above Anne was too young to take her own decision, thus she got persuaded by lady Russell and broke her engagement with him.

Frederick understood the reason behind Anne’s harsh decision and left the town disappointed and heartbroken.

He came back to the city as a well-reputed Captain with plenty of wealth. Did he meet Anne on his arrival in the town? You will know as you read on.

Elliot Family

The Elliot family includes Sir Walter Elliot and his three daughters. Elizabeth is his first daughter who seems to be her father’s favorite. Marry was the youngest daughter who was married to Charles Musgrove, an heir to the Elite Uppercross estate.

Of course, Anne was the middle daughter who was highly neglected in the family. She misses her mother so much who died when Anne was a child.

This family lived a lavish life at Kellynch Hall in Somersetshire. Mr. Elliot with his habit of overspending leads the family into a lot of debt. Debt collectors start to collect all their luxurious possession. Hence the family has to rent Kellynch Hall and move to a cheaper house in Bath.

Anne is made to stay behind to welcome new tenants, the Admiral and Mrs. Croft, who just so happens to be Frederick’s sister.

Does Dumbledore Come Back to Life?

Do Anne and Frederick meet again?

When Anne’s family moved to Bath, she visited her sister in Uppercoss, Mary after welcoming the tenants of Kellynch Hall. Unlike her family, Mary’s family seems to adore her very much. Mary’s sister-in-law Louisa and Henrietta were fond of Anne.

Meanwhile, Louisa was very excited about the visit of Captain Frederick Wentworth who was a wealthy captain and well established within the navy. Finally, after eight years both of them meet.

Anne had a wave of emotions rushing over her on meeting him while the captain acts coldly towards her having a long-held grudge against her rejection.

We could witness the feeling of jealousy in Anne as she saw Louisa and Captain Wentworth coming closer. Although she claimed to Lousia that it doesn’t matter, their relationship was just a past thing, deep inside she still hoped to be together with Wentworth.

She gave up her hope when she knew Louisa and Frederick getting engaged. She eventually decided to marry someone else. Whom? It was William Walter Eliot.

William Walter Elliot

Mr. William Elliot was a wealthy widower who appears to be her cousin, Thus he was an heir to Kellynch Hall despite having broken ties with her father years earlier.

Anne and William had a small encounter in the coastal town of Lyme Regis. He seemed to be flirtatious with Anne. He also confessed to Anne that he is trying to keep her father away from Mrs. Clay. As an heir, he will lose his title if Sir Walter married Mrs. Clay and had a son together.

Well, Anne didn’t care so much about his intention. Mr. Elliot even purposed to her to marry him but she didn’t have given him an answer yet.

Second chance in the love

Well, Captain Wentworth came to Bath where he desperately wanted to talk to Anne but every time he is interrupted by Mr. Elliot. William even told him that he is doing to marry Anne, even though she had not confirmed him.

Thus seeing Anne so close to Mr. Elliot, Frederick decided to leave for the Navy. Meanwhile, Anne learned that Louisa is engaged to Captain Benwick, not to Captain Frederick.

At his send-off party, Anne speaking to another captain, said that women love longer than men do. Wentworth overheard her and left the letter where he confessed his love and said that he had loved her longer than she did.

Well, it turns out both Anne and Wentworth never had stopped loving each other. They had preserved their feeling for eight long years.

After reading the letter. Anne didn’t wait for anything and ran to chase her true love. While passing by she even found Mr. Elliot kissing Mrs. Clay. Without caring about his betrayal she wished both of them a happy life. She caught Mr. Wentworth and they kissed.

Finally, after eight long years both the lovers, Anne and Frederick were united. She ended up with the love of her life.  Anne wasn’t persuaded to marry William this time.
Life gave them a second chance to pursue their love. Lucky ones!

The story ends with Mrs. Elliot and Mrs. Clay marrying each other and of course, our wonderful couple Anne and Captain Frederick are shown to be already married and ready to sail together.

The main cast of Persuasion

All the actors and actresses impressed us with their acts in the Persuasion (2022) movie. So now let’s take a look at the casts of the movie.

Well, the lead role of Anne is played by Dakota Johnson. Similarly, Cosmo Jarvis played the role of Captain Frederick Wentworth and Henry Golding portrayed Mr. William Elliot.

Further, Richard E. Grant played Sir Walter Elliot, Yolanda Kettle as Elizabeth Elliot, and Mia McKenna-Bruce as Mary Elliot.

Similarly, Nikki Amuka-Bird portrayed the role of Lady Russell. We can also see Ben Bailey as Charles Musgrove, Nia Towle as Louisa Musgrove, and Lydia Rose Bewley as Mrs. Penelope Clay.

We also saw Edward Bluemel as Captain Harvilleand Jenny Rainsford as Mrs. Harville.

Thus these are some major casts of the movie. Among whom Dakota the role of Anne has nailed her role. She had mesmerized us with her talent and her beauty. We would love to see her in other similar movies too.

The idea of Persuasion.

Our society is bounded by many social rules. The societal norm seems to have decided even the most important thing in our life.

It was the social norms that somehow influence that persuaded Anne to leave Frederick due to his poor financial status. The consequences of this decision didn’t put Anne in good condition. She lamented over her lost life for over eight years.

Well. of course her love came back and even Frederick could not forget her in these long years and they got united in the end. Well, they are lucky to get chanced in life but we may not be lucky enough every time.

Thus, life may give us various persuasions through family, friends, and society, but it is necessary to listen to our own and decide the thing that is best for us.

Wrap up,

Anne had been persuaded to leave her love behind but she regrets her decision and laments over her lost love.

Her love, Captain Frederick Wentworth returns back in her life. with a series of cold talks, jealousy, and misunderstanding these both end up together. The love story of Anne and Frederick ends with a happy ending.

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