What is Luffy’s Bounty? Before and After Wano Arc

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Luffy is getting more robust than ever, he is one of the pirates with the highest bounty. He has defeated many infamous opponents and with such victories, he has gathered a great bounty at just 19 years old thanks to the Marine Headquarters.

Currently, the Straw Hat is fighting with two emperors of the sea, Kaidou and Big Mom. Will Luffy get the title ‘The Emperor of the Sea’?

Luffy’s Current Bounty

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Currently, Luffy’s Bounty is 1,500,000,000 berries. But do you know how he got this bounty? Let’s travel back to Whole Cake Island.

Luffy and half of his crew are in Zou, the moving Island. After defeating the king of Dressrosa, the alliance pirates are moving ahead to defeat the Kaidou, an emperor of the sea.

While they were on Dressrosa, half of the crew gets split up, but they decide to meet up again at Zou. When Luffy meets with his other crew members, he gets horrific news.

Sanji has left the crew.

This news shocked the whole crew, just as things were getting normal, everything started to get ruined. Do you know where Sanji went after leaving the crew?

The cook of Straw Hats went to marry Charlotte Pudding, daughter of Big Mom. This was unsettling news for the crew. Later it was revealed that he went there because Big Mom threatened to kill Zeff, the person who saved Sanji’s life, a father figure for him.

Sanji has no option left then accept the offer from Big Mom. He went to Whole Cake Island against his will and left the Straw Hat crew, but Luffy wasn’t ready to accept that, so he made his move to Whole Cake Island.

The crew decides that only half of them will go there and the rest of them will move to Wano.

It was later revealed that Sanji was the son of the infamous group, Germa 66, and to take their powers, Big Mom ordered Pudding to marry Vinsmoke Sanji.

Luffy, Brook, and Nami are on their way to rescue Sanji. When they see him at Cake Island the captain of Straw Hat becomes really happy to see his crew member again but Sanji surprisingly kicks Luffy and injures him severely. And what does Luffy do?

He doesn’t fight back.

sanji vs luffy manga

Luffy believed that Sanji was following Big Mom against his will. But the emperor of the sea gets a hold of the news and captures the captain of Straw Hats and Nami. But someone comes to rescue them, the First Son of the Sea, Jimbei.

Jimbei, Pedro, and Carrot (from the animal kingdom) help Luffy get a ray of hope again to save Sanji, and meanwhile, the cook of Straw Hats also finds that Pudding never loved him and she was gonna kill him during the wedding.

They allianced with Bege, who also wanted to take revenge against Big Mom.

They found her weakness, which was a picture of Mother caramel, her life savior when she was a kid. The alliance crew breaks the picture of Mother Caramel, after seeing pieces of the picture, Big Mom loses her mind and starts to go nuts.

The crew unties Sanji’s real family, Germa 66, and Luffy gets into a battle with Katakuri, the second and most powerful son of Big Mom. He lures him into the mirror world by taking Bruley hostage so that he can’t stop the Straw Hat pirates.

But even in the mirror world, Katakuri easily overwhelms the captain of Straw Hats but we all know his willpower.

Although he gets beaten and gets crushed, He stands up again and fights Katakuri. Eventually, Luffy unlocks his Observation Haki and remains victorious against the second son of Big Mom.

Big Mom gets so nuts that only a wedding cake can calm her down. She is after the Straw Hats’ ship and Perospero, the first son of Big Mom stops the crew but Pedro sacrifices himself, he ignites a TNT and stops Perospero and lets the crew escape.

Meanwhile, Sanji’s good side has attracted Pudding and changed her to save the Straw Hats. She and Sanji are now cooking a cake for Big Mom to calm down.
Big Mom is about to catch the Thousand Sunny (she thinks they have the cake) but Sanji marks the cake just in time and Bege lures the mad emperor so that the Straw Hats can safely escape.

Luffy promises to meet with his crew at a specific time, but the clock is about to run out and after defeating Katakuri, he is on the floor remaining unconscious. But someone comes to save him.

Pekoms, from the Animal Kingdom, comes to save Luffy. While getting out of the Mirror World, Pekoms finds himself surrounded by the Big Mom pirates. To defeat them, he turns into Sulong (a special ability that makes them stronger during the full moon)

But Pekoms knows he can’t control his powers and sacrifices himself to save Luffy. He creates havoc and passes the captain of Straw Hats to Sanji.

Eben Germa 66 arrives at the arena and helps Luffy and Sanji to escape from there.

Sanji rejoins the crew with his captain but they are still surrounded by Big Mom pirates, so Jinbeisays that he’ll hold the Big Mom Pirates and promises Luffy that he’ll rejoin them later as his crew member.

Jinbeiand Sun Pirates stop the Big Mom Pirates and let the Straw Hats escape.

The next day Luffy finds himself in the news as ‘The Fifth Emperor of the Sea.’ In the news, it was shown that the Straw Hats had defeated the emperor of the sea and there are his updated 1,500,000,000 berries.

But what was his previous bounty? Let’s dive in!

Luffy’s Fifth Bounty in Dressrosa

Before the Straw Hats arrived at Zou, they defeated the King of Dressrosa. The match between Doflamingo and Luffy was one of the greatest battles ever.

During Dressrosa Arc, Luffy got to meet his other brother Sabo, who won the contest in the Corrida Colosseum and won the prize which was, Fire Fist Ace’s Devil Fruit, Mera Mera no Mi.

The battle between Doflamingo and Luffy was insane. The fans got to see an awakening of Devil Fruit and Luffy’s Gear 4 actions. One of the saddest things in Dressrosa was Law’s and Corazon’s relationship, this left fans with tears.

Doflamingo’s crazy Bird Cage attack was insanely powerful which put the whole city into a cage without leaving a single spot to escape. Every person who was in that city was on the verge of death but Luffy still had his trump card with him.

Luffy used the new form that he learned during the Timeskip with Rayleigh, Snake Man.

Just when every ray of hope was disappearing, the captain of Straw Hats came up with a surprise attack and defeated the Doflamingo, one of the strongest men in the underworld.

The captain saved the city and the residents once more. Usopp also played an important role during the Arc, he released the people who were trapped in Sugar’s Devil Fruit.

Fun Fact: After defeating Sugar Usopp gained a new name ‘God Usopp’

After defeating Doflamingo, many infamous pirates started to follow Luffy as his subordinates. They shared the cup of sake together and vowed to help Luffy anytime he wanted, they took him as their captain.

That day, Luffy made a total of 5,640 people as his subordinates. They were from various tribes and races. The captain of these grand fleets are:

  • Leo
  • Orlumbus
  • Hajurdin
  • Ideo
  • Bartolomeo
  • Cavendish
  • Don Sai

Along with these seven infamous pirates Luffy made a huge subordinate of him. The captain of Straw Hat Pirates was now a big shot, which caught the attention of the Marines.

After defeating the Warlord of the sea, Don Quixote Doflamingo whose bounty was 340,000,000 berries. Luffy got a new bounty of 500,000,000 berries.

This was a huge success for the Straw Hat members, they now had a Grand Fleet behind them. But before Dressrosa how infamous was the captain of Straw Hats? Let’s see what Luffy’s bounty was.

Luffy’s fourth bounty after the Paramount War

Luffy created great havoc at the Paramount War, but before Marineford, he did some crazy things in Sabaody and Impel Down, let’s see what kind of havoc he created there.

When he was at Saboady, to save his friend, Camie, who was imprisoned and was about to get sold to a Celestial Dragon for slavery, Luffy did something that everyone is afraid to do, especially pirates.

The Straw Hat pirates rush to the auction to save their friend but Hachi is aware of the captain of Straw Hats on why he shouldn’t mess with a Celestial Dragon because nobody wants to get involved with the World Supreme Leaders.

But just at that moment, the Celestial Dragon shoots at Hachi, this makes Luffy go insane and punches the shit out of the Supreme World Leaders without giving a single thought to the consequences.

The news goes crazy and to stop Luffy an army of PX-5 and Admiral Kizaru come to arrest them. This was huge news to the world that got the attention of Marines but in Impel Down, he wrecked the place!

When Kuma blew Luffy to Amazon Lily, he found out about the news of Ace getting publicly executed, and with the help of Boa Hancock, he sneaked on Impel Down.

Trying to save his brother Ace, Luffy went through many difficulties and obstacles but we all know how strong his willpower is.

Even after coming close to death, he never gave up. He stood up again and started to move until he reached the bottom floor of Impel Down where Ace was kept Imprisoned. But his brother was nowhere to be found.

Ace was already taken to Marineford for Public Execution, it was almost impossible for him to go to Marineford but he released other infamous pirates who were left imprisoned on that floor.

Luffy released Crocodile and Jinbei from the Impel Down who swore to help him to save his brother. He trusted them and left the Impel Down but it wasn’t possible without the help of Bon-Chan who helped them to get out of there.

Luffy finally made it to Marineford; he was so determined that he stood in front of the three admirals and challenged them.

Paramount War

The marines even announced Ace’s and Luffy’s father, [Insert link to Who are Luffy’s Mom and Dad] which shocked the whole world. This was one of the craziest things that had ever happened in the Arc.

Luffy took part in the war and helped the Whitebeard Pirates. When Ace was about to get executed he unconsciously used his Conqueror’s Haki and fainted most of the marine soldiers.

This shocked the whole Marine Headquarters on how dangerous Luffy could be. Unfortunately Ace died while trying to save his little brother.

Akainu’s magma punch created a hole in Ace’s chest which destroyed all of his internal organs. He died right in front of Luffy which caused a great trauma in his life after that.

Luffy caused a whole ruckus in the Impel Down, allowing many infamous pirates to escape, he punched a World Supreme Leader and showed his potential in the Marineford.

These actions caused great attention to the Marine Headquarters, they acknowledged how threatening Luffy can be if they ignore his powers. They decided to raise his bounty to 500,000,000 berries.

After the war, Luffy was known as the infamous pirate and after his father’s true identity, his bounty was raised a great amount. After then, the Timeskip occurred and for 2 years the Straw Hats trained on their individual island.

But before Marinford, was Luffy known as a small pirate? Let’s take a look at his bounty before Sabaody Arc.

Luffy’s Third Bounty after Enies Lobby

The world started to recognize the Straw Hats after the epic battle against the CP-9 in Enies Lobby. Let’s see what he did to gain such recognition?

First of all, let’s get back to the time when the Straw Hats Pirates were on Water 7, the Paradise Island of Shipwreck.

After defeating the Crocodile in Alabasta, a new member joined the crew, Nico Robin, who was an infamous woman. Luffy had no problem with her joining the team, but the rest of the crew were unsure about her because of her past connections with Crocodile as Mrs. All Sunday.

The Crew’s suspicions got worse after they arrived at Water 7. Usop had left the crew after fighting with the captain and now, Robin shocked the whole crew when she told them that she also wanted to leave the crew.

Fun Fact: Usopp also took part in the battle but he was in disguise as Sogeking.

Robin told she wanted to leave the crew because the straw Hats can’t give her what she wants. She told them that what she wanted was with the World Government. The archeologist of Straw Hats decided to leave the crew, but Luffy wasn’t ready to accept that.

Luffy was pretty sure that Robin had reasons that she couldn’t tell anyone. She went with the World Government members to Enies Lobby. The Straw Hat pirates also prepared for their next voyage to Enies Lobby to save their dear friend.

The crew faced many challenges during their voyage, but fighting against all the odds they arrived at Enies Lobby.

The epic battle between the World Government and Straw Hats pirates began. But the main opponent, CP-9, was waiting for them.

Each of the members started to battle with every CP-9 member. At first, it almost looked like they were losing their ground but the Straw Hats quickly picked themselves up and stood up again.

Luffy’s opponent was Blueno and that was the moment where we got to see his new powers, Gear Second.

[Insert link to In What Episodes Does Luffy get His Gears]

He easily won the battle but a bigger threat was still waiting for him.

CP-9’s strongest member, Rob Lucci.

The deadly battle between those two started. Luffy was holding his ground but it didn’t too him long to lose it. Lucci easily overwhelmed him and proved how much more decisive he was than the captain of Straw Hats.

He mocked him saying he expected a much higher spirit fight from him and his response?

“[Smiles] If you want a spirited battle, I’ll show you… Another strategy. GEAR THIRD!!”

Then things started to get more hyped after Luffy showed his new upgraded power!

He blew air on his thumb and made a giant fist which was as much bigger as Oars [a Giant] hand. He threw the punch straight into his face. At that moment, Lucci must’ve imagined his death.

The punch was so powerful that it destroyed a whole building and sent Lucci flying away. The Strawhats’ amazing willpower was no match for the CP-9’s strongest member.

The director of the CP-9 was trying to threaten the crew showing how powerful the Government’s Flag is but Luffy did something which was one of the coldest moments in the history of One Piece when.

Sogeking, Make that flag… Burst into Flames

-Monkey D. Luffy

Sogeking (Usopp) put the World Government’s Flag on fire, in other words, they declared war against them. This was really a bold move by the captain of Straw Hats.

They rescued Robin who was gonna get killed by the Marined and declared war against the Governments. When the World Governments heard about this, they couldn’t leave him as a small threat.

After the great battle against the CP-9 in Enies Lobby, Luffy’s bounty rose to 400,000,000 berries.

The Straw Hat Pirates were now recognized by the whole world. But before Water 7, Luffy had gained his bounty by defeating the Warlord of the Sea, Crocodile in Alabasta.

Let’s see how much his bounty was back then!

Luffy’s Second Bounty after defeating Crocodile

The Straw Hats Pirates have come across the Grand Line, they have recruited a new member of their crew Tony Tony Chopper and now they are on their way to save Vivi’s country, Arabasta from getting destroyed.

The desert island is pretty challenging to the Straw Hats because of the climate but with Vivi’s help and a full stomach the team is ready for their deadly battle against an army of Baroque Works. (an army created by Crocodile)

Before coming to Arabasta the crew had already faced many difficult opponents from the Baroque Works. Mr. 3 almost killed Zoro, Nami, and Vivi by turning them into Wax statues but they were lucky enough to get saved by them.

The subordinates of Baroque Workers were really strong and gave a hard time to the crew, so this time it was gonna be tougher for Luffy because he was facing a Warlord of the sea, one of the strongest pirates.

Fun Fact: We saw the first appearance of Ace in Arabasta

The battle between Crocodile and Luffy began!

Luffy was clearly no match for the Warlord of the Sea, Crocodile easily overwhelmed him and showed his potential and why he was a Warlord.

The fight became deadly and the captain of Strawhats started to lose his ground. Crocodile’s Devil Fruit power was much stronger than Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi.

The first round ended and the Strawhat faced a great defeat. He couldn’t even touch the Warlord because he was a Logia Devil Fruit user. He was nearly killed by Crocodile but after drinking enough water the pirate came back to life.

luffy boom

At that moment, Luffy realized something else, he found the weakness of the Crocodile, which was actually water. He realized that when he is covered with water, he can actually touch the Warlord and he prepares for his second round.

And in the next round, he comes up with a new strategy as a ‘Mizu Luffy’. He has almost inhaled liters of water in his stomach to fight with the Warlord of the sea. This was so funny because of the previous wounds, the water started to leak.

Luffy just can’t be serious but his idea couldn’t have worked more perfectly.

Just when Crocodile is about to destroy Arabasta, Water Luffy comes to save the day. He can now punch the warlord, he isn’t a big threat to him as long as he has ‘Water’.

But when the water was all used up, he took the advantage of his wounds and used his Blood and attacked the Crocodile. The epic final became very intense, but when Luffy used Gattling Gun with all blood covered up in his hands, he defeated the Warlord and saved the city.

This was back when Luffy had to use Water or Blood instead of Haki.

Defeating a Sea Warlord was very big news because the warlords are acknowledged by World Governments for their powers. Luffy remaining victorious against Crocodile became big news to the Pirate World.

After defeating the warlord of the sea, Crocodile, Luffy’s bounty rose up to 100,000,000 berries.

After defeating Crocodile, the marines were after the Straw Hats but Bon-Chan helped them to escape from the grasp of the marines. Thanks to him the Crew escaped perfectly and continued their Voyage.

Before defeating the Warlord, Luffy was just a small pirate with a great spirit. But after defeating 3 pirates, he gained his first bounty. Let’s see how much it was!

Luffy’s First Bounty

Luffy got his First Bounty after defeating the Arlong Pirates, who were taking control over the Cocoyashi Village, East Blue.

Let’s go back to the time when everyone thought Nami betrayed the Straw Hat Pirates and stole all of their treasure and went to her homeland. But Luffy refused to believe that and went to Cocoyashi Village to pick Nami.

When the crew reached there, they found something different than they had expected, Arlong had demanded a huge amount of money from the poor to buy the freedom of the village.

To provide freedom to the village, Nami decided to be a burglar. She started to steal money from different pirates and gained the title ‘Cat Burglar Nami’

The crew finds out that what Nami did was to buy freedom from the Arlong, the captain of Straw Hats decided to help the navigator of his crew and give the freedom to Cocoyashi Village by defeating the infamous Arlong Pirates.

It wasn’t easy to defeat those Pirates because they were from Fish-Man Island. They had more experience than Luffy in terms of power but what about in terms of willpower?

Although Arlong gave a hard time to the Straw Hat pirates, their never giving up willpower helped them a lot. All four of the Straw Hats, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp fought with bravery and saved the Cocoyashi Village from Arlong Pirates.

They recruited Nami back to their crew and the rest is history.

Before getting into a battle with the Arlong Pirates, Luffy also defeated another infamous pirate while he was trying to convince Sanji to join the crew as their cook, Don Krieg.

Don Kreig was another infamous pirate of the East Blue who was causing havoc, and they messed with the wrong pirates.

Luffy was battling with Don Kreig but at that moment, they also met with the Greatest Swordsman of all time, Dracula Mihawk.

After his appearance, Kreig attacked Mihawk which was probably the worst decision of his life. Mihawk slashed Kreig’s ship in half and defeated him.

Zoro also saw a perfect chance to battle with the Greatest Swordsman alive. He challenged Mihawk but the disrespect shown by the greatest swordsman was absolutely humiliation.

Mihawk decided to battle with Zoro using his smallest knife.

Mihawk and Zoro fight

And he won!

He won against the three sword users! But Zoro took the defeat like a boss and promised Luffy that he’ll never be defeated again and be stronger and stronger.

Luffy had even defeated Buggy and defeated the Marine captain Nezumi who was a corrupt Marine officer and saved the Pirate Hunter Zoro. That’s when they met for the first time.

This caught the attention of the marines and for the first time, they published the bounty for the captain of Straw Hats.

The first ever bounty of 30,000,000 berries after he defeated Arlong in Cocoyashi Village.

That was the highest bounty in East Blue, at just the age of 17, Luffy got his first bounty published.

Currently, Luffy is 21 years old and is in Wano, fighting with two Emperors of the sea at once. He is now far stronger than he was at East Blue but is he strong enough to take them down? And if he is, what will his bounty be after defeating an Emperor?

What will Luffy’s Bounty be after Wano Arc?

luffy bounty after wano

Luffy is currently fighting with Kaidou and Big Mom. The Straw hats have already invaded Onighasima and Luffy, Law, Kid, Killer, and Zoro are currently in a fight with the two emperors.

This time there is hope because now Luffy has learned a new technique to use his Haki, Ryou. He learned this technique when he was in Udon Prison after training with one of the greatest ninjas, Hyogoro.

Although during the first battle with Kaido Luffy was defeated this time things are looking different. He has new allies, Samurais and even the Vice Captain of Whitebeard pirates has arrived to provide help to the pirates.

But will Luffy be able to defeat Kaidou, the strongest beast alive!?

Yes! Luffy has already defeated Kaidou in the manga!

It’s crazy but with Luffy’s new Devil Fruit powers, he crushes Kaido and gets the new title ‘Emperor of the Sea’ [Insert link to How Many Devil Fruits Did Luffy Eat In One Piece]

This hasn’t been published in anime yet, it will soon be published in anime but when it is, the whole world will go wild about it.

The battle between them couldn’t have been crazy enough. The awakening of his Devil Fruit and the change of his appearance has left the fans going nuts.

Luffy is now so strong that he can beat the shit out of any Marine or Pirate that tries to cross paths with him. With his new powers, he is getting much closer to the greatest treasure of all time ‘One Piece

After defeating the Emperor of the Sea, Luffy will be feared by the whole world. He has been a great threat to the world because now the captain of Straw Hat is the most dangerous pirate in the whole world.

The marines aren’t gonna let him be free after this, so they will try to catch them at any cost. For that, the bounty price will be raised higher.

The updated bounty of Luffy after the Wano Arc will be 3,000,000,000 berries.

Luffy will then get one step closer to his dream, he has gained the title ‘Emperor of the Sea’ no swoon. After a few years, he will be known as King of the Pirates.

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