When Is the Time skip in One Piece?

one piece timeskip

Time skip was one of the greatest periods where all the members so the Straw Hats were sent to different islands and trained for almost 2 years on their respective islands.

But do you know when it happened?

The time skip was triggered due to many events, let’s see what made it triggered and what happened after and before the time skip. The time skip gave birth to the new Straw Hat pirates who were powerful enough to hold their ground against the strongest ones.

Let’s see when Timeskip occurred in the series, but before jumping straight in let’s see what happened before the time skip.

What happened before the Timeskip?

before timeskip

The Straw Hat pirates are pursuing their dream and with every step, they are getting closer and closer but things started to take a great turn when they reached Paradise Island, Sabaody Archipelago.

Sabaody Archipelago was the closest island to the Red Line. During their journey, The Straw Hats met Camy, Pappag, and Hachi, residents of Fishman Island.

The inhabitants of Fishman Island weren’t allowed to be at the surface because of the humiliation they had to suffer from the people living on the surface.

The Celestial Dragons and the World Nobles are known for their cruelty to the common people. They have a history of making slaves to the people they like. The same unfortunate happened with Camie, the mermaid.

The Straw Hats were looking around Paradise Island, searching for someone to coat their ship with bubbles for their next journey to Fishman Island. (a normal ship can’t get reach Fishman island without being its ship coated because the island is located deep under the ocean.)

While they were roaming around the island searching for a person to coat their ship, Camie also wanted to take a look around the island as she never really gets a chance to explore the land. But things don’t end in a pretty way.

Some burglars started to pursue Camie. Although she was in a human disguise, the criminals kidnapped her and later found that she was a mermaid from Fishman Island.

The kidnappers caught her and sold her at a near auction. The auction was selling human slaves. While the kidnappers were pursuing her Pappag escaped somehow and managed to inform the Straw Hat members.

Inside the auction, we saw Peterman, a Celestial Dragon. When Camie was taken to the spotlight, Peterman wanted her as his new slave. Being a World Noble, nobody could speak against him.

Luffy arrived at the auction, but when he tried to stop the Celestial Dragon, Hachi stopped him telling him that the consequences would’ve been bad because nobody messes with the World Leader, especially pirates.

Camie had a color on her neck, the color was a bomb, if a slave tries to escape the keepers would’ve activated the bomb and the slave would die.

When Luffy made a banging entrance, he rushed straight to save Camie but Hachi tried to stop him and during that, Charlos shot Hachi. The captain of Straw Hats couldn’t handle that. He rushed to the spotlight and punched the Celestial Dragon.

The whole crowd who were presented at the auction was shocked by seeing Luffy’s action toward the Celestial Dragon. Charlos fainted on the ground but this cause huge chaos at the auction. But then someone made a grand entrance.

Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh made his entrance.

Rayleigh was pretending to be a slave at the auction hoping someone would buy and he can take their money.

The Dark King used his Haki to make most of the crowd faint and he even freed Camie from her color. But outside the auction, the whole area was surrounded by the Marine army.

Admiral Kizaru, an army of Kumas (made by Vegapunk) also joined the Marines and started to hunt down all the infamous pirates. The Straw Hats got overwhelmed by the Marine  Force.

Just when they were having a hard time, the real Bartholomew Kuma arrived to bust their ass.

Kuma whispered something into Rayleigh’s ear and used his devil fruit power and erased the Straw Hat crew. He sent every member of the crew to another island.

This was the main reason that caused the Timeskip.

What happened during the Timeskip?

After Kuma’s attack, each member of the Straw Hats went flying to different islands.

Luffy landed on the island Amazon Lily. The island was an empire of women. There he met Boa Hancock, empress of the island.

During his stay in the Amazon Lily, the captain of Straw Hat founds out about his brother Ace being captured by the Marines and his public execution.

Luffy quickly starts his journey to Impel Down where Ace was kept captive.

It’s not easy to sneak into Impel Down because it has the World Government’s maximum security. So, Luffy made a plan, he snuck into the island with the help of the empress, who was a Warlord at that time.

Luffy successfully went inside the prison but Ace was held on the end floor with maximum security. The Strawhat went through many obstacles and even almost died but reached the end floor. But when he did, Ace was already gone.

When Luffy finally reached the last floor, Ace was already taken to the Marine ford for public execution. Not thinking about anything else, he rushed to Marine ford.

But Magellan, the warden of Impel Down came to stop him. The Strawhat has unshakeable will so he kept on pushing and eventually with the help of Bentham aka Bon-Chan. He sacrificed himself for Luffy to escape.

Luffy eventually reached Marine ford and joined with the Whitebeard Pirates to save Ace. After a rough war between the Marines and the Whitebeard pirates, the pirates managed to rescue Ace but luck was never on their side. Marine  Admiral Akainu cached Luffy lacking and when he was about to kill him with a magma punch, Ace came in between and took the hit for his little brother.

The attack destroyed the Fire Fist’s interior organs and made a hole in his chest. He died in his brother’s arms.

Ace’s death caused a huge trauma to Luffy and fainted on the battlefield. Jimbei and Trafalgar Law saved him from the Marine ford and went back to Amazon Lily.

Luffy suffered from anxiety and depression. He blamed his weakness and himself for not being strong enough to save Ace. He promised himself that he would be strong enough to protect his crew and carry on his brother’s legacy.

He then started to train on Amazon Lily. Do you know with who?

The Vice-Captain of the Rogers Pirates, Silvers Rayleigh.

But his crew members had no idea about the training, so to inform them, Luffy went to the Marine ford once again and gave a secret message to the Straw Hat pirate members through the newspaper.

His secret message was 3D2Y”. So, What is 3D2Y?

The crew got his secret message, they were originally planning to meet after 3 days but, after looking at Luffy’s new sign, they got the message of meeting after 2 years. That’s what 3D2Y meant.

All the Straw Hat members started to train and enhanced their abilities for two years on their respective islands. Let’s take a look at what kind of new moves the Straw hats learned during the time skip.

Straw Hat members learn new attacks during Timeskip


Within the two years, the Straw Hat members learned new techniques by staying on their respective islands.

Luffy’s Timeskip

Luffy learned Haki from Rayleigh and also learned Gear 4, which enabled him to be Bounce Man and Snake Man. He also learned to use Observation, Armament, and Conquerer Haki properly.

After training with the Dark King, the Captain of Straw Hat was now powerful enough to face the New World.

Zoro’s Timeskip

Zoro was sent to Kuraigana Island, the homeland of the greatest swordsman alive, Dracule Mihawk.

The Pirate hunter trained with his greatest rival so that he can be powerful enough to fulfill his captain’s dream. Zoro trained with savage Mandrills. He fought with all of them so that, Mihawk would accept to train him.

He learned Armament Haki and Observation Haki with Mihawk and even learned how to coat his Haki in his sword and learned many new techniques.

Nami’s Timeskip

Nami spent her two years training on the sky island, Weatheria. This was an artificial island that specialized in weather technologies.

Nami spent her years studying the unique weather of the New World and learning new abilities to help Luffy to become the King of the Pirates. She practiced many weather-related technologies and weather-related attacks.

She has even upgraded her Clima-Tact to a new ‘Sorcery Clima-Tact.’ Now she can produce Sea Clouds from her weapon which doesn’t exist in the blue sea.

Usopp’s Timeskip

Usopp, the Sogeking spent his 2 years training on the island Boin Archipelago. The island was full of food and carnivorous plants. The whole island was one carnivorous plant.

In Boin Archipelago, he met Heracles who was staying on the island and training there for a very long time. With him, Usopp learned how to fight with the wild plants and even used many new techniques using the Pop Greens.

He even upgraded his weapon to a new slingshot, ‘Kuro Kbuto’. He learned how to use many dangerous plants in an effective way for attacks. The sniper of Straw Hat pirate was completely ready for his voyage to New World.

Sanji’s Timeskip

The cook of Straw Hat pirates spent his two years in the Kamabakka Kingdom. He spent his years with the Okama and Ivankov.

You must be thinking about what did Sanji learn?

Well, the guy who loves girls and who was willing to go through any point for the girls was in a bad state. So, he kept running away from them and during that process, he learned the move ‘Sky Walk’

Sky Walk is a move that enables a user to walk in mid-air without any interference. He even learned how to use Haki while running away from the Okama.

Sanji learned two new moves Sky Walk and Hell Memories, which lets him get flames in his body by memorizing his bad memories.

Chopper’s Timeskip

Tony Tony Chopper spent his two years on the Torino Kingdom, the island where Humans are Birds were enemies.

The humans of that island were getting sick and to cure the disease they needed a special medicine that can only be found in the bird’s area.

The birds had several treasures hidden near their area, so they thought the humans were trying to steal their treasure. Chopper communicated between them and sorted things out. With Chopper’s help, the residents of that island and the birds lived peacefully.

The people of that island had broad knowledge on the topic of herbs and medicines, Chopper learned from them and advanced his knowledge.

He even enhanced the ability of his Devil Fruit and advanced the power of his Rumble Ball. Now the doctor of Straw Hats can get into his monster form with only one rumble ball and even remain on his conscious for several minutes

Nico Robin’s Timeskip

Unlike other Straw Hat members, robin didn’t spend her two years in one place. Kuma sent her to Tequila Wolf, where she was prisoned and forced to work as a slave for the governments there with other people.

Fortunately, the Revolutionary Army invaded there and made a stop to slavery. The members of the Revolutionary Army recognized Robin and offered her to stay with them for some time.

Robin accepted the offer and went with the Revolutionary Army. She spent her two years at the headquarter of the Army and learned new techniques and abilities such as; creating clones of herself and summoning giant hands and legs.

During her training, she even met with Sabo, Luffy’s brother, and Koala, who taught her fish-man karate. (She used this move against Black Maria in Wano Arc)

Franky’s Timeskip

Kuma sent Franky flying on Karakuri Island, the island that was known for its technology and mechanics. Karakuri was also the birthplace of Dr. Vega Punk.

On that island, Vegapunk had left his unfinished works and blueprints of his inventions. Franky studied his work and reinvented himself. He upgraded himself to a Battle Franky-37, aka ‘Armored Me’.

The cyborg learned many new techniques through his two years of training. He even learned to use the fans’ favorite, Radical Bream, a powerful laser beam. He named that Franky Radical Beam.

He also created an advanced tank and motorcycle out of his body part, and the interesting part is that when those two get combined it forms into a Battle Franky-38, also known as General Franky.

He even learned new hairstyles with the help of his advanced technology.

Brook’s Timeskip

Brook was sent to Namakura Island by Kuma. This is a really interesting story about Brook, let’s see what happened to him in his two years.

The people of that islands were getting bullied by a bunch of Longarm Tribe. When Brook appeared on the island the people believed him to be Satan and worshipped him to save them from the Longarm Tribe.

Brook helped them by scaring and using his musical abilities to get rid of the Longarm tribe but that quickly made a turnover. The tribe kidnapped him and used him as a source of income.

The tribe turned Brook into a singer, and after that, he became a celebrity. He was known as the Soul King by the world.

During his training or more like an ‘adventure’ Brook learned many techniques. He was able to manipulate other souls and even separate the soul from his corpse, He even enhanced his swordsman skills and was able to use a new attack “Chill of the Underworld”.

What happened after the Timeskip?

The two years that Luffy promised to his members finally came to an end. The Straw Hats once again reunite at the island where everything started, Sabaody Archipelago.

It’s crazy how Zoro, the one who’s bad with directions was the first to arrive at the island. After then each character started to get seen in the episode with a full new appearance. But the world had thought that the Straw Hat pirates were disbanded.

While others thought Straw Hat pirates were disbanded, a few pirates started to make a fake crew naming them Straw Hat pirates. They had a few look-alikes on their crew and started recruiting members to their team.

Just at that moment, they met with Nami and Usopp at the bar. They started messing with them but faced the consequences. The navigator and sniper of the ship taught them a good lesson.

The fake Straw Hat pirates went nuts and searched for them but instead, they bumped with Monkey D. Luffy. They again started to mess with the captain of Straw Hats, and you know what happened?

Luffy used his Conqueror Haki and fainted them all!!! 

The Marines gathered at Sabaody Archipelago after hearing the news about the fake Straw Hats. The army of Kuma, Px-5 was back again to stop the Straw Hat pirates but this time it wasn’t enough.

They were able to beat the Marine force easily and went to their ship Thousand Sunny. The most interesting part was that Kuma was protecting their ship for two years and he was completely devastating.

The Straw Hats went inside their coated ship and started their voyage together after 2 years. They traveled to the island that lies within the sea, Fishman Island.

When did the Timeskip happen?

During episode 385, Luffy and his crew reached Paradise Island, Sabaody Archipelago. That’s when the Arc starts. The Sabody Arc lasts for almost 20 episodes. The moment where Kuma blew the crew members were in episode 405, titled “Disappearing Crew – The Final Day of the Straw Hat Crew.”

After Sabody Arc, the crew members were sent flying to different islands. In Amazon Lily, Luffy finds out about Ace so he goes to rescue his brother in Impel Down, which lasted till episodes 422 – 456.

Ace was then moved to execution at Marine ford the headquarters of the Marine. This gave birth to one of the greatest wars, the Paramount War. The battle between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Marine force lasted till episodes 457-  489. It contained 33 episodes.

After the war, Luffy went into trauma because of Ace’s death. He realized he needs to get stronger, her sent a secret message to his crew letting them know that they will be meeting after 2 years instead of 3 days.

The Timeskip started, it started in episode 515 and the Straw Hat pirates gathered in episode 517 in Sabody after almost 2 years.

The first episode of 517 was titled “The Beginning of The New Chapter! The Straw Hats Reunited!”.

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