What Kind of Dog Is Bond Forger in Spy × Family?

Bond Forger

The recent hit series, Spy X Family, has taken over the world by storm. With amazing characters like Loid, Yor, Anya, and an addictive storyline, it has become popular among fans.

The anime series has the same storyline as that of the manga. However, the anime series has recently completed its first season. So if you want to know what happens next and can’t wait for the next season, we suggest you read the manga.

You won’t regret it.

Now, during the series, the Forger family adopts a dog. And let me remind you, it’s not your ordinary dog, that you just pick up from the pet store. It’s BOND!!! No, it’s not James Bond, it’s the Forger family’s dog, Bond.

Bond, The Dog

Bond is a big, white and fluffy dog. It has black paws, that resemble the gloves and shoes of a spy, just like Anya’s favorite TV character, Bondman. He has a big build with small black eyes and small droopy ears.

In chapter 23.6, Secret Mission 2, there were some pieces of information regarding Bond.

In the later part of the panel, it’s written that the writers were going to name the dog Peanuts, considering Anya’s love for peanuts. However, the name seemed to evoke the name of another white dog, so they decided to stick with Bond. It is also said that the writer never settled on a particular breed, but Bond’s features were somewhat modeled after Great Pyrenees.

It also showed some of the original designs of how Bond was supposed to look, but to be honest, the current one is much better.

Bond’s History

Before meeting the Forger family, Bond was used as a test subject in experiments. He was a part of a research initiative called  “Project Apple. The project was initiated by the Ostanian regime, with the aim to produce highly intelligent animals from all sorts of species. Due to the continuous experiments and tests, Bond acquired a special ability to see the future.

During his time as a test subject, he was treated very badly. He wasn’t fed well, often given shots, and electrocuted at a high voltage. This made him very weak and fear humans. After the research was closed, Bond along with other test subjects was sold on the black market. There Bond fell into the hands of Keith Kepler and was trained as a bomb dog, in their plan to assassinate the Foreign Minister.

How did they meet Bond?

spy x family

It all started when Anya got her first Stellar Star. 

For those of you who don’t know what a Stellar Star is, it is the ticket for getting into the Imperial Scholars Group of the Prestigious School, Eden Academy. Collect 8 of them, and you are in the group.

How did Anya get a Stellar star?

Yes! Anya did get a Stellar Star.

Loid Forger, the famous spy ” Twilight”, was given a mission to prevent the war between Westalis and Ostania. His mission, Operation Strix required him to monitor Donovan Desmond, who happened to be the father of Anya’s classmate, Damian Desmond.

Since those in the Imperial Group were able to meet up with Donovan, Loid tried to get Anya into the group. Turns out, Anya was not that good in her academics. So how did she get the star?

So, there were ways one could get the stars. Students could get the stars by doing great in studies, sports, arts, etc. They were also awarded stars if they were involved in community services or did something extraordinary. In the case of Anya, she was not that great in academics, and the volunteer work at the hospital didn’t turn out as they expected.

Since Anya kept making mistakes and caused trouble in the hospital, Loid and Anya were told to get out of the hospital. On their way out, Anya heard a boy who was seeking help. But of course, it was possible due to her mind-reading ability. It turned out that the boy was drowning and nobody could hear him.

Anya rushed to the pool area, telling her father she wanted to swim. Without thinking anything, Anya jumped into the pool and tried to save the boy. Since she was a child herself, she had difficulty saving the boy. Luckily, Loid jumped in and saved both of them.

So just like that, for her extraordinary bravery, Anya got her first  Stellar Star.

How did Anya come up with the idea of getting a dog?

After Anya got the star, her best friend, Becky Blackball, asked her if she got any reward for it. To which Anya replied with a no. Becky stated that she got gifts for doing good in her exams, and suggested Anya ask for rewards as well.

During their conversation, Becky brought up how she got a dog and told Anya to ask for a dog as well. Anya was fascinated by the idea of getting a dog. Since Anya was trying to help her father in achieving his mission, she tried to get close to Damian. Anya thought to herself, that getting a dog might get her closer to Damian. So as soon as she reached home, she asked Loid for a dog.

Getting a dog was not really in Loid’s plan, but thinking it would be good to get extra safety, he agreed to it. Loid contacted his agency to get them a well-trained dog. He agreed to go to the pet store with Anya and Yor to get the dog.

The Day they meet Bond

Loid, along with Anya and Yor, decided to visit the pet store. However, the dogs that Loid’s agency brought, didn’t appeal to Anya. They were suggested to go look at the Adoption fair at the animal shelter. Right then, Loid was summoned to the headquarters and given a mission to prevent the assassination of the foreign minister. Loid excused himself and told Anya and Yor to go to the fair by themselves.

In the fair, while they were looking at the dogs, Anya suddenly noticed Bond. Just, at first sight, Anya read Bond’s mind and saw her family. Intrigued by this, she decided to follow Bond and ended up at Keith Kepler’s hideout. Anya heard their plans and was soon discovered by them. Just when they were about to attack Anya, Bond saved her and rushed out into the streets. They were soon joined by Yor, who saved them from Keith.

Just then, Bond showed Anya a glimpse of the future where Loid dies. Anya got terrified by the thought of losing her father and rushed to the sight. By using Bond’s and her abilities, she warned Loid about the bomb and saved him. After his fight against Loid, Keith tried to escape using a car. On his way, he was encountered by Yor, who sent him flying across the street with her fierce kick.

After the incident, the officers tried to take Bond away, along with other dogs for further investigation. However, Anya said that she wanted to keep Bond. Loid hesitated to this decision but soon agreed to it, when Anya threw tantrums saying, she wouldn’t go to school,if she didn’t get to keep Bond.

Finally, Bond was taken home and became a part of the Forger Family.

Does Bond have special abilities?

Bond Forger and anya

Being named after Anya’s favorite Bondman, Bond is secretly an international spy.

Just kidding!

Since he was a part of the experiments, he was highly intelligent and possessed the ability to see the future. Because of his precognitive abilities, he was able to predict Loid’s death. Luckily Anya read his mind and together they saved Loid.

Being a dog certainly has its advantages, as Bond had an excellent sense of hearing and smell. On top of being able to predict the future, he had good physical strength. The only downside was, that he got tired too quickly.

Since he was a test subject, he was trained under harsh conditions.  He was also trained by Loid to fight against possible threats, making him a perfect dog for protection.

Bond’s Personality

The big fluffy giant had a very soft and gentle personality. Despite being trained by the bad guys, Bond was a very kind dog. Using his precognitive abilities, Bond saved a little boy from falling boards and even saved Loid.

Because he was treated so badly in the past, he was easily sacred to humans. He believed that he needed to prove his worthiness, in order to be with the humans. In doing so, he would get too worked up and often cause trouble.

With the Forger family, he felt loved. He had a special bond with Anya. They communicated with each other using their special telepathic powers. Bond always showed his loyalty and affection towards Loid. Bond equally loved Yor, but just tried to stay away from her temper and her SPECIAL FOOD!

Bond prefers Loid’s cooking to Yor’s.

Being welcomed into the Forger Family, Bond finally received all the love and care he was deprived of. He did get jealous and caused trouble at times, but he was just a sweet and gentle dog who just needed some love.

Meeting someone as special as yourself, Anya was certainly over the moon when she met Bond and so were we.

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