What Is the One Piece Treasure?

One Piece Treasure

“One Piece” is one of the most famous anime known worldwide. Everyone gets amazed by its adventurous storyline. But another thing that amazes the fans is its greatest mystery, the One Piece Treasure. What is it?

Eiichiro Oda (the author of the series) hasn’t clarified anything about the One Piece treasure, but he has said that it is a physical reward. This statement was enough to make the fans believe in different theories.

Every pirate is hungry for this treasure to make it theirs, so what exactly is it? What is One Piece treasure? Let’s take a look at some theories and collect clues that are hidden in the series.

Does One Piece Treasure exist?

Gol D Roger, the pirate king, and his crew members were the ones who found this epic treasure. Sadly, he was executed but before that, he said something to the world that left their jaw dropped.

His last words were “You want my treasure, you can have it. I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you’ll just have to find it!.”

His last words created a whole new era- “The new era of Pirates.”

Although some refused to believe this truth, almost the whole world went crazy and everyone started their journey over the seas in search of Roger’s treasure.

Another time when the world turned into full chaos was when White Beard stated his last words “One Piece is real!!”. Edward’s words stunned the whole pirate and everyone started their journey again, rushing to find One Piece.

He got shot to death by Black Beard pirates after his last statement. But Edward’s last words gave hope to the pirates and encouraged them to pursue their dreams.

Edward was the Strongest Man in the world and an emperor of the sea, so it’s not surprising how his statement became the headline of the news.

And even when we take a peek at Kozuki Oden’s past then we can find him going on a crazy adventure with Gold Roger and White Beard.

During his adventure, Oden was lucky enough to experience the great One Piece treasure. He had noted everything he knew about One Piece in his journal.

Plus, Rayleigh, the vice-captain of the Roger Pirates, also told many stories about the epic treasure. When Ussop asked the Dark Knight what One Piece’s treasure is to Rayleigh, Luffy refused to know without searching for it by himself.

This proves that the existence of One Piece is real and holds meaning for various things.

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What does the Treasure One Piece Contain?

Luffy’s Family

The greatest treasure contains more than just gold and silver. It holds meanings to some of the biggest mysteries, that’s why it is hard to find it.

To know about this topic, let’s get back to episodes 960-976. During this period we got to see Oden’s journey and throughout his voyage, he met some of the infamous pirates like Gold Roger and White Beard.

Oden was a lucky one, he got to travel with both of the infamous pirates, and when he was with Roger he helped him to find the treasure One Piece.

When the Roger Pirates found the One Piece it is said that they started laughing.

They laughed till they got a stomach ache. What’s so funny? Did they experience some great prank? Well, that can’t be true because Oden has stated something in his journal.

Oden’s logbook (journal) contained everything a pirate needs to know about One Piece’s treasure. Although Oden hasn’t explained it in detail, the logbook includes the location of One Piece Treasure and another biggest mystery of the series.

The One Piece Treasure contains “The meaning of D”

The great treasure also holds secrets of the Great Void Century, the Ancient Weapons, and the world governments.

Even Whitebeard mentioned in his last breath that “everything will be written in history, a great battle that would engulf the entire world” when they find the One Piece. This proves that One Piece contains something that can change the whole history.

Truly, the One Piece treasure holds different information and unfolds many mysteries than just gold and silver.

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Where is One Piece located at?

The great treasure is said to be located at Laugh Tale, the island at the end of the New World.

Although the answer might seem simple, the island Laugh Tale is almost hard to locate because only people who can read all four Road Poneglyphs can only discover the exact location of Laugh Tale.

The Poneglyphs are mysterious, large steles that contain great historical information on them in an ancient language. The language inscribed on them can only be studied by a few people like Nico Robin.

Later it was revealed that the creators of such Poneglyphs are from the Kozuki Clan. Only the members of the Kozuki Clan and Inhabitants of Ohara could read their language.

It makes sense why Roger wanted Kozuki Oden to find the One Piece.

Unfortunately, people of Ohara who could read Poneglyphs were killed by the World Government. Fortunately, Nico Robin managed to escape from that land with the help of Aokizi (ex-Marine Admiral).

The Poneglyphs are also scattered in different places of the world. After finding all four of them they can finally get a connection to Laugh Tale, but still, they have to go through a dangerous path to reach there.

Although there was a shortcut to reach the land of dreams, an Eternal Pose that could lead the pirates directly to the Laugh Tale, Luffy broke it. Why?

Why did Luffy break the Eternal Pose to Laugh Tale?

Luffy destroys log pose of Laugh Tale

In the One Piece movie ‘Stampede’, we could see that there was an Eternal Pose that could lead pirates to Laugh Tale, the land where One Piece Treasure is.

During the movie, Luffy and the other Pirates participate in a race to get the treasure. Throughout the race, they find that the treasure was actually an Eternal Pose of Laugh Tale.

It gained the attraction of many infamous pirates such as; Douglas Bullet. The ex-member of Roger Pirates caused havoc at the event. He and Luffy got caught in a great clash.

The Haki clash between them gave goosebumps to all of the fans. The battle was nuts but Usopp had to be the MVP of the battle because of his last attack, Bullet was defeated and The Straw Pirates remained victorious with an eternal pose on their hand.

The captain of Straw Hats, Luffy had the Eternal Pose on his hand but then, he broke the Pose.

He states that he will find the One Piece with his crew without help. Damn.

Luffy broke the Eternal Pose because he wanted to find the One Piece with his crew, he believed that to be the King of Pirates, there was no shortcut.

When will Luffy find One Piece?

Currently, Luffy is stuck in the Land of Wano battling with Kaido and Big Mom. After Land of Wano, the crew will set their journey to Elbaf, and then after Elbaf, Laugh Tale will be coming, the land that unfolds mysteries.

Although Luffy has no idea what One Piece contains and what mysteries it can unfold, he knows that when he finds One Piece he will become the King of the Pirates. This is enough to make him pursue the great treasure.

His goal is to become free by being the King of the Pirates, and even you know how determined Luffy is once he sets his goal. But he will surely choose meat rather than being a King of Pirates.

Luffy will surely find One Piece when the crew finds all four Road Poneglyphs. They are very close to finding its cause in the anime; they have already discovered two road Poneglyphs.

It might take hundreds of episodes but until Oda goes nuts, Luffy will find the treasure and become the Ultimate King of Pirates.

One Piece Treasure: Best Theories

Luffy’s Dad

There are many theories in One Piece which are related to the great treasure, One Piece. Let’s take a look at some of them.

You and us, we all know that One Piece has some deadly weapons which are so dangerous that they are capable of destroying a whole island, in a single blow.

The first weapon was introduced in the series when Crocodile (ex-warlord) teamed up with Mrs. All Sunday (Nico Robin) to search for the ancient weapon, Pluto.

Later, we found that the second ancient weapon, Posedian, was the Princess Shirahoshi herself, of the Ryugu Kingdom. She could tame all of the sea kings of the world.

The third ancient weapon, Uranus, is still left to be identified. After looking at Princess Shirahoshi there are some theories that believe that the One Piece treasure can be one of these ancient weapons; Pluto or Uranus.

Many also believe that One Piece itself is one of the greatest Devil fruits to ever exist, a very special one. On other hand, many believe that the Straw Hat that Luffy wears is the One Piece.

There are many theories that give meaning to different things but it doesn’t change the fact that the treasure still remains one of the biggest mysteries and only time or Oda can tell the truth about it.

Mysteries that One Piece Treasure can unfold

It unfolds the meaning of the mysterious “D”. The One Piece treasure holds great secrets and among them, the meaning of D is one of the greatest mysteries that only One Piece Treasure can unravel.

It will unravel the history of the Void Century. The One Piece will unfold the great history of this mysterious era which contains great mysterious pieces of information about the past century.

We will get to know about Joy Boy’s real identity. Joy Boy is one of the greatest mysteries of the series One Piece, the original owner of the legendary Mugiwara Hat.

The One Piece treasure will unfold the mysteries behind the World Government. This treasure could unravel some deepest secrets of the World’s Government

We might get to know what The Giant Straw Hat In Mariejois means. The giant Straw Hat statue is located in Marijois and no one has a single clue about it. The One Piece treasure can give many clues on what that means.

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