Who Are Lunarians in One Piece? Everything you need to know


Eiichiro Oda has created the characters of One Piece in various ways. The world of One Piece is full of different species, and one of those characters is the Lunarians.

The Lunarians’ race has been a great mystery in the world of One Piece. This race has been shrouded in mystery and has created a great commotion within its fanbase. The Lunarians are known for being an ancient race, and there aren’t many people left from that species. But what kind of species are we talking about?

Let’s take a quick view of these species that have kept the interest of the whole fanbase.

Who are the Lunarians in One Piece

The Lunarians are those unique races of the franchise who possess the ability to create flame from their bodies. They are the people from Red Line and it is believed that the race has already gone extinct, but there’s still one person remaining from that race, King.

It is believed that King is the only known survivor of the Lunarians. These races have a unique appearance. People from these races have a unique appearance. They are known for having white hairs, dark skin, and black feathered wings on their backs. The interesting ability of Lunarians people is that they can make flame on their backs.

lunarians one piece

Lunarians are special species of the franchise and are known for having great agility. Not only do they have great agility, but they also have high endurance and durability against any kind of physical damage. It is said that Lunarians people can survive any kind of temperature. They can live in any kind of environment.

There are also known moments where there is Lunarians flame, which keeps on burning behind their back, gets extinguished, and their speed increases rapidly. The fact that Lunarians have a flame burning behind their back is clear, but the unclear thing about them is that we don’t know if they have those [burning flames for a specific time or if they’ll only extinguish when the user wants to.

Lunarians are special species because they have wings behind their backs as well. You might have seen some different characters with wings in the franchise like when we saw in the Skypiea, but unlike theirs, their wings are natural body part that helps them to float in the air.

The Lunarians can even manipulate flames and use them at their will as King does in the franchise. Their unique skill allows them to coat their punches and attacks with fire and attack at their opponent.

With the ability to create fire, they can even burst flames and make powerful attacks. Their reputation and species are so unique that they are also known as the race of gods. Their race is one of the unique and most powerful ones in the franchise. Let’s take a bride look at what kind of people are known as the Lunarians.

What are the Lunarians like?

As we’ve discussed earlier, Lunarians are the species that used to love above the Red Line. They are known as the race of gods, but do you know why their race is known as the gods? Let’s take a look at what Whitebeard has to say about this!

Whitebeard once mentioned a Kingdom on the Red Line known as the “Kingdom of the Gods.” But after the arrival of Mary Geoise, it is believed that the Kingdom got collapsed.

According to Whitebeard, there was the existence of Gods in the world of One Piece. Their home was on the top of the Red Line and had immense power under their possession.

After certain events (which are still unknown to this day), almost every Lunarian went extinct, and only one survived the great massacre. The one thing we know for sure is the World Government is afraid of this race. They are still hunting the people from this race, and they even have a prize award for those who share information on such race. The amount is 100,000,000 Berrys.

The race of Lunarians completely vanished and certain proofs state the World Government was behind the assassination of this race. It is most likely that the World government attempted to take down the Ancient Kingdom because of how fearsome they were.

When Kaidou first encountered Alber (King) he knew that the World Government would never leave him alone because he was one of those unique species. Even Big Mom was interested in recruiting King because her crew is known to have people from various species, and Lunarians were one of those three races that Totto Land didn’t have.

Big Mom wanted to recruit King because of how rare he was. This confirms that Lunarians are very important to even the government and even to the pirates. The only reason their race went extinct is because of their great war with the World Government.

The immense power of the Lunarian Tribe

Lunarians were once known as the gods in the franchise, and Gods are known to have certain powers, just like the Lunaruians do.

The tribe ate known to produce power from their body and with that ability, they could coat their attacks and weapons with fire. The Lunarian tribe can even make blasts that are effective as explosions. The fire they produce is proven to be so powerful that it can even be compared with magma.

lunarians power

Their power is immense and frightening, but it is still unknown if the user is affected if the user uses the power in an extreme mode. Nevertheless, they have the immense ability, but that’s not where the list ends.

They are known for having a high endurance ability and high physical resilience. They can live in any kind of nature, and even Queen portrayed King as a monster that can live in any kind of hazardous environment.

These species had such a stunning endurance ability when the Government researched the endurance of Lunarians, they were in shock because of high the amount was. King has demonstrated to us a fraction of that endurance level. He has withstood any kind of attack without getting a single scratch. The species are truly known as Gods for a reason.

Their race might be the only one that is portrayed as the Gods in the franchise. Besides their amazing endurance power and their ability to produce flame, they even have wings, long black wings.

Their long black wing helps them to move at a rapid speed and help them during combat in various ways. They truly are the most fearsome tribe because even the strongest Haki-coated attacks don’t even seem to make them fluster.

One of the main reasons why they have such amazing durability is because of the burning flame on their backs. As long as the flame is burning in their backs, no one can pierce through it, and when the flame gets extinguished, they become vulnerable. They become vulnerable, but they gain immense speed and acceleration.

According to many clues, the World Government might have done many experiments with these species. It is believed that the most incredible scientist in the franchise, Dr. Vegapunk, has created Seraphim by experimenting on these species.

The Lunarians tribe is connected to the “Void Century.”

Void Century

The mystery behind the black mask of Kaiodu’s right hand-man has finally got revealed in chapter #1035.

The person behind the mask was a dark skin man, a man from the Lunarian Tribe. He kept on wearing the mask to hide his appearance from the World Government. When the fans first saw the face of King, it resembled someone, someone we saw during the Skypiea island.

Wiper is a character that was seen during Skypiea Island. He was a mighty warrior from the Shandian tribe, and there was something similar between King and Wiper, the tattoo on their left eye. With such similarities, we can make strong assumptions that the Lunarians were the tribe of the Moon.

“What a silly statement,” We all thought the same, but after looking at the meaning behind King’s name, we were all surprised.

In chapter #1035, w could see the flashback that took us back to the time when Kaidou met a boy named Alber who was kept captive by the World Governments. Kaidou freed the little kid because he knew that World Government wouldn’t let him live, so he gave him a new name, King.

Now let’s take a little ride and search for the meaning behind “Alber.”

The name Alber is pronounced Arbil in Japan, and Erbil is related to something ancient in Japan. Erbil represented the Sumerian city that resided in Mesopotamia. We can also say that the word arba’ū ilū gives the meaning as “four gods.”

Whitebeard stated that Lunarians were known as the Gods back in the day, and even in the manga, Lunarians have been denoted as “gods” several times. This gives us a hint that there are actually four tribes from the Moon.

This gives us a big hint that all the history might have been connected with the Lunarian Tribe.

They were the Gods Tribe, and they were powerful, then how did they easily come extinct? The only people behind such can be nonother then than the World Government. Lunarians are an ancient tribe and certainly a part of history.

The Lunarians might have been connected somehow with the “Void Century,” the history that is also known as the “true history.” During that moment, it is believed that the Great Kingdom was defeated by the allied force of Twenty kingdoms which is known as the World Government at the present day.

The Lunarians might have known the secret behind the actual history, which the World Government is trying its best to erase it.

Lunarians tribe and Joyboy

The only person that we know from the Vodi Century is Joy Boy. He has been one of the most influential figures in the franchise and is known to be the most powerful character, but he is still one of the biggest mysteries in the franchise.

The one thing we know about Joy Boy is that he was the first person to reach the end of the One Piece World. He was the first person to make a step at Laugh Tale. He was the man that reached the island where One Piece is currently held there.

He has been an important figure but nothing seemed to be making a connection with him until the Sun God Nika was introduced. There are lots of legendary statements about the Sun God Nika, which symbolizes the legendary warrior Nika who was known as the Sun God by the people from Ancient times.

Let’s take a look at the meaning behind the Sun God Nika as well.

The word “Nika” means victory if you translate it into Greek, and in Japanese, victory is pronounced as “Jaya.” The legendary warrior name was also Joyoboyo which merely sounds like Joy Boy.

According to some theories, Hoy Boy was the Sun God, a brave warrior who fought with the World Government and lost against them. There are many proves and clues that symbolizes the sun. The Lubnarians might not have been a tribe from the moon but were the allies of the Ancient Kingdom, which could be the main reason why the Government hunted them down.

There are many clues that show the Sun God Nika is somehow actually connected with Skypiea Island because of how strongly it resembles the warrior of Shandian. And even in the series, we could see Luffy dancing around a fire in Sky Island, almost as if Joyboy and Lunarians are connected with each other.

The Lunarians might be someone connected with the Joyboy, which is a key to true history. This can be the main reason why the Government is after the tribe to this day.

Eiichiro Oda has been the masterpiece behind every kind of mystery in the franchise, and the Lunarians are some of the pieces of the puzzle that are helping the franchise to get connected with each other.

The Lunarians are connected with the mysterious “D.”

Eiichiro Ida has been the masterpiece, and the fans just seem to be more stunned as every chapter starts to unfold. The fans have started to search for the truth behind such histories, and according to some fans, the Lunarians might be an important piece of history, somehow connected with D.

The people who have D in their names have been some of the important figures and the most dangerous character in the franchise. The meaning of the D has not been revealed in the franchise yet, but the Lunarians just might be the missing puzzle that can give us information on D.

People with D are known to be the strong enemies of Celestial Dragons. They are the people that the whole World Government is afraid of, and the Lunarians also share the same interest with the World Government.

According to some fan theories, the name D was first introduced within the tribe of Lunarians. With all this, it seems that Luffy is also somehow connected with the Lunarians.

The typical appearance of the Lunarians people are white hair with an ability to produce flame, and after the transformation of Luffy into Gear 5, it seems that the Devil Fruit was somehow connected with the Lunarians.

According to fan theories, Nika was the kind of Lunarians tribe, and now it has been transferred to Luffy. This can be a great threat to the whole world and explains why the World Government is afraid of Luffy and the Sun God Nika.

The only known Lunarian people in the franchise

After reading all those fan theories and the history of the tribe, we can certainly be sure that the Lunarians people are some big shot. But the only person we know in the franchise who is from the Lunarian Tribe is known to be Kaidou’s right-hand man, King.

King has proven his strength and has gained the title of one of the most fearsome villains of the whole franchise. He was so powerful that he faced the whole crew of Big Mom alone and even managed to throw them back at sea.

He single-handedly almost killed and Emperor of the Sea. This explains how mighty King actually is. He has probed the power level of his physical strength multiple times in the franchise. He knocked out Sanji even though he was in his raid Suit and threw Shinobu out of the castle just by grabbing her in the head.

When King and Marco dueled with each other, the battle was quite something. Marco managed to lay some of his best attacks on King, but he didn’t even flinch. He didn’t take any damage even after battling with the former first division commander of Whitebeard Pirates.

He even took down the vice-captain of Straw Hat pirates, Zoro. He was overwhelmingly powerful and destroyed Zoro. He sent him flying away, almost miles away from the war.

Being the Lunarian, he has the ability to create flames from his body, which is one of the most impressive things. He uses his fire-producing ability mostly while he is in close combat. He coats his punches with fire and powerful fire punches.

King is one of the strongest in his original form, and when we add his Devil Fruit to the list, he simply becomes invincible. King has eaten the Devil Fruit, Ryu Ryu no Mi, which allows him to turn into an Ancient Zoan-type Pteranodon.

When he transforms into that form, he becomes more powerful and gets more agility. He can take the form of a Dragon and even make fire-breathing techniques using his tribe’s gift.

For now, the only person we know in the franchise that represents the Lunarians tribe is King. Maybe as the series starts to get forward, more secrets will get unraveled, and we’ll finally see many similar and new faces of the people from the tribe.

In the end

The Wano has unraveled some of the biggest mysteries of the franchise. From the secret of Luffy’s ability, World Government and to the puzzles that just might be the part that is related to the Voic Century and Joyboy. And the puzzle might just be the Lunarian people.

The Lunarians are a tribe that is somehow connected with ancient history and the tribe who have battled with the World Governments. The reason their extinct still remains shrouded in mystery, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are important and will connect us to the history of One Piece.

There aren’t many things officially revealed about the Lunarians, but from the Vegapunk story, the threat to World Government, and the Sun God Nika, they hold information about some of the important things in the franchise.

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