When Does Daredevil Get His Suit?

Marvel’s Daredevil

Daredevil, the man without fear is also a man of style with plenty of suits at his disposal. Whether it be his stylish well-fitted shiny red suit or his all-black suit, he has nailed his looks in all of them.

To what consequences has he worn these different suits? How did he get it? We will gradually unveil this matter too, but first, let us know how a man with vision deficiency can protect his city Hell’s Kitchen with all his powers. Are these superpowers?

Does Daredevil have a superpower?

It’s a matter of concern how the guy with the disability of vision blindness can be so powerful to save the town from bandits.

Well, Matt Mudrock had lost his sight during a childhood accident. That is a most unfortunate event but upon losing his eyesight, his other senses heightened to an extreme level, to the level beyond normal human beings could possess. Thus, his other senses such as smell, touch, taste, and hearing capacity reached a superhuman level.

Further, Matt has a pain tolerance capacity to an elevated level. He has reflexes. agility, and balance to a heightened level. He possesses a minor telepathic ability too.

His blindness doesn’t limit him to be a real hero. Despite his blindness, he can make a map of the surrounding from his conscious intellectual level.

He has such a heightened sensitivity that he could even detect body temperature, sweating, and heartbeats which makes him the walking lie detector.

Well, of course, Matt has superhuman strength and he has excellent martial arts skills but this may not be regarded as a superpower with supernatural strength. But Matt can be surely be regarded as a superhero as he a savior of his town.

Most superheroes possess their famous suit. So why will our Daredevil stay aside? Let’s know about his suit journey.

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When does Daredevil get his suit?

In the TV series, portrayed by Charlie Cox

Daredevil, an ethical lawyer and a vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen is a man with super strength. He is always ready to fight against the bandits and save innocent people. As he doesn’t want to reveal his identity he is required to have a costume to keep it private and for his protection too.

At the beginning of the series, we witness Matt wearing a temporary costume on his own. He wears a sweatshirt, pants, and white sneakers all in black. How can we forget the black rag that he uses to fully cover his eyes to hide his identity? In this look, he didn’t have an eyehole in his black rag, well it doesn’t matter as Matt doesn’t possess a vision though.

Initially, he just used to refuse the idea of wearing the armored suit as he believed it would slow his fighting being heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Thus this guy, a man without a fear is seen fighting throughout the first season with his enemies and thugs all in a black get-up.

In one of his fights with Wilson Fick, aka Kingpin, he realized the importance of armored cloth. During that fight, Fick was unharmed due to his stab-proof suit. Thus Matt decided to make the jacket from the same person whom Kingpin make his.

In episode 11 of season 1 of Daredevil, he ordered designer Melvin Potter to design his armored dress. The designer agreed to design the suit for Matt in a condition to protect his close family from Fick as Potter had to design a costume for Fick’s rival.

We finally witnessed the Daredevil’s suit at the end of season 1, episode 13. It was the iconic red-colored shiny leathered dress with black stripes. How can we forget a helmet with a devil’s horn and eye hole in it? As per Potter, the black part give Daredevil the most protection and the red part might or might not deflect a knife depending on the angle. 

The combination of the red dress and black dress of the vigilante and its devil horn is supposed to resemble the Christian Devil.

So, why does Matt Murdock dress as the devil?

Well,  Matt chooses to be the devil as he believes he will never be able to be the right as per the norms of society’s ideal morals. Perhaps, he also considers himself a devil for those who are a threat to society.

Now coming back to his suit, he was not in the same suit forever. The suit was further upgraded many times. What might be the consequences of this change? Let’s dive into this matter.

In season 2, during a fight with another vigilante named Punisher, Daredevil’s helmet was destroyed. It was cracked in between the horns due to a gunshot from Punisher. Hence, Matt went to Potter for the complete transformation of his suit. Potter added a few upgrades to his suit.

The horn was transformed which looked less goofy this time. Nevertheless, the Daredevil logo was added to suit with its initial ‘DD’ make on its chest. Even his billy club was upgraded.

In season 3, Daredevil just abandoned his Red suit as he believed he had just outgrown what the suit symbolizes, hence he came back to his all-black avatar.

On the other hand, Fick makes a copycat suit of Daredevil which is worn by  Poindexter. Both these evil heads were prepared to commit the crimes and blame Daredevil for their wrongs.

Unfortunately, the Daredevil show got canceled on Netflix due to the end of Marvel contracts due to which we are not able to witness what happens next. But hey, next season of Daredevil is coming back on Disney+, are you excited to see Daredevil back in his iconic costume?

Daredevil’s suit in Comics

Daredevil in comics dated back to 1964. In comics, Daredevil was in the suit from the beginning How can we forget his first yellow and black suit with red gloves and boots? It had a  single D as a logo. This suit quietly didn’t look so good on him! However, this suit was readapted several times in comics.

Thankfully, his outfit was updated in issue 7 with a red outfit. The look was simple on the surface and experimented with the light color shadow with the slight logo change including a double ‘D’. This became an iconic look of Daredevil for nearly 30 years until an edgy update in the 90s.

Daredevil was not only a man without fear but he can be known as a man with a closet full of styles. His outfit was not limited to the one we mentioned till now. He slayed in different styles in the different parallel universes. Let’s go through the evolution of his outfit.

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Daredevil’s Suit Evolution

All Black Sweatsuit

We must consider it a humble beginning, that Matt Mudrock was set to save Hell’s Kitchen with his simple all-black sweatshirt, pant, and blindfold.

He adapted this avatar to save the child and his friend Mickey from Kingpin’s kidnapping. Well, the avatar he adapted was not actually in an armored suit, it was just a normal sweatsuit that needed an upgrade for his protection.

Yellow-black Suit

At the beginning of the comic series, our very own hero is seen in the yellow-black suit. He wore a yellow suit with a black waist shirt, gloves, boots, and of course mask with horns. It had a single D over the chest in red color.

Daredevil wore this suit when he was chasing his father’s killer, Fixer who eventually died due to a heart attack due to the fright against Daredevil.

Classic Red Suit

After issue 7 in comics, Daredevil was seen in his red costume which became the iconic one. This costume was further reformed with a double ‘D’ on his chest. How can his goofy mask with the horn and a red lens be forgotten? Daredevil wore this red costume for longer several times than other any other of his suit.

At Secret War

At a point in time, Nick Fury’s antics led him into a secret war with the home country of Dr. Doom named Latveria. Thus he recruited a team of heroes including Spiderman, Luke Cage, Wolverine, Black Widow, Captain America, and of course Dare Devil.

Nick Fury gave the new costume to each hero to keep their involvement somewhat secretive. Daredevil was also given a very stylish look. His advanced look included a black suit with a red highlight with a shiny utility belt. Also, his red shiny Billy club was updated.

This look of Daredevil was loved by most of the fans and it was affectionately knowns as the Daredevil stealth suit.

Silver mixed Suit

Once, during a violent circumstance, Madrock came into a fight with Silver Sable and her wild pack. During their battle, they tore his Red suit of Daredevil into several pieces.

During this recovery period, Man without Fear adopted an updated look which was more grey tint with a red highlight. He had a grey helmet with a glowing red lens.

The updated armor was all along his shoulder, arms, and knees, with serrated pieces of silver offering increased protection.

Shadowland Events

There was a time when Daredevil fell under the control of a demon known as Beast. He used Matt’s body and took over Hell’s Kitchen and turned it into a fortress. Beast became the leader of Hand and fought against the ninja group.

To depict the dark nature of Beast, a new costume was designed for him. It was smooth and glossy all black with a black red logo on the chest featuring a bright red lens. Further, the red belt, gloves, and shoes completed the look of this outfit.

Later, Madrock came was able to gain his body and hence he readapted his red iconic look.

Mangaverse Suit

In one of the manga verses of Daredevil, Matt was seen covered in the red whole metal suit with a well-equipped Billy Club. Well, the silver mask with the horns completed the whole suit and the looks of Man without Fear.

Back in Black Series

This suit had quite an emotional connection. It referenced the strength of Matt’s father and his training days in a boxing match.

The black colored suit resembles the boxing outfit that Matt’s father wore in a ring himself. The red wrapping around his head refers to the boxing globes. Further, the lens was redder than other suits.

Three Piece Suit

In the comics, at some point, we come to witness Daredevil’s identity had no more remained a private matter. Some criminals learned about his original identity and threatened to expose it.

To avoid this blackmail, Matt himself exposed himself as a Daredevil. Thus, without an urge to hide his identity he represented himself in a new suit.

It was a three-piece suit with a black undershirt. He further wore red gloves and he held a cane as a weapon. The logo of Daredevil was visible on his belt.

Either in a court or as a vigilante, he wore this suit for both purposes.

Matt Mudrock was not alone seen in the suit of Daredevil. Either in his absence or to defame him few people too wore the iconic suit. Let’s unviel them too.

Other Fighters in the Daredevil Suit

Benjamin Poindexter

In the TV show with the lead role of Charlie Cox, Daredevil, Benjamin made the copycat version of the Daredevil suit as per the direction of Kingpin. He made a copy of the same red and black armored suit made by Melvin Potter.

He wore the suit and committed crimes around Hell’s Kitchen. He just pinned all the blames for his crimes on our original Daredevil.


Our original Daredevil injured a criminal very badly in a part of a comic. Then he surrounded himself with the authority being highly inclined toward law and order. Although he concealed his face in a mask to keep his identity hidden.

In his absence, Electra took his identity to keep Hell’s Kitchen safe. She adapted her own version of the Daredevil red and black costume. She also included the Daredevil logo and iconic horned helmet. She further had the red fabric bandaged on her wrist and knees

This costume just fitted her and also depicted her own style.

Samuel Fisk

In Daredevil 2099, Samuel Fisk, grandson of Kingpin had taken over the moniker of Daredevil. He designed his own version of the suit for this purpose. It was a high-tech suit made entirely of metal consisting helmet and a gun holster.

Samuel didn’t quietly follow the path of his predecessor, instead, he chose the violent path. He lacked the super sense possessed by Matt Mudrock. Thus he was not skilled enough as a former Daredevil.

A daredevil is a man of ethics, who has a no-kill policy and is a badass hero of Hell’s Kitchen. He along with his multiple suits has never failed to impress us.

The show set up in Marvel Cinematic Universe was removed from Netflix. Thankfully Disney regained the license. We enjoyed the show up to season 3 and eagerly are waiting for season 4, Daredevil: Born Again. Are you excited too?

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