Who are Luffy’s Mom and Dad? About His Parents

Luffy's Mom and Dad

In every anime, the main protagonist has some crazy bloodline or is an orphan, but in One Piece, even the main protagonist has no idea who his parents are.

From his bloodline, he only knows his grandpa, Garp. He spent his whole childhood in Foster’s home. When his grandparent told him about his father, the captain of Straw Hat pirates had a legendary reaction; “I have a dad?”

This is gonna be really interesting because Luffy’s mom and dad are one of the greatest mysteries in One Piece. Who are they? Let’s find out!

Who is Luffy’s Dad?

Luffy’s Dad

Luffy’s dad is the infamous criminal, Monkey D Dragon.

Yep, you heard it right.

His dad is the most wanted criminal in the series. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army. He created this group in order to end the evil action and selfish desires of the World Government.

Dragon believes that the World Government and Celestial Dragons are the most corrupted ones as they believe that human beings other than themselves are peasants.
He believes that justice should be provided equally to everyone, so he plans to stop all the selfish actions shown by the World Government. Because of his actions, he gained a new name, “World’s Worst Criminal”.

There can be no happiness in a world where those deemed unnecessary are weeded out and eliminated!! One day, I will change this world… you mark my words!

– Monkey D. Dragon

We have only seen a few appearances of Dragon in the series, but they are enough to hype up the fans. Every time he makes an appearance, we know that something chaotic is gonna happen.

The leader of the great Revolutionary Army has always been serious but when he hears his son’s name, we can see him smiling. He is also an empathic person as he has saved many citizens of different islands who were facing threats from pirates.

Dragon has always been a secretive person. The members of the Revolutionary Army had no idea that he was the son of the Marine hero, Monkey D. Garp, and the father of the infamous pirate, Monkey D. Garp.

The Army only found out about Dragon’s bloodline when it was announced during the great Paramount War. The whole crew’s eyes bawled out when they heard the news. But on the other hand, Dragon was smiling.

Luffy’s dad has always worked by living in the shadows. The World Government fears the Revolutionary Army because they hold the capacity to turn the world upside down.

It’s crazy that his son had no idea who his father was for almost 18 years. Let’s see when he found out about his dad.

When did Luffy find out about his dad?

This was one of the craziest episodes on One Piece. Let’s travel back to the time when the Straw Hats declared war against the World Governments after successfully rescuing Nico Robin from their grasp.

The Straw Hats are celebrating their win at the Paradise known for its shipwrights, Water 7.

Luffy is having a feast and the whole crew is celebrating. Meanwhile, when Zoro was roaming around, he noticed a ship of a Marine. The ship of the vice-admiral, the hero of the marines, Monkey D. Garp.

Zoro rushes to tell the crew about the incoming danger, but you know how “good” he is with directions.

Garp finds the whereabouts of Luffy and gives him a ‘Fist of Love’- in other words, a punch that is enough to kill a wild animal.

Later, the captain of Straw Hats reveals that Garp is actually his grandparent and we get to show a few flashbacks of him getting Fist of Love. The crew’s reaction? “Ehhhh…!!!!”

The Straw Hat pirates couldn’t believe what they just heard. After some time, Luffy reunites with his old marine friend Coby. Normally people embrace when they meet after a long time but those two started to battle.

After some time Garp asks his grandson if he met his father. Luffy’s reply?

“What do you mean by my dad? I have a dad?”

Then Garp reveals that his father is Monkey D. Dragon. While everyone is shaking and hardly breathing after that name, Luffy hardly even recognizes who his dad is.

Robin explains how dangerous his dad is and just after she explains everything about the Revolutionary Army and Monkey D. Dragon. Garp realizes some things and tells,  “Ah! I guess… I shouldn’t have said anything about it, huh? [laughs] Well, then… forget what I just said!”.

Sometimes, you might wonder how this guy became the hero of the marine, but don’t worry we also do. Episode 314 was a total rollercoaster full of surprises. Luffy’s dad and his grandad were revealed in a single episode.

Who is Luffy’s real mother?

Luffy’s mother hasn’t been revealed in the series One Piece and it is one of the biggest mysteries of the series, but we can get a few pieces of information from Oda.

Oda has said that Luffy’s parents have already been drawn in the manga, volume 45. If we take a look at the manga then we can see his father, Dragon and if we take a close look at the ground then we can see a woman, there’s a high possibility of her being Luffy’s mother.

Oda has stated, “I think she’s alive. I’m still thinking hard about this. *Laughs* But if she does appear in the story, then she’ll be a very tough-looking woman. And strict. There’s no way that she’s a beautiful mother. She’s got this typical middle-aged woman’s permed hair.”

If we look closely then the woman in the manga exactly looks like how Oda has described. The woman looks like she’s tough and middle-aged.

The woman also doesn’t appear to be pretty like Ace’s mom. There’s a high possibility that Luffy’s mom is also a member of the Revolutionary Army and together they are planning to take down the World Government.

Luffy’s mother’s name has never been revealed in the anime or in the manga. We might never get to know her name because once Oda said; “Luffy’s adventure began after he left his mother’s arms. I want to tell this young man’s story, so his mom is not part of it.”

With this statement, you should stop dreaming about seeing her appearance in anime or in the manga. Oda will not introduce her and even her name will be kept a mystery. But why won’t Oda introduce her? There’s a simple explanation.

Oda said that “mother is the opposite of adventure.” If we take a close look at the crew members of Straw Hats then we can notice that all of their mothers are unidentified or have already passed away.

Usopp also started his journey after his mother died. He walked in his dad’s footsteps and became a pirate. Likewise, if Luffy’s mother was introduced in the series, he could’ve never started his voyage.

Luffy’s foster mother, Dadan

Luffy foster mother Dadan

Although Luffy grew up with his grandad, Garp, he spent his childhood with Dadan, a Bandit Queen, who lived in Mount Corvo near the village of Fushia,

Luffy’s parents were never with him from the start. Garp was only there for him but he was the vice-admiral of the marine. He was always busy with marine work and barely had any time for his grandchild.

The vice-admiral post possessed a lot of work, that’s why he couldn’t even stay on one island for very long. He had to keep moving to protect the world from the infamous pirates.

Garp decided that Dadan would be perfect to take care of Luffy, as she was already taking care of Ace. That’s where the Strawhat met the kid Ace, who in the future would become the commander of the second division of Whitebeard Pirates.

Dadan took the responsibility of taking care of Luffy in front of Garp. Behind the scenes, she hated him.

Dadan was a carefree person and she was taking care of the boys just because she was getting paid by the hero marine and Garp promised to not arrest her though she was a bandit.

But as time started to pass, The Bandit Queen started to get attached to the boys. Although she never expressed her love to them she always cared for them.

One day, the dumpster valley (near Mount Corvo) got caught on fire. The Nobles who lived in that village were behind this deadly plan.

Unfortunately, Luffy and Ace were in the dumpster valley and got trapped in the fire. Just as they were attempting to make their escape, an infamous pirate, Bluejam stopped them demanding their treasure.

The fire started to grow rapidly and just when things were starting to look bad for the boys, Dadan came to save the boys. Kid Ace and The Bandit Queen, together defeated Bluejam and escaped from the fire.

Although the Bandit Queen was just a foster mother for Luffy and Ace, she took care of them like a biological mother would’ve done.

When Ace died during the Paramount War, she screamed with tears in her eyes. Dadan was a mother-like figure to both Luffy and Ace.

When will Luffy meet Dragon again?

In One Piece every time after 4 years a World Conference is held.

During that conference, every king and queen from every nation gathers at Pangaea Castle in Mary Geoise for a seven-day conference to discuss current and future events.

Currently, the World Conference is being held in Mary Geoise. We can see Garp escorting princess Sirahoshi of the Ryugu Kingdom. We get to see some important figures during the World Conference.

But what catches the attention of the fans is the Revolutionary Army. We can see Sabo and the commanders of the Revolutionary Army making their big move against the World Governments.

Sabo makes a cheeky entrance in the Mary Geoise and he sees his old friend, who was a member of the Revolutionary Army, Bartholomew Kuma being treated as a slave by one of the Celestial Dragons.

Sabo tries to make an attack against the Celestial but the other commanders stop him. But it seems that he makes an attempt to attack the member of the Celestial Dragons because the next day we can see Dragon getting terrified after reading his name on the news.

One Piece doesn’t tell us in detail about what happened to Sabo at that moment but according to some theories, he is currently being caught by the World Governments and is about to get publicly executed on Mary Geoise.

Dragon reads the news and now, he is about to go to Mary Geoise to save Sabo from the Marines. Meanwhile, Luffy wins over Kaidou and hears the news about his brother.

After hearing the news of Sabo, Luffy also starts his voyage to Mary Geoise to save his brother. Unlike during the Paramount War, he is now quite strong enough to save the commander of the Revolutionary Army.

Dragon and Luffy will meet each other at Mary Geoise and will make their attempt to save Sabo and destroy the world Governments at the same time.

According to the theories, Luffy and Dragon will meet for the first time face to face in the Reverie Arc, after Wano Arc gets finished.

When will Luffy meet his mother?

Oda has already stated there is a pretty low chance of Luffy’s mother being introduced in the series. But even if she gets introduced to the series, it’s most likely that she will be with the Revolutionary Army.

According to Oda, she is alive somewhere but he has also told her that there’s a low chance of Luffy’s mother being introduced to the anime, as mothers are the opposite of adventure.

He also stated, “Luffy’s adventure began after he left his mother’s arms. I want to tell his story, so the mother is not part of it.”

When Mayumi Tanaka (voice actor of Luffy) asked Oda about the captain of Straw Hat’s mother, he told her that he wasn’t interested in that side of him.

We might never get to see what Luffy’s mother looked like but she surely is one tough woman that can beat the crap out of some evil pirates.

If we want to see the appearance of his mother then we should all request Oda because there’s no other option.

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