The Reason Why Naruto Uzumaki NEVER Becomes A Chunin

Naruto Become a Chunin

Uzumaki Naruto became the 7th Hokage of the Konoha (Hidden Leaf Village) district. Always determined to become great, Naruto never gave up until achieving his dreams.

However, there was one thing he couldn’t do; become a Chūnin.

A Chūnin exam carries great importance to Shinobis. After someone becomes a Chūnin, he/she is assigned to dangerous missions and needs to make exceptional strategical decisions.

Why didn’t Naruto pass the exam if it is a big deal?

Does Naruto Become a Chūnin?

Naruto took two exams for Chūnin and failed both of them. Despite being a determined Shinobi, studying was not his best suit.

During his first Chūnin exam, he defeated his opponent Kiba Inuzuka. He even won against Neji in the finals, one of the greatest shinobi from the Hyūga Clan, who possessed Byakugan.

Even after beating him in the final round of the match, he didn’t gain the rank of Chūnin.


Because Naruto lacked leadership. At the same time, Konoha was attacked by Orochimaru and his allies who stopped the exam midway.

In the Chūnin exam, only winning battles doesn’t mean you get a promotion. A contender also needs to prove their leadership capabilities. If the Chūnin fails to lead the team properly, everyone’s life may be at risk.

For instance, someone like Shikamaru was the perfect person to get promoted. He was an exceptional Shinobi who was promoted to a Chūnin when he was 12 years old.

Fun Fact: Shikamaru was so talented that he was allowed to take Chūnin exams at 6.

Let’s talk about the second Chūnin exam.

During a round, Naruto got into a battle with his childhood friend Konohamaru. He was like a brother who always looked up to Naruto’s skills.

Both had the same goal, to become the Hokage. So, the 2nd exam was the perfect opportunity for Konohamaru to prove that he was eligible to become the Hokage compared to Naruto by getting promoted to a Chūnin.

But Naruto was no easy opponent. He beat the living shit out of Konohamaru and proved to be the strongest Shinobi one standing in the arena.

At that moment, even you would’ve thought that he finally became a Chūnin.

Sadly Naruto won the match by playing against the rules. He used a banned ninja move during the battle. The examiners had already talked about the rules, but Naruto missed that part.

As a result, he got disqualified. Konohamaru ultimately won and became a Chūnin.

This made Naruto’s eyes bawl out. He was refusing to accept his defeat against his friend.

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When did Naruto take the Chūnin exams?

naruto styuding

Naruto took his first Chūnin exams at the age of 13. The exam was hosted in Hidden Leaf Village. He was a young Genin with a lack of experience with dreams of becoming the Hokage.

Unfortunately, the exam was canceled because Konoha was attacked by Orochimaru and his allies. During that moment, Orochi killed the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Naruto took his second Chūnin exam, hosted by Sunagakure in the Land of Wind. He was about 13-15 years old when he participated in this exam.

And as you already know, he was disqualified for using a banned ninja move.

Why Did Naruto Fail to Become a Chūnin?

It’s not that Naruto doesn’t have the ability to become a Chūnin, but each time he participated in the exam, something kept him from getting a promotion.

During the first exam, Hiruzen Sarutobi was killed, which left the whole village in chaos. After the disaster, Konoha never remained the same.

Following Hiruzen’s death, the Konoha elected their new Fifth Hokage as; Tsunade. The village was slowly starting to get used to Tsunade, but soon another incident occurred.

The infamous team Akatsuki, led by Nagato, entered Konoha and captured Naruto because he possessed the great Nine-tailed Fox. The village again suffered through some unbelievable destruction.

Naruto won the fight with Nagato, but the threat wasn’t over. Obito announced the great Fourth Ninja War.

The war caused havoc in the ninja world. To stop the war, all 5 ninja villages allied. The battle lasted for two days, but many things happened during those days. The legendary Uchiha, Madara, was reincarnated again by Kabuto with many other villains.

Even the first four Hokages were reincarnated again to stop Madara.

With the help of reincarnated Hokages and the allied shinobis’, Naruto successfully stopped the Ten-Tails Beast, which Obito summoned. He defeated Madara, and the villagers lived to see another peaceful day.

Naruto kept getting into trouble after the exams. So, he trained to make a strong bond with the Demoni Fox and gained enough powers to take down a god-like demon, Kaguya Otsutsuki.

During those times mastered several skills and attacks which were at a greater level, more significant than that of a Jōnin.

As time passed, becoming a Chūnin never became important to him.  Keeping the Konoha village safe was always his priority.

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When did Naruto become a Jōnin?

Sorry, he didn’t become a Jōnin!

It’s funny that Naruto has become the Hokage without being promoted to a Chūnin or a Jōnin.

After the attack by Pain in Konoha, Kakashi was elected as the new Sixth Hokage of the village. And during that moment, the Kakashi gave Naruto a chance to prove himself and promote him from Genin to Jōnin.

Naruto had to study the Jōnin course for two years. Naruto gives his best, then what happens in the exam?

When does Naruto take the Jōnin exams?

He never took the Jōnin exams!

You also know how terrible Naruto is in his studies. It was clear why Naruto couldn’t become a Chūnin or Jōnin. In terms of battles, he always had the best ideas, but during tests, his brain cells gave up.

Why did Naruto never become a Jōnin?

Even though Naruto failed to get a promotion, he accomplished his dream and became The Hokage.

His contributions to the Shinobi world were more than enough. He took part in many battles essential to save Konoha and remained victorious.

He got all the recognition he deserved since he was a kid. He was able to perform S- rank Jutsu and was able to do impressive team plays.

Naruto even successfully used Kurama’s power and gained access to limitless chakra. With such qualities, Naruto never needed to become a Chūnin or Jōnin. He was the perfect one who was eligible to become a Hokage.

Naruto’s unshakeable will and determination helped him gain his goal and extraordinary powers, which are more high-ranked than those of a Chūnin or Jōnin.

Why did Naruto never become a Jōnin? Because he never needed to be one.

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When does Naruto become a Genin?

Naruto whiskers

We feel glad to tell you that Naruto successfully became a Genin. Although he wasn’t good at anything as his friends, Sasuke and Shikamaru, he passed extraordinarily.

He mastered the forbidden Jutsu, Shadow Clone. After learning this skill, he was automatically promoted to Genin. Technically, he didn’t pass the exam and became a Genin.

Yep, the rules in this anime’s exams are pretty complicated.

Naruto was about 12-13 years old when he gained the rank of a Genin. His son, Boruto, also became a Genin at the same age.

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