When does Peaky Blinders take place?

peaky blinders

The Netflix series, Peaky Blinders is inspired by the story of the real Peaky Blinder gang in the 19th century. We get to see the series of events that occurred after the World war I. This was a time of radical social and economic change around the globe.

The Peaky Blinders commenced in 1919, five years after the first World War ended in 1914. Let us have a glance over when each season had taken place.  

Peaky Blinders – Season 1

The plot revolves around a time in 1919 in Birmingham city. The male members of the Shelby family are shown to battle against PTSD after returning from World War I. Then the Shelby family runs an illegal horse betting business that they wanted to legalize. The main lead, Thomas Shelby, also a leader of the Peaky Blinders gang, mistakenly steals the gun consignment.

IRA is forming a rebellion against England and also wants to get the consignment of the gun. Meanwhile, Inspector Cambell sent Grace to Shelby’s family to find out about the gun. Well, Grace ends up falling for Tommy along his mission and Tommy also shares a similar feeling for her.

Here, we also observe the continuous dispute between Billy Kimber and Lees with the Shelby family. Grace and Tommy team up to kill IRA members, hunting for guns. 

Grace gave the address of the gun to Cambell but she can’t return back to Tommy due to guilt. Inspector Cambell purposes Tommy, which Grace refuses. Thus season 1 ends with Cambell pointing a gun at Grace.  

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Peaky Blinders – Season 2 

The series of events in season 2 of Peaky Blinders takes place two years after season 1, from 1921 to 1922.

The storyline begins with Grace shooting Inspector Cambell on his foot. Two years later Garrison Pub is blown up when Peaky Blinders are at the funeral of Freddie Thrones. Meanwhile, Tommy was planning the expansion in London.

When Tommy goes to Black Lion to confront those who were responsible for the explosion, he is instead taken to meet IRA and asked to assassinate someone. After those events, the Shelby family goes to London where Arthur. Tommy and John end up causing rumpus at Darby Sabini Club. This result in the rivalry between Sabini and Shelbys.

We also witness the return of Inspector Cambell as a Major in this season. Micheal Gray, son of aunt Polly joins the Shelby family.  Grace is also shown married to a rich banker in London yet is compassionate towards Tommy.

Thus, the plot goes showing the fight between the Shelby family with Sabini and Solomons.

Peaky Blinders- Season 3

The storyline of Season 3 is after the two-year leap from season 2, thus it happens in 1924 AD.

The season begins with Tommy and Grace marrying each other. They also have a son named Charlie. Russians are introduced in the series and Tommy is shown to work for them. They assign him various assassination and tank robbery deals.

Changrettas are also introduced in the plot and the Shelby family took the rivalry with them too far. First Shelbys blow off the pub of the restaurant of Angel Changretta and later blind his eyes. This results in Changretta hiring a gunman to shoot Tommy. The gunman kills Grace instead by mistake.

Now, Tommy is devastated and suffering from traumas. Also, he goes on the path to avenge his wife’s death thus he kills Vincente Changretta.

The third season ends with all the Shelby family except Tommy going to jail for having wronged the Economic League by killing father Hughes.

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Peaky Blinders – Season 4

Season 4 was initially set at end of 1924. However, the series leap to one year prior in December 1925.

The fourth season didn’t have the leap at the beginning as the plot of the Shelby family in jail is shown. They are about to be hanged. It was the until last minutes they got the stay of execution. Well, Tommy succeeds to save his family.

Then the series takes the leap of one year. The Shelby family is divided as they are angry with Tommy for putting their life under threat. Meanwhile, New York Italian Mafia is introduced in the plot whose head Luca Changretta has come to avenge his family’s death. He threatens the Shelby family by sending each member a letter marking the death of Angel and Vincente

On the other hand, the storyline introduces Tommy into politics as he becomes a Labour MP in Birmingham South by betraying Jessie Eden.

Peaky Blinders – Season 5

The fifth season takes place after the four-year leap after the fourth season. The plot is set up during the Wall Street Crash of 1929. 

October 29, 1929, date has made a place history as it was the day of a big stock market crash. Well, it had a great influence on the Shelby family. The fortunes of the Shelby family evaporate due to this crash. Hence they had to now focus on their illegal business which bring them back to Birmingham.

The story introduces us to the Scottish gang, the Billy boys who are the new rivals of the Shelby family. We come across the leader of that gang who happens to be Jimmy McCavern.

Well, we see Tommy in politics this season too. He finds politics and gangster business somehow similar. His good speaking quality attracts the attention of MP Oswald Mosley.

Peaky Blinders – Season 6

Once again the leap of 4 years is shown in Peaky Blinders. Season 6 occurs during the year 1933. 

IRA has killed Aunt Polly and Micheal blames Tommy for his mother’s death and takes an oath to kill Tommy to avenge his mother’s death.  Four years later Micheal is shown to work for Irish American gangster, Jack Nelson. The liquor business has been legalized by now.

Further, the plot shows Tommy being outcasted in the drug deal by the Jack Nelson gang. Hence Tommy traps Micheal in a drug case and sends him to jail.

Tommy still is an MP of the labor party. He secretly is waiting for Churchill to infiltrate fascists. Meanwhile, Tommy’s daughter Ruby dies due to tuberculosis, but later it was revealed that the Romani Curse had taken her life.

Meanwhile, Arthur kills Laura McKee and thus takes revenge for Aunt Polly’s death. Also, Tommy kills Micheal after he has an unsuccessful attempt to kill Tommy.  We also see Solomon back in the plot whose house is blown up by Tommy.

Thus, Peaky Blinders took place from 1919 to 1933 with a constant leap between each season.  We could see the events of 14 years throughout the series. 

Where do Peaky Blinders take Place?

The series is based on the events that occurred in England, as the original Peaky Blinders gang originated in the city of England. Thus the Shelby family is originally shown in Birmingham city of England. However, they also are seen moving to London to expand their business.

In the latter part of Micheal goes also to America to expand the business. Perhaps the gang is also shown going to Canada for various business deals.

Where did the shooting of Peaky Blinders take place?

Although the plot of Peaky Blinders is supposed to be in Birmingham city, the series was however filmed in Manchester city of England. A few of the scene was also shot in Liverpool.

Thus the crew of Peaky Blinders moved from Manchester to Liverpool for the shooting.

Small wrap up

The story of Peaky Blinders shows the consequences that each soldier has to face after the war. In the series Tommy, Arthur, and John war are shown to face the impacts of the war. They war constantly haunted by the memories of the war and have to face post-traumatic disorder.

Well, they didn’t give up their whole life lamenting, instead they established themself as gangsters. They just get the things done how they want whether by hooks or crooks.

With the end of the final season, season 6 of the TV series, we are already missing the Peaky Blinders. Yet, there is good news for all the Peaky Blinders fans. The full-length film is decided to be made instead of the seventh series.

Are you excited to see Tommy and other Peaky Blinders back again?

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