When Does Naruto Fall in Love with Hinata?

Naruto Hinata

One of the most popular series of all time, Naruto has become a household name for almost all anime fans.

Now, what made it really popular among the fans was its unique characters and action-packed plotline. Many complained about the filler episodes, but fans still loved the series.

Although not shown in the manga, Naruto’s wedding became the talk of the town. Although it was a filler episode, many fans did agree that the whole arc was probably the most romantic moment in the whole series.

Many were impressed that Naruto ended up marrying his childhood friend, which also made fans fall more in love with the series.

This also ended up fans getting curious about the couple. Questions regarding their past and relationships began to flood in. I mean- who won’t get curious about the hottest couple in the town?

Keeping your curiosities and queries in mind, we have come up with this article. In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about this adorable couple.

So let’s get right into it!

When does Naruto fall in love with Hinata?

Love is obviously something that happens suddenly, but not really. As in the series, we could see that it certainly took some time before Naruto actually fell in love with Hinata.

Over the years, Naruto developed feelings for Hinata and finally confessed his love. However, his confession took place in neither the manga nor the anime series, but in one of the movies- Naruto: The Last.

Not only did the movie reveal a lot about Hamura’s bloodline but it also focused on Naruto and Hinata’s relationship.

Naruto: The Last

The movie took place two years after the Fourth Great Ninja War when the Sixth Hokage, Kakashi noticed that the moon was nearing and feared that it would eventually collide with the earth.

Soon they found out that the crisis was caused by none other than Toneri Otsutsuki, who was a descendant of the Sage of Six Paths’ twin brother, Hamura Otsutsuki.

Toneri hated mankind for weaponizing chakra and wanted to destroy humanity as a punishment. So, to accomplish his goals, he infiltrated the Hidden leaf to abduct Hinata but Naruto was quick on his feet and saved her.

However, not being able to kidnap the Byakugan Princess herself, Toneri was forced to kidnap her younger sister, Hanabi.

To save Hanabi, Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Sai, and Shikamaru were assigned to the mission by Kakashi. It was during this mission Naruto finally understood the concept of Love as he was able to see Hinata’s memories while being caught in an illusion.

Toneri’s main plan included getting the Tesnseigan (転生眼, lit. “Reincarnation Eye”) and to do so, he had to get the Byakugan from the Hyuga clan, who were the descended of Hamura’s kin who remained on Earth.

While he took Hanabi’s eyes, he proposed to Hinata to marry him in return for her eyes. In order to save her sister, Hinata agreed to marry Toneri.

This completely broke Naruto as he realized that he was so in love with her that seeing her marry someone else was not something he could bear.

It took almost three days for Naruto to recover and process the fact that he wasn’t able to save his beloved. However, Sakura reassured him that Hinata did love him. Just a little reassurance from her, Naruto and the rest of the group made their way to Toneri’s castle.

Together with Hinata, Naruto combined his chakra with her and successfully made the moon return to its orbit.

Just like that, they were able to save Hinata and even retrieve Hanabi’s eyes back. On their way home, Naruto and Hinata declared their love for each other and hence became a couple.

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Did he always love Hinata?

From the start of the series, it was clear that Naruto didn’t always love Hinata. Didn’t mean that he hated her. It was just he never really saw Hinata in a romantic way and always cared for her as a friend.

Before he was even aware of Hinata’s feelings and his own feelings, he was more focused on Sakura. Not to mention Sakura was really pretty and strong too, so it was only natural that Naruto was attracted to her.

However, many fans believed that Naruto’s attraction toward Sakura could just have been a result of his competitive nature against Sasuke.

Since almost all the girls in the village were fangirling over Sasuke, Naruto felt a bit inferior to him. So, even after they were in a team together, Sakura constantly made her advancements toward Sasuke, which made Naruto jealous.

Ultimately, He was focused on Sakura till he was sixteen until he finally realized that he had feelings for the Byakugan Princess.

How did he fall in love with her?

Naruto: The last

The series had many couples throughout the series. Most of these couples seemed to be kind of rushed- rushed in the sense that they didn’t really have a backstory whatsoever. No hate to Ino and Sai or Choji and Karui though.

However, Naruto and Hinata’s case was different. Their relationship never felt rushed. Over time, their relationship flourished and their bond grew stronger. Finally, they realized their love for each other.

Throughout the series, there had been times when Naruto showed up and actually cared for Hinata, which eventually led him to develop feelings toward her.

As we know, Naruto was more focused on Sakura. So, it was Hinata that had feelings for Naruto at first. Still, even as a friend, Naruto cared for Hinata.

When they were just kids, Hinata was often bullied for her Byakugan eyes and kids called her a monster but Naruto always stood up for her and even took a beating for her.

Even when he fought with Neji, the first thing on his mind was whether Hinata watched him or not, which showed he wanted to impress her.

Furthermore, when Pain attacked the Hidden Leaf Village and nearly killed Hinata, Naruto saw Hinata in a near-death situation, and couldn’t hold back his rage. He was so enraged by Hinata’s loss that he lost control and took on the nine tails form.

This alone showed how much he cared about her. His small steps toward her were the starting point of his feelings for her.

Although the fact that Naruto defended Hinata because she was alone and defenseless remained true, it still showed that he cared for her.

Moreover, Naruto was one of the very few and actually the first ones to believe in Hinata. All her life when she was downgraded by others, Naruto stood by her side and even supported her during the Chunin exams when nobody believed in her.

Naruto’s faith in her gave her immense support and she was able to grow both as a ninja and as a person as well. Even though it took a long time, nearly 500 episodes, for them to finally accept the fact that they liked each other.

In chapter 615, Naruto held Hinata’s hand. That only meant one thing. Naruto did all these romantic moments with Hinata subconsciously.

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Did Hinata love Naruto?

Hinata and Naruto

Ofcourse Yes! Hinata had always loved Naruto. Moreover, it was Hinata who first developed feelings for Naruto.

Even when all the village girls drooled over Sasuke, Hinata was always there for Naruto. She was so head over heels for Naruto that when rumors spread in the village about Sasuke finding long-haired girls attractive, Hinata cut her hair short so that she wouldn’t be noticed by him.

In the Pain Arc, when Naruto was fighting Pain alone and was on verge of defeat when Hinata decided to aid him in the battle.

Despite others telling her not to go to the battlefield as she would just be a burden to him, she couldn’t hold back when she saw Naruto in despair as Pain pierced him with the chakra rods to the ground.

Seeing her rush toward him, Naruto begged Hinata to flee for the sake of her own life but Hinata stood firm on her determination. During this time, knowing that she won’t make it out alive, she confessed her feelings to Naruto.

She stated that she was not afraid of death and even ready to die to protect him. Hinata’s words moved Naruto to the core as he had never seen Hinata that way before.

Naruto did always believe in Hinata but he was taken aback by the sudden confession. However soon, Hinata was attacked by Pain and stabbed to death.

Naruto couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw Hinata fall right in front of his eyes. This sent Naruto into a flying rage and he transformed into Kyubbi, which nearly destroyed the village.

This alone showed Hinata’s immense love for Naruto as she was even ready to die for her beloved. Always shy and reserved, Hinata mustered up the courage and stood up for her love which proved that she was ready to go to even the greatest lengths for her loved ones.

Even in the Naruto: The last movie, during the Rinne Festival Hinata made a red scarf similar to the one that Naruto wore when they first met.

She was all set to confess her feelings for him with a little assistance from Sakura as well. Hinata did become doubtful as Naruto received a variety of gifts from others and a scarf as well.

Because Naruto became a hero to the villagers, he was often sought after by people, not to mention he also had a huge number of female admirers.

This did make Hinata feel discouraged but she carried the scarf throughout their mission to the moon. The scarf was torn by Toneri but later during the ending scene, Naruto could be seen sporting the red scarf that Hinata made for him as they ran through their memories together.

Hinata wanted to make the red scarf as she noticed that Naruto lost the one he used to wear the scarf as a memory of his late mother, so it meant a lot to him. Naruto was very thankful to Hinata as he knew the time and effort one had to invest to make such a precious item.

So romantic!

The red scarf is also a symbol of the Red Thread of Fate, which is often called the Red String of Fate. The string is believed to be an invisible red cord tied around the fingers of soulmates or the ones meant to be together. The idea behind Hinata knitting a red scarf for Naruto actually came from Kishimoto himself, as it was something his wife did for him.

What episode did Naruto fight Pain?

Was Hinata a stalker?

No, she wasn’t a stalker. Hinata could be anything but a stalker. It is true that Hinata’s actions were a bit on the stalker’s side but she meant no harm to Naruto and was more of an admirer.

Even though born into one of the strongest families in the village, The Hyugas, the Byakugan Princess was not really treated as a princess. With constant pressure from her father to become strong, she was mostly suppressed and weak.

This made her become more shy and introverted. Because she couldn’t stand up for herself she was often bullied so she often stayed in the shadows.

For most of the series, she could be seen hiding from Naruto as she was afraid that he would feel burdened by her, which she didn’t want.

So, from far afar she became his admirer and supported him until she gathered up her courage and confessed her love for him.

What episode did they start going out in?

Right after they confessed their love for each other and kissed in mid-air in the movie, they started to go out as a couple. Were the fans happy? They sure were over the Moon!

Do they get married?


After they start going out as a couple, not much was shown of them going on dates but Kishimoto certainly surprised us with their Wedding!

The Wedding arc was surely fun filler episodes but it did send the viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions. During the final credits, in episode#501 Naruto and Hinata finally get married in front of their friends and families.

Naruto sure did look like a fine man but Hinata stole the show. She was looking absolutely stunning and like a true princess. And who didn’t cry when Iruka was there as Naruto’s father, it wasn’t me for sure!

So, sooner or later they did get together and even went on to have two beautiful children; Boruto and Himawari. Many fans believe that they could have been a couple sooner but Naruto was not mature enough to understand Hinata’s love for him.

Well, whatever the reasons they did eventually got together, and to be honest thanks to this, we got so many little moments of this beautiful couple. So we aren’t going to complain about that.

Even after the series ended long ago, people still can’t get over this adorable couple as they are equally loved and popular among the fans now.

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