When does Luffy use Gear four?


Luffy has gone through extreme battles and situations throughout his voyage to chase his dream of becoming King of Pirates. Throughout his battle, he proved that the Gear 4 was one of the most powerful and efficient gear to use.

So, when does he use it?

The Captain of the Straw Hats has faced many competitors who share the same dream as him. To overcome them, he has used Gear Fourth multiple times.

Let’s see how he does it!

How many Gears can Luffy transform into?

Luffy gear

Luffy can transform into a total of three gears granting him ridiculous power in each transformation. He is capable of utilizing his Devil Fruit power within different gears and performing greater attacks.

He can transform into three Second, Third and Fourth gears. Each gear exceeds the strength of the previous one sucking more stamina with greater consequences.

Let’s get to know about the gears that Luffy uses.

Second Gear

Luffy uses Gear second by pumping blood into different parts of his body, consuming more oxygen and energy and boosting his metabolism causing more hunger than usual and having a paralysis type of effect after constant use of this gear.

This technique grants Luffy the ability to move swiftly and attack opponents with great strength strong enough to lose their ground.

With this technique, Luffy can perform powerful strikes such as Jet Bazooka, Red Hawk, Jet Pistol, and Jet Gattling which could easily beat the shit out of infamous opponents like Wadatsumi and Arlong Pirates.

Luffy faces a lot of consequences with the use of this gear but all he needs is a bunch of meat to recover.

Third Gear

Mugiwara uses Gear third to make his limbs as big as Giants. He pumps air into his bones by making a small opening to blow air by biting his finger.

This technique enhances Luffy with so much power that he was able to knock out the most powerful member of Cipher Pol 9, a group that works for the World Government.

Luffy can coat his gigantic fist in Haki with the help of gear third which holds tremendous power strong enough to blow a battleship with a single strike.

Fourth Gear

Gear Fourth technique is the most terrific form Luffy has ever transformed into. Gear fourth transformation is the advanced version exceeding the power of gear third.

Unlike Gear Third, this Gear is a muscular form of Luffy that gives him a cool tattoo-like design of flames when coated with Busoshoku Haki.

This Gear gives Luffy tremendous strength but it is only for a certain period of time. When the time limit is off, he faces consequences. He gets worn off so badly that he barely even has any stamina to move until he regains his Haki.

Depending on the power of Gear Fourth, Luffy was able to conquer and fight against the most wanted pirates of the sea such as Donquixote Doflamingo, Charlotte Katakuri, and Cracker.

When did Luffy learn Gear Fourth for the first time?

Each of the Straw Hat Pirates was dispersed and sent flying to different places by Bartholomew(former member of the Revolutionary Army).

Luffy was also sent to the Amazon Lily (An Empire located on Women’s Island). He created a ruckus around the Empire and was the most wanted criminal on that Island. Mistakenly, he trespassed into the territory of Snake Princess(Boa Hancock).

When he was at Amazon Lily, he got to know about the execution of his brother Portgas D. Ace and went in an attempt to save his brother by taking part in Paramount War.

He allied with the Emperor of the Sea, Edward Newgate to save his brother. But unfortunately, Ace was killed by Akainu when he tried to save Luffy.

After the end of Paramount, Luffy suffered from trauma and was mentally depressed as he saw his big brother get killed in front of his eyes.

Subsequently, he went through that tragic incident and he decided to get stronger and trained for two years with Silvers Rayleigh.

Rayleigh trained him harder day by day and taught him about Haki and his gear abilities.
Under the direction of The Dark King, Luffy managed to learn Gear Fourth, and later on, he evolved his gear fourth with Armament Haki.

When did Luffy unlock every gear?

Luffy was battling against the assassin member of Cipher Pol 9, Blueno.

The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates was having difficulty defeating Blueno as he had the special ability of Rokushiki Martial arts granting him superhuman strength.

Luffy stated that he needs to be stronger to save his crewmate, Nico Robin from the World Government.

So, he found a new way to be powerful by pumping blood into his body providing him with more oxygen and nutrients granting him more ability to increase his speed and power.

Learning this technique was very advantageous for him as he defeated Blueno and was able to earn victory by evolving the gear second into third against the top member of Cipher Pol

However, while battling against Cipher Pol 9 at Enies Lobby, Luffy used gear second and Rob Lucci mentioned that rapid pumping of blood and forcing his heart to work overtime causes a negative impact on cardiovascular health.

Later on, during the two-year time skip, he was able to master gear second and gear third and unlock new gear which exceeded the capability of both previous gears.

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Luffy uses Gear Fourth for the first time


During the fight in Dressrosa, Doflamingo’s birdcage was shrinking, slashing everything with those durable sharp strings.

The fate of Dressrosa Kingdom was in the hands of Luffy.

Throughout the battle, Doflamingo started to overpower Law and Luffy. The allied pirates got overwhelmed. They started to face critical hits, they were losing ground so bad that they were on the verge of being defeated.

That’s when the Captain of the straw hats did something unbelievable that left the fans jaw-dropped. Luffy used his Trump card, Gear Fourth(Bounce Man) which gave him the ultimate boost to his strength and energy.

The tides turned, and Luffy started to overwhelm Doflamingo.

He managed to blow some fierce strikes at Doflamingo and outplayed him but Doflamingo was still managing to continue the fight. But on the other side, Luffy reached his time limit. All the citizens were doomed.

Time was very crucial, Doflamingo made a comeback. One after another problems started to appear, Birdcage was closing in and Luffy was worn out.

Fortunately, Princess Viola, Rebecca, and other citizens were buying time for Luffy by sacrificing themselves.

The captain of the straw hat finally regained his Haki and made a showy comeback.

Lastly, Mugiwara again transformed into Gear fourth and blew air in his arm making it Gigantic. The battle went intense! Doflamingo and Luffy, both used their final and ultimate attack.

The Heavenly Demon with his Sixteen Holy Bullets and The straw Hat with his King Kong.

The ultimate attack clashed with each other. During the clash, Luffy’s King Kong in Gear Fourth overpowered Doflamingo’s The Sixteen Holy Bullets and remained victorious.

Would Luffy still be alive if he didn’t use Gear Fourth?

Luffy has depended upon various forms and transformations to defeat many infamous pirates. He has gone through different situations where he could’ve died but no. The fate of the captain of the straw hats pirates is strong.

Traveling back into time, Luffy has used Fouth Gear as his trump card to overwhelm formidable opponents whom he couldn’t defeat with Gear Third.

Luffy fought with different strongest characters such as Charlotte Lilin, Donquixote Doflamingo, Charlotte Katakuri, and the strongest creature of the world, Kaidou.

Mugiwara’s gear third didn’t stand a chance against Donquixote Doflamigo so he used Gear fourth. Would he be able to knock out Infamous pirates like Katakuri and Cracker without using Gear Fourth? No.

He wouldn’t have been fighting like a badass with one of the Emperors of the Sea, Kaido if he didn’t have gear fourth till now.

It’s all thanks to the two years of training at Ruskania where he learned to use Gear Fourth with Haki. It’s been his trump card now and Luffy has been smacking everyone with the use of it.

Without Gear Fourth, The captain of the Straw Hats would’ve died a long time ago.

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Whom does Luffy fight with Gear Fourth?

Luffy’s Dad

Gear Fourth is the Ultimate weapon of Luffy. He has fought many strongest pirates throughout his voyage.

The Captain of the Straw Hats has even clashed with the Emperors of the sea such as Big Mom and Kaidou who controlled the whole New World.

Gear Fourth is the most powerful form of Luffy till now and it has been his trump card since he learned to use it.

It is Luffy’s trump card as it holds the most powerful attacks on him such as Black Mamba, Kong Organ, Cannon Ball, King Cobra, and King Kong Gun.

When Gear Second or Gear Third doesn’t work on an opponent, there goes a blow of any Gear Fourth attack flashingly.

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