Who Can Kill Deadpool in the Marvel Universe?

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Silly question, right?

I mean, come on who doesn’t know Deadpool? Even if you don’t, it’s fine because you will get to know him and by the end of this article you will be able to tell who Deadpool is just by looking at his costume. Sounds good?

Wade Winston Wilson a.k.a the famous Deadpool, was the ultimate super anti-hero of Marvel Comics. Unlike other heroes, Deadpool didn’t have the conventional heroic qualities, such as idealism, courage, and mortality.

This made Deadpool very unique from others and famous among the fans. The witty mutant mercenary, Deadpool is generally termed the “Black sheep” of the X-men family.

How was Deadpool created?

Wade Wilson was a former Special Forces operative, who later became a mercenary. He was just a regular assassin before he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Desperate to fight off the disease, he went through an experimental treatment that infused him with his superhuman healing ability but didn’t cure the disease.

Instead, after being injected with such a serum that activated mutant genes present in his DNA, when combined with extreme stress triggered mutation and gave him superpowers.

The experiment caused his cells unable to die including his cancer cells, which was the reason why he was immortal but left him with a scarred face.

Subjected to such rogue experiments, he was left with accelerated healing powers and he quickly adapted to his alter ego, Deadpool.

Deadpool was created in the same program, (Weapon X) that laced Wolverine’s bones with Adamantium. He was given the same healing factor that Wolverine had, making him near impossible to kill as he was able to regenerate even after being decapitated.

What powers does he have?

Deadpool might be an anti-hero, but the abilities and powers that this guy has are no less than the other superheroes of the Marvel Universe.


Genetically Enhanced Physiology:

His participation in the experiment, where he was submitted by the Weapon X program,  caused him to gain superpowers and enhanced physiology as well.

Healing Factor:

It all started from the experiment that he was a part of. His terminal cancer was not cured, but instead, he gained a superhuman healing factor derived from that of the mutant Wolverine.

With such ability, he was able to regenerate any damaged or severely injured body parts with great efficiency and speed.

Even when decapitated, he was able to move the rest of the body normally and was also able to attach the severed body parts.

What’s more interesting is the fact that his blood demonstrated the ability to heal others and even extend their lifespan by some limits.

Foreign Chemical Resistance:

Another power that this hero possessed was his resistance to foreign chemicals. His body was highly resistant to poisons and almost all kinds of drugs.

However, he could get momentarily affected by certain drugs such as the Tranquilizers, if exposed to a large dosage. It was also very difficult for him to become intoxicated.


His healing factor did provide him an endless lifespan to some extent by halting the aging process. His life span was extended to such a degree that an alternate version of him was still alive for almost eight hundred years in the future.

On top of that, he was also cursed with immortality by T Ray on behalf of Thanos, to keep him away from Death.

Telepathic Immunity:

Just like he was immune to death and diseases, Deadpool was even immune to psychics such as Cable, Emma Frost, and the Red Onslaught.

This was because the healing factor caused his brain to be in a constant state of flux and regeneration.

While still a member of the X-Force, he was able to communicate with others mentally. However, reading his mind was no easy task, even for an accomplished telepath like Psylocke.

Disease Immunity:

Not only did Deadpool have amazing healing and regenerative abilities, but he was also highly immune to various diseases, infections, and disorders and was resistant to elemental extremes.

Possession Resistance:

Even when the other supernatural beings were trying to take control of him, he was able to remain in control of himself.

Along with resistance to telepathic attacks, he was also resistant to possession i.e it was nearly impossible to take control of him.

Superhuman Strength:

From such an experiment, Deadpool even gained some superhuman strength. However, he was rated as having a low degree of superhuman strength.

According to Marvel’s official database, Deadpool had a strength rating of four, which meant he was able to lift between 800 to 50,000 pounds.

Peak Human Speed:

Deadpool’s speed was also no match for any ordinary human being. He was able to run as fast as a trained athlete.

Superhuman Stamina:

Along with superhuman strength, he also had superhuman stamina. His muscles possessed this unique ability to release considerably fewer fatigue toxins than any ordinary human being.

With such ability, he was able to physically exert himself for several days before collapsing due to fatigue.

Superhuman Agility:

Deadpool had impressive agility, dexterity, flexibility as well as excellent bodily coordination, which were enhanced to levels that no ordinary human was able to achieve.

Superhuman Reflexes:

His reflexes were also no match for any normal human being. With superior reflexes, he was able to easily dodge gunfire and attacks even when he was not consciously aware of them.

Superhuman Durability:

Along with his other superhuman powers, his durability also stood out the most. His bone and muscle tissues were enhanced to levels that were considerably stronger than any ordinary human.

Even his tissues were impermeable to injury to an exceptional extent. Along with this, he -possessed a golden-proportioned body, and even without training, he had a very muscular body.


Master Martial Artist:

A master in hand-to-hand combat, Deadpool was an extraordinary martial artist with a master in unarmed combat techniques, including Savate.

In the Marvel Universe, Deadpool was considered one of the most skilled fighters. He had good fighting skills, which he used against Wolverine and Taskmaster and easily defeated them in a hand to hand combat.

Master Assassin:

The anti-hero was also an excellent assassin. He was a master of assassination techniques, spying methods, escape artistry, and even covert operations.

Along with it, he was highly skilled with many bladed weapons, as he was always seen carrying two swords strapped to his back. He was also a skilled user of other weapons such as firearms.


Superpowers aside, this unique hero could speak in many languages. He was able to fluently speak Esperanto, German, Japanese, and Spanish along with English.

Medium Awareness:

This is kind of an interesting ability that our hero possessed.

As we all know there’s this thing called a fourth wall, a barrier between the characters and the audience. Generally, not much thought is given about this but Deadpool here became consciously aware of the fact that he was indeed a fictional comic book character.

Though he noted that he was always aware of that subconsciously, he came to realize it after being transported to the Foundation of Reality by the Beyonder. This allowed him to break the fourth wall.

His medium awareness got triggered at times when those with similar abilities talked about the FourthWall.


Among his many powers and abilities, his unpredictability also could be counted as his strong forte.

It was difficult for anyone to predict his actions as he was able to do anything at any time. Even he did t know what he was going to do at any given moment.

He did use to change his fighting style amid the fight, which would confuse the opponent giving him an advantage in defeating them easily.

So, now that we know everything there is to know about our anti-hero, Deadpool we can get into the main topic, which is who can defeat this Merc with a Mouth.

Well, with such abilities and powers it is certainly not an easy task to go up against him. However, there are some characters within the Marvel Universe, who are capable of defeating and are successful in doing so.

Is Deadpool Dead?

Deadpool and Ellie


Now that we know Deadpool might be immortal but he is not undefeatable. So the question remains- is he dead?

Well, Deadpool’s death comes in two versions: movie and comics.

Movie Version

In the final battle, Deadpool was trying to save Russell from going into the dark side. So, to save him, Deadpool wore the power-dampening collar that turned mutants back to humans and took a bullet to his chest for Russell.

Taking the bullet straight to his chest, Deadpool died after a long monologue with the hope to meet Vanessa on the other side.

Comic Version

So this is where it gets interesting, as in the comics there were two times where he nearly died and the ones to kill him were the Mad Titan, Thanos, and his daughter, Ellie.


Deadpool and Thanos went against each other in an epic battle. Implanted with the power of the Enigma Force, he was able to go up against Thanos.

Thanos was enraged to find out that Deadpool and Mistress Death shared a romantic relationship. Out of jealousy, Thanos cursed Deadpool with immortality.

Using an artifact given by Thanos, T Ray resurrected Deadpool just so Thanos could remove the curse and kill him.

However, Thanos immediately brought back Deadpool using his fusion of necromancy and science, to get his aid in tracking down Mistress Death who went missing after she was infuriated by Thanos.


Eleanor Camacho or “Ellie”, was the daughter of Deadpool and Carmelita Camacho. Deadpool was unaware of her existence as she was raised by her mother, who Deadpool abandoned without knowing she was pregnant.

Later, Ellie managed to find her dad. Not believing Ellie to be his daughter, it was hard for them at first to understand each other. However, with time they were able to develop a deep father-daughter bond.

Deadpool was cursed with immortality and the only way he could ever get rid of it was to kill his daughter. Yet he couldn’t do so because he loved his daughter very much.

In the comic, Deadpool: The End, Deadpool, Ellie said that since she was already 97 years old, she was going to die soon.

Deadpool had a hard time taking in her words, as old or not, Ellie was still his precious daughter and he didn’t want to exist in a world where his daughter was no more.

So, he went on a mission to kill Death instead. Ellie did love her dad very much but she couldn’t see him taking such mad decisions. So, she came up with a plan to leave with her father.

Ellie stopped Deadpool from killing Death, cutting his leg off, and revealed her plan. As she knew that it would destroy Deadpool to have to live without her, Ellie devised a plan for them both out together with a Bang!

She brought a bomb that was so powerful, that it held the power to incinerate them both before their brain could even register the light of the blast.

Ellie assured Deadpool that not even a single smart talking atom would be left of him to regenerate. With a massive explosion in the shape of a mushroom cloud, both father and daughter died.

In the comics, Deadpool did die, but he died smiling contently as he was able to go together with his beloved daughter and reunite with his lover, Mistress Death.

However, in the movies thanks to Cable using his time slider to prevent the bullet from killing Deadpool, he is revived again. So, Deadpool 3 should probably be on the way now.

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