When does Franky join Luffy?

One Piece has many different unique characters, and Franky is also a character with his own peculiarity. He is a cyborg whose physical abilities exceed the capability of a normal human.

Cyborg Franky is the shipwright of the Straw hat Pirates. He was the head of the Frank family and was also the eighth member to join the Straw Hat.

Franky joined the Straw Hats after they succeeded in rescuing Nico Robin from the World Government at water 7. If you’re wondering about what Arc and episode did Franky join Luffy.

Here it is!!! The article below will answer your every question.

When did Franky meet Luffy for the first time?

During the Water 7 Arc, Luffy and Franky encountered each other. The Straw Hats and Franky Family were enemies of each other at first. Let’s roll back to the time when Franky met with Luffy7 for the first time.

In episode 223 of the Water 7 Arc, Straw Hats went to Water 7. Frank and his fellow members stole the funds of the Straw hats Pirates, and when Ussop tried to take back the money, he was beaten to a pulp by Franky Family.

In exchange, the Straw Hats destroy the house of Franky. Franky saw Luffy at the boat at water Seven and attacked him. However, they got away from each other due to some circumstances.

They were enemies of each other. But the story turned to a different point, and they became friends with each other.

Franky was targeted by the World Government because he destroyed the blueprint of the dangerous weapon of the world. He was about to get assassinated by top official members of the Cipher Poll 9 who work for the World Government.

Fortunately, the captain of the Straw Hats saved Franky at the exact moment when Cutty Flam was about to get killed at the hands of Rob Lucci. That’s when the head of the Franky family became friends with Mugiwara.

Luffy also needed to defeat Rob Lucci because one of his crew, Nico Robin, was captured by them. So, to return the favor, Franky also decided to help the Straw Hats by saving Demon Child.

Why did Franky join Luffy?

After the Straw Hats defeated the members of the Cipher Poll and rescued Nico robin, the straw hats were about to get off the island. But Luffy hesitated to do so as he wanted a shipwright for the ship.

During the end of Water 7 Saga, it was revealed that Franky had the ambition to make his own ship and circumnavigate the whole world in it. As Luffy already thought Franky was cool as a cyborg, he also knew that Cutty Flam was a shipwright.

He thought that Franky would be the best shipwright for him and asked him to join the crew, but Frank was picky from the start. He refused Luffy’s order.

However, Luffy is also very persistent. He compelled Franky to join his crew. You’ll burst into laughter if you get to know how Luffy made Franky join his crew.

Luffy grabbed underwear of Franky and said that he won’t give it back until he joined the Straw hats. He chased Mugiwara all over the town naked, but he still didn’t give his underwear back.

Look how persistent our Luffy is!!!

But Franky also didn’t give up. He refused again and again. Poor Cyborg had to commit his defeat at last as his balls were in the hands of Nico Robin. She almost crushed his balls.

Seeing Luffy’s determined ambition to become the King of Pirates and his subsequent effort to let him join his crew, Franky thought he would be able to fulfill his ambition if he sailed along with him. That’s when Cyborg Franky joined the Straw Hats.

Why did Luffy decide to let Franky in?

After Luffy knew that Franky was an apprentice of Tom, the one who made the ship of King of Pirates, he got interested in Franky.

He also knew that Franky was a shipwright and had the dream to circumnavigate the whole world with a ship made by himself. That is when Luffy thought that Franky would make a good asset to his crew as a shipwright, and he would also be able to carry his ambition while traveling with them.

Franky was strong, determined, skilled, and was, of course, cool for Luffy as he was a cyborg. So Luffy decided to let him join his crew and asked him.

luffy franky

However, Franky rejected the offer as he was very picky. But we know no’ one is pickier than Luffy. The captain of the straw hats finally made him the shipwright of his crew.

Soon after Franky joined the Straw Hats, he made a new ship named Thousand Sunny Go in the replacement of Going Merry. They replaced Going Merry because it couldn’t sail further even if it was repaired.

The Straw Hats lost one of the important crew members, Going Merry, and found a new member crew member Cyborg Franky in Water Seven and sailed from there on the new journey.

How did Franky join the Straw Hats?

At first, Franky Family and the Straw Hats were enemies of each other. Franky and his members robbed the fund of Straw Hats and beat the shit out of one of their crew members, Ussop.

So the Straw Hats destroyed the house of the Franky Family as trade. They were opponents, but fate was unpredictable. Franky, who hated the Straw Hats, becomes a crew member of them at the end.

Franky was kidnapped and was about to get eliminated along with a crew member of Straw Hats, Nico Robin. But while they were saving Robin, they also saved Cutty Flam.

After then, Franky also helped to rescue the crew members of the Straw Hats to save his life. They became friends with each other. And at the end, he decided to join the Straw Hats when Luffy offered him to become the shipwright of the crew as they didn’t have one.

So, to return the favor of saving his life, he decided to help them by sailing with them as their shipwright. Therefore, he joined the Straw Hats after their captain offered to join the crew.

In which episode did Franky join Luffy?

Doung the Water Seven Arc, episode 223, the Straw Hats made their first appearance in the town. However, one of their crew members was captivated and was about to get killed by the World government. So, they went against the World for their crew.

At the same time, Franky was also captured by the World Government for destroying Pluton. However, he got saved by the Straw Hats while saving their crewmate.

He also helped the Straw Hats in saving their crew and became good friends with them later on.

After the Straw Hats saved their crew, Luffy asked Franky to join the crew. During that time, he joined the crew as they wanted a good shipwright.

At the end of the Saga, in episode 322, Franky joined the Straw Hats crew and sailed away from Water 7 for the journey to circumnavigate the entire world.

How did Franky and Luffy become friends?

Franky is the head of the ship dismantler Franky Family while on the other side, Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hats. Both of these fellow characters were unknown to each other.

At a point, they were also enemies of each other. But as of now, they are both in the same crew helping each other to fulfill each other’s dreams.

So what actually happened that reunited both of these strangers to become loyal and promising friends of each other?

luffy franky

Let’s dig into it!!

When Luffy arrived at Water 7, Frank and his members stole some funds from Straw Hats, and while trying to take it back, Ussop was beaten badly by Cutty Flam.

Later on, Straw Hats also took revenge by destroying his house. That’s when they became opponents of each other. But after some time, Cyborg Franky was captured by Cipher Poll 9 along with Nico Robin.

So, while the Straw Hats were attempting to save the Demon Child, Mugiwara also saved Franky from getting killed. After that, Franky also helped Luffy to save his crew member.

Later on, they became friends with each other, and Franky later on decided to join the Straw Hats as Luffy offered him. He held the position of the shipwright for the Straw Hats Pirates and is also chasing his dream by sailing with them.

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