What Makes Satoru Gojo So Powerful?


Gojo Satoru is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer of all time, but what makes him hold that title?

Satoru has been the face of the franchise. He is almost invincible when it comes to power. He is in fact so strong that even some of the strongest villains of the franchise can’t even lay a finger on him.

Gojo Satoru is extraordinarily powerful and he is filled with potent! He holds the title of being the greatest sorcerer because even the principal of that sorcery school is scared of Gojo Satoru.

His powers have been a great threat to the whole jujutsu world, but what are the secrets behind Gojo being so powerful? There are many secrets that need to be unraveled besides his abilities. Let’s get started.

Why is everyone afraid of Gojo Satoru’s power?

Gojo Satoru

Gojo is not only a powerful and friendly character in the franchise, but he is also filled with terror and madness. Gojo Satoru is an exceptional character, and even his own friends are scared of the capability that Gojo holds. Is he so powerful that everyone is scared of him?
Yes! He is so decisive and powerful that everyone is scared of him.
When he made his first appearance in the franchise, even Sukuna was scared of the potential that Gojo had. Even his existence is a threat to the whole world. His mere presence is enough to stand the villains and paralyze them right on the spot.
Talking about his presence, he hasn’t even shown his true powers yet. When Satoru Gojo displays his full power, the characters might not even be alive to witness such greatness. He is truly fearsome and more likely to be the super threat to the world than other curses.
Even in every battle that we have witnessed in the anime, every opponent focuses on taking down Gojo Satoru more than any other character. The powers that he holds are so immense that when you decide to go on a one-on-one battle with Satoru Gojo, you’re basically preparing your win grave.
Battling Gojo alone can be represented as doing suicide.
We’re talking about the great powers that Gojoi holds. His presence alone is filled with terror, but what kind of powers are we exactly talking about? What are those abilities that make him truly one of the scariest and most powerful characters in the franchise?

Gojo’s Powers Explained


When Gojo takes his blindfold out, it’s game over. That’s how immense his powers are, but what exactly are they?

The character is blessed with some of the unique and most potent abilities. It can be hard for the fans to understand how he uses his amazing rare technique, the Limitless. Let’s take a brief look at his powers that makes him one of the scariest and most fearsome character!

The Limitless is such a unique ability that when a user is granted this gift, they become invincible. The power gives their user to take control over the whole space. With such ability, he can control the agility and performance of anything with his cursed energy.

The Limitless abilities don’t only end there; they can be modified into some of the most dangerous skills!

The first signature ability of Gojo Satoru is Cursed Technique LapsBlue which is the enhanced version of Limitless. The ability itself is dangerous, but when Gojo adds Blue, the list of destructive and terror gets added more and more. You might be eager to know what Blue is, so let’s look right away!

When Gojo adds Blue to his technique, he adds negative cursed energy to his ability, Limitless. When the technique is completed, it results in negative space, and the matters of the space will be pulled inward, filling the room.

Now let’s talk about the Cursed Technique Reversal: Red. This technique is just the inverse of Blue. Gojo used this ability by using Red, and he applied reversal techniques to the cursed energy that he used for Blue. In simple words, Red acts the opposite of Blue.

Red creates excess space and repels the matter, making it destructive and extremely powerful.

Now, let’s talk about Gojo’s secret and strongest technique, the Hollow Technique: Purple, which combines both elements, Blue and Red. So what will the combination of both of these elements result in? It results in ‘imaginary mass.’

When there’s a mix of both negative and positive energy in the space, it results in imaginary mass. And this mass is so powerful and unstoppable that it will erase everything that stays in its path.

The massive orb will cease your existence. That’s why it is an unstoppable and fearsome technique.

These are some of the techniques that have made Gojo indeed a beast in the franchise. In every anime, the protagonist will be the strongest, but a new challenger will arise in no time, is the same case in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Is Gojo Satoru truly the most robust character of the franchise? Or is someone else who can give him a tough time in a one-on-one battle?

No, there isn’t anyone in the franchise that can stand in the path of Satoru Gojo. You can already imagine the limit of his powers and how fearsome he is. But why is he so powerful and strong in the franchise?

Why is Gojo so powerful?

gojo Satoru

This sorcerer, Gojo, is a mad character. The power limit of this character doesn’t tend to stop. He might be the only character born with the Limitless and the Six Eyes. His charismatic eyes are beautiful, but they hold more destruction than you can ever imagine.

You might be eager to discover what power these Six Eyes hold. Well, these eyes help Gojo to enhance his destructive power more than it already is. This technique is a tsunami of death for the curses. It reduces the amount of cursed energy and results in a killing technique.

Even if Gojo wants to use the Limitless or Six Eyes alone, they are powerful enough to create Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue, which will act like a massive black hole and attach every matter.

This was the attraction method. He didn’t need any kind of special training or skills, but when it comes to repelling, the chapter changes. He learned to reverse the cursed energy to learn this extremely devastating technique. Doing such a thing is very difficult because cursed energy is meant to be negative.

The cursed energy is meant to hurt people, grow negative emotions, and only have negative power. But Gojo Satoru proved that such a curse can be manipulated and used for a good cause. How? Let’s take a look.

The word ‘curse’ itself gives us negative thoughts, but by manipulating them and creating positive cursed energy, they can be beneficial to humankind. Such positive cursed energy can be used to heal people. It will act in the opposite way of what default cursed energy is used to serve.

Gojo created Cursed Technique Reversal: Red, where he inverted the negative cursed energy. He is truly a genius!

Do you remember when we told you that opponents can barely even touch Gojo? Well, they can’t even lay a finger on him because he also has the capability to put an infinity barrier around him. And it only costs him a handful amount of energy.

Using the ability he created, he can heal himself as well. Satoru Gojo is powerful and invincible because he has scarce talents and is not a spoiled kid. He knows how to use his powers in extreme order, and also learns to manipulate them.

Gojo must be the only character with the power of the Limitless and the Six Eyes. Nevertheless, he might be the that was born with such rare talent after almost a hundred years.

Satoru has immense powers and rare abilities, and more importantly, he is a true genius. With all such combination of these skills, he is almost too powerful for the franchise. That must be why there has been no competition for Gojo Satoru.

Yes, there isn’t someone that can compete against Gojo Satoru, so does it mean that he is too overpowered? Why is he filled with so much potential? Way more than it should be.

Why is Satoru Gojo so overpowered?

We discussed many abilities of Gojo Satoru, and that’s the main reason why he is so overpowered.
The Limitless and Six Eyes are the two things that have made Gojo an overpowered character in the franchise. The definition we gave you of these abilities is just a mere fraction of its whole piece.
One of the unique things about his Six Eyes is that it grants its user the ability to sense and observe any kind of cures techniques. With such kind of ability, he can counter any kind of cursed technique, one of the moves that have made him invincible.
The six eyes also help the user with the minimum amount of curse energy, so when Gojo uses some kind of massive attack, only a handful of energy will get wasted. It’s almost impossible for him to run out of power in any battle.
And the fact that he even has the Limitless with him just adds another layer of power to its masterpiece. It is stated that over the past 100 years, Gojo is the only character to possess both of these abilities.
As we’ve already explained, the six eyes grant him a vast amount of vision, and to stop that vision, he uses the blindfold. That’s the main reason why Satoru Gojo wears blindfolds. What do we say? The more we talk about his power, the list gets much more longer. The next chapter of his power is Domain Expansion.
Another fraction of the Limitless is his Domain Expansion, Infinite Void. His Domain Expansion is considered the strongest Domain Expansion of the whole franchise. He can create a void of space in his Domain Expansion, and within the space, he can control any matter that he wishes to.
A little glimpse of the Infinite Void was shown during his battle with a particular grade Cursed, Jogo. The power this character holds is way beyond infinity. He holds rare powers, but even though a user has grasped the ability, they can’t control it and in Gojo’s, using the power doesn’t seem quite tricky.


He can use both of his rare abilities in it’s totality with it. The self-control that Satoru Gojo possesses is another major reason why he is so overpowered. Satoru has a great mindset, and that’s another kind of ability if we have to say.
The best sorcerer of the franchise has left its audience in disbelief with its powers. He takes on every opponent and defeats them with ease, like he’s playing with a toy.
Whenever we get the iconic moment to witness Gojo in a battle, he makes the action much more exciting and gives the audience more room to be fascinated and surprised.
His powers are far more unpredictable and powerful than we can even assume. As we’ve already said, these might just be a fraction of his powers. As we get to witness more of Gojo’s battles and duels, the mystery will start to unravel itself.
The world of Jujutsu Kaisen is aware of the powers that Satpru Gojo holds. They know his capability and are scared of him. When he makes his presence in the area, the cursed spirit has no other option. They can choose between running away or sacrificing their life.
If Gojo decides to rage and go on his own, he has the capability to dominate the whole squad of the the sorcerer’s team. He is a gift and one of a kind. The LImitless and Six Eyes have made him the most powerful character of the franchise. Truly a mesmerizing character!

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