Where to watch Black Clover?

Black clover

Black Clover is probably the most underrated anime of all time. This anime is a fantasy and adventure fiction with an impressive storyline. The enhancement of the story made it famous worldwide.

This anime has a great fanbase and is so popular that it was featured as the most popular anime of all time. It regularly features “most watched or popular anime” on many anime streaming platforms.

Although it is famous worldwide, most fans have watched only a few episodes of it. They don’t have a clue where they can watch all the episodes of Black Clover.

If you are also unknown about how and where to watch all the episodes of Black Clover, you have visited a perfect place.

We’ll provide you a list of names of platforms where you can watch Black clover!!!



With fascinating features and services provided for viewers to watch multiple anime, Crunchyroll is the best website ever available. This is a legal website where one can watch numerous animes anytime and anywhere you like.

Black Clover is one of the underrated anime of all time. It would be awkwardly surprising not to get the list of all the seasons and episodes of Black Clover in Crunchyroll.

As Crunchyroll is a legal website to watch tons of anime, it surely provides all 170 episodes of Black Clover with high quality.

Black Clover is not removed from Crunchyroll. One can easily find this anime with all of its full seasons and episodes on this website with a single search. 

Not only Black Clover, but Crunchyroll is also the best anime streaming platform that grants access to watch all kinds of anime series.

What’s more beneficial about this anime website is that you can even watch all the available anime for free if you don’t get irritated with ads.

Crunchyroll also has extra facilities for its fans. This website allows its fans to watch all kinds of anime with high quality and without any disturbing ads after purchasing the package only for 7.99 USD per month.

If you’re more comfortable and satisfied with its special package, be sure to check other packages too for extra astonishing facilities. The most expensive package of Crunchyroll costs only 4.99 USD per month.



Funimation is the most renowned platform for watching all types of anime, even movies. This is an American entertainment movie and anime series watching platform with a lot of impressive facilities for its fans.

This platform provides a lot of anime to watch with satisfying quality. You can also find the latest released anime that are still not published on Youtube and other streaming platforms.

This platform is more widely used all over the world than any other streaming platform. It grants all of its fans to watch numerous anime and movies. So, why not Black Clover?

Black Clover is the top-rated anime, and most fans are certainly craving to watch the full episodes of this anime with the finest quality. So you better try Funanimation once, as per my recommendation.

I’m sure that Black Clover is available on Funimation with the fascinating video quality. It has the first 26 episodes of this anime for free. Other episodes you can watch by purchasing certain packages. 

The packages of Funimation are affordable and worth the price. You can purchase a package of this streaming platform only at the cost of 5.99 USD per month. You can also give a second thought to buying a package of 99.99 USD per year for the premier experience.

The packages of this platform provide you with great quality and ad-free videos. This is why many fans use this platform to watch numerous anime without complexities.

Amazon Prime

amazon prime

Amazon Prime, also known as Prime Video, is also an American Subscription Video widely used and appreciated all over the world for its amazing streaming services to its users.

Unfortunately, unlike other popular anime series, Black Clover is not an official part of Black Clover. Thus, you have to pay for each episode you want to watch.

However, there are no such problems until you decide to purchase and watch it. You are the owner of the episode of this anime you buy.

Although you have purchased the packages of this platform, you still need to buy each and every episode of Black Clover one by one.

You can purchase most of the episodes for 2.99 USD, but prices might alter in some episodes. So, Amazon Prime is also one of the best platforms to watch Black Clover unless you purchase it.

You can watch each and every episode of Black Clover online and even offline by downloading it after purchasing the episodes. 

Many of its fans have loved and been satisfied with its streaming services and quality, which automatically makes this platform one of the better places to watch Black Clover and other anime considerably.



AnimeLab is unquestionably a great anime streaming platform of all time. This platform is a legal streaming platform with numerous shows and episodes of anime. It provides a great quality of anime episodes.

As Black Clover is one of the most loved and popular anime, it is also streamed in AnimeLab. Not all but most of the episodes of this anime can be watched on this awesome platform.

Out of 170 episodes, 155 episodes of Black Clover are available on this platform. The other 15 episodes will also be added soon.

Sadly, this anime-watching platform is only available in Australia and New Zealand. But you can watch this anime even if you’re in another country by using a secured VPN service to grant access to the website.

This anime platform is great for watching the most popular and underrated anime if you purchase its package. You can also manage various kinds of anime for free at 480p resolution.

The package of AnimLab is not much costly and affordable to purchase. It only costs about 5.10 Us Dollars or 7 AUD.



9anime is one of the best and most popular anime websites of all time. This website has a lot of anime with numerous seasons and episodes.

The most impressive facility of this anime streaming platform is that it is free of cost to watch any anime with satisfying quality of video streaming quality.

As it has access to a lot of other anime series, Black Clover is also available on this website. You can easily see most of the episodes of this anime by simply searching it.

160 out of 170 episodes of Black Clover have already been published on this 9anime. Because of this, millions of fans of Black Clover are able to watch its episodes at no cost.

However, ads might give you a lot of trouble while watching anime through this platform. But if the ads don’t bother you, even this platform won’t bother you as it grants access to many high-quality anime.

Each and every episode of any anime available on this website will continue to post the upcoming episodes in time. Many fans are satisfied with the services and facilities this website provides its user.

This is why 9anime has proven itself as one of the best streaming platforms to watch any anime, including Black Clover, for free.



Gogoanime is also one of the best free anime platforms to watch many anime series. This anime website has many different anime movies, seasons, and episodes.

As it contains hundreds of different anime series, it surely has granted people to watch the most liked anime series, Black Clover.

This streaming platform is also free of cost, with high-quality videos. There’s no restriction on this platform, so anyone can watch any time they prefer most.

This platform is very dear to many anime fans as it provides hundreds of anime series without any problem. It is also very easy to find any kind of anime on this platform.

So, Black Clover is also available on this website, and I’m 100 percent sure you can watch and download more than 100 episodes of this anime.

If you are a huge fan of Black Clover, you can watch this anime from gogoanime with less effort. The only problem that occurs while watching from these platforms is ads. However, it takes less than a minute to get rid of ads, and you can watch any anime peacefully.

A reminder to you- this website is illegal, so it is up to you to take risks and watch your favorite anime.



Chia-anime is another free website where you can watch hundreds of anime series and their movies, seasons, and episodes. This platform is unquestionably the best platform to watch anime.

It is free of cost to watch any anime and even provides all the anime episodes with high quality in addition to English captions. This website has a massive collection of anime series.

Do you think it has Black Clover in its collection?

Of course, it has. Chia anime has access to all 170 episodes of Black Clover with the quantity of 1080p and English subtitles.

This is why this platform is one of the most underrated anime sites to watch anime for free. The only problem the viewer has to face is with the ads.

But don’t worry, those ads are just pieces of cake that can be vanished within a minute. If you are interested in watching Black Clover, you can watch it from this platform without any problems.

You can watch anime of all kinds of genres, such as romance, comedy, action, horror, and many others. You’ll indeed be fascinated by the facilities of this platform.

So, without taking a break, just give it a shot. Try watching Black Clover through this platform. You’ll have access to all its episodes and upcoming latest episodes in time.










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