What makes Joker an out box character?

the joker

Aside from the sick humor, Joker is more peculiar than any other character, which makes him the favorite of everyone, even though he’s a villain. He is a character that cannot be decided if he’s a protagonist or an antagonist.

Joker’s simplicity and uncertainty are something else, and he’s a total mystery. No one has the most straightforward clue about what he’s coming up with. But when he approaches flashily, he always appears with a surprise to his fans.

His unpredictable nature is what makes him an overrated character. He’s a wholesome character with attributes no one can ever match. To be honest, there are a lot of people who admire Joker more than other superheroes.

So, what is something that makes him the most exceptional? What are the reasons behind it?

Let’s take a look at it!

He is not a funny character

What do we expect Joker to be? Probably a humorous trickster with a couple of dumbshit activities resulting in his audience appreciating him for his stupidity. However, he’s not.

So, what kind of personality does he hold? Is he a funny character? Let us help you with it!

Even though his alias explains himself as a gag character, he’s not one. But he is demonstrated as a funny character because neither he nor the audience knows if he’s serious or hilarious. Unpredictable.

He’s just a brain lagger that ends up simultaneously making us feel amusing and disgustingly severe. In other words, he can change the mood of his viewers like a roller-coaster.

Although he’s a Joker, the character doesn’t seem funny, as he’s not developed to be like that. DC made him like this. What a clown of a Joker.

Joker is not any comedian, and he’s just a fool. His motive is not to cause hilarity in a situation, but he’s a character who is trying to show the irrationality of life by himself being irrational.

He’s not trying to entertain us by making a clown of himself, and he’s just making us realize what we think of something or someone as a society is a complicated, paper-thin facade.

We often see him laughing, and yeah, he laughs at me, he laughs at you, he laughs at everyone. To him, our morals are funny, and he’s trying to wake us from the illusion we’re living in. Did you get it? Funny right? But he’s not!

How a villain surpassed a hero

With his insanity, Joker is the only villain who surpasses a hero. He doesn’t have any superpowers or abilities, but he can and has overwhelmed many.

You might get misunderstood this, but it is a fact. He is inferior to heroes. Not in terms of powers but in terms of personality first. The simplicity of his character outclassed others which is why he’s more appreciated than a hero.

What made him so exceptional to other heroes is the mystery that resides with him. His character is so dark that it matches most of Gotham’s poor population’s lives and activities.


Joker’s character relates to the story of people who live everyday life. He is just an average person who represents our emotions, anger, distress, desires, joy, and everything the other average person feels about, which is why he’s appreciated the most.

He is a hero as an implication as he cleaned the messy Gotham city, demolished organized crime financially, uplifted the spirit of Gotham, and eliminated the corrupt police officers. He also declared himself the savior of Gotham after he put an end to the flying pests that were corrupting the city.

Even though he got involved in terrible crimes, people still liked him. This is because we all know his past of him and how much he has been through.

The main reason why everyone loves him is that we know that he didn’t want to be villainous. The morals of society and different harsh situations compelled him.

The start of a unique fanbase of villains

Our mind loves mysteries and the antiheroes are undeniably mysterious. So, although the antagonist shows us what we like, we hate them. The reason is simple: we get frightened when we encounter uncertainty which all the villains come up with.

In simple words, we hate villains as they ruin or create different turns of events in a smooth plot i.e. they come up with what we don’t want to see. It disgusts us.

Most people hate antagonists, but the entire perspective of disliking Villians changed when DC came up with a legendary character like Joker. No one can deny this fact.

Joker is crazy as he’s shown killing people without hesitation because he finds it funny. His actions are, without a doubt criminal as he’s the total opposite of Batman, who is serious, heroic, and rational. But we still like him. Why?

He is an insane character who is the most appreciated villain. His existence is the reason why most people nowadays love antagonists, and he became a game changer.

Even though he is a psychopath, a nihilistic killer, he’s overrated because he romanticizes what he represents. The fact of the Joker is just a chunk of the character’s prevailing power.

Joker is demonstrated to be a walking resurrection of our emotions, anger, fears, wants, passion, and desires. Thus, most of us look at him and observe the uninhibited uproar of the id, which makes him attractive. If we keep him from a different perspective rather than a villain, he is way too ahead of us.

DC portrayed Joker’s story as an antagonist that amused many fans, resulting in massive growth in the fanbase of Villians. Since then, viewers started to change their opinions on antiheroes and started appreciating them.


Joker’s backstory was truly horrible which is sure to give you chills if you listen to it. Even, why he is an underrated villain is related to his background story. Let’s thrive into the mysterious past of Joker.

Joker is from a heavily industrialized city Gotham, where one has to struggle to live because of the mass corruption. He had mental illness, and it became worse when he didn’t get the medication to help with those problems as he was short of money.

Instead of helping him with that harsh situation, others treated him poorly because of the same issues. He gets helpless as he feels left out by his father, whom he never knew.

Moreover, his mother was very abusive to him, but it didn’t matter until he knew he was adopted. The sadness hit him like a truck when he found that his mother had been lying to him for all those years.

Not only that, he got treated as a bully tool when some men tried to impress women as they had power and money. As it was too much for him, he eventually started to get guns and cause havoc.

So yeah, the criminal mastermind, goofy prankster, and sadistic humorous Joker we are seeing have a tragic past, which might be the ultimate reason he is different.

As he faced all of the worst possible things in his past, he’s now someone who doesn’t care about anyone or anything. He doesn’t care what people think of him, he just does what he likes or faces anything without hesitation because it’s fun for him.

He has the potential to defeat superheroes without superhuman abilities

Joker is such a character who has no access to superhuman powers but is still feared as he’s capable of overwhelming an opponent with absurd superhuman powers and abilities. It is also believed that he can even trounce Superman with no powers.

A joker is literally an average person, but his normality is the biggest threat to anyone. He is someone not to overestimate as no one has the most straightforward clue what he has rolled around his sleeves. Confused? Let us elaborate!

So yeah, Joker can eliminate superheroes with his powers and strategies. When someone tries to confront him, he comes up with something that’ll leave his opponent helpless.

We know that he lacks the superhuman ability, but he has mastery over chemical engineering, which he uses the most as his weaponry. With a vast knowledge of chemistry, he develops lethal or poisonous brews and plays cards stripped with razors.

Not only that, but the deadly joy buzzers and acid-spraying lapel flowers of him are disgustingly dangerous. A terrifying thing is his manipulation technique. He’s so good at it that he can create a conflict between two superheroes, compelling them to battle each other.

Joker cannot stand a chance against Superman in a one-on-one battle, but if both of them are given enough time to make plans, he can be the ridiculously overwhelming opponent the man of steel will face.

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