What Is Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen and Who Has the Strongest One?

Domain Expansion

If you are an avid fan of the shonen series with a little hint of supernatural, horror, and adventure then Jujutsu Kaisen might just be your cup of tea.

First manga chapter released in 2018, Jujutsu Kaisen soon roared to the peak with its amazing and unique plot and of course fine characters.

If you like the supernatural genre with amazing characters, then we do suggest you watch this anime. However, if bloody, disturbing, and violent scenes are not for you, then just like Gojo said, Yowai Mo~Just Kidding!

The main plot of the series revolved around the cursed energies and unique abilities of the characters, who used such powers. Now, there were many things in the series, that stood out to the fans.

From Sukuna’s sizzling body to Gojo’s dreamy eyes, fans were just mesmerized. However, another thing that piqued the viewers’ interest was the powers that the characters of the series used.

Now, most of them were sorcerers who used cursed energies as their main source of power. Everyone had unique abilities and powers but one ability that all the sorcerers wished they had was Domain Expansion.

You must have probably heard about it right? I mean- it was one of the most prominent abilities that nearly everyone in the series talked about.

So, even if you are not familiar with it, you don’t have to worry because by the end of this article you will know everything about this one-of-a-kind ability. So make sure you stay with us till the end.

What was Domain Expansion?

domain expansion

The series, Jujutsu Kaisen was set in a world that was mostly centered around the Cursed Energy, which was used by almost every character in the series.

The users of such energy used them in many ways, from using it in raw or true form to its refined or processed forms.

Using such energy the users were able to use a variety of abilities and among them, the most powerful one was Domain Expansion.

Considered to be the strongest ability in the series, the Domain Expansion was the most supreme ability of any Jujutsu user.

The Domain Expansion was deemed as an advanced barrier technique that manifested the user’s Innate Domain, which turned it into a physical space.

Such turned space not only trapped their opponents but also helped the users to improve their cursed techniques, which made them unavoidable.

The Domain Expansion allowed them to create a separate space and use their cursed energy to construct an environment within it. The domain was completed by fully embedding its user’s innate cursed technique.

Once completed, the barrier was strong enough to trap the target inside it and made it easier to attack them. The Domain Expansion was done with the help of signature hand signs or other sorts of signals that were unique to each user.

Jujutsu referred to all the skills and forms of sorcery that the sorcerers and cursed spirits were able to access through the manipulation of their own cursed energy. The term jujutsu was an umbrella that encompassed all the curse-related mystical arts. 

So throughout the series, there were three major types of Domains that were created using the Doman Expansion. They were:

Lethal Domains

The first one was the Lethal Domains. The most powerful and strongest domain, Lethal Domains were not easily constructed as they required high skills and a lot of cursed energy to create.

This kind of domain amplified the user’s cursed techniques and any attacks released within this domain were certain to hit the target.

The speed at which the attack hit the target was unmatched as it would hit them instantly and not even the mighties Gojo’s Infinity domain was able to stop it.

However, not all the hits within the domain were lethal as in the series, we could see that Kinji Hakari’s domain technically possessed a sure hit function, but it only transferred information to its target in exchange for a faster technique activation.

In the time period that the series was based on, ie the modern era, not many used the Domain Expansion, which was considered to be extremely rare. Even most Grade 1 sorcerers were never able to either use it or master it.

Non-Lethal Domains

The use of Domain Expansion was very evident in the past as they were mostly constructed to become nonfatal. It was a common technique that allowed the users to force the targets inside the domains, to make them obey the rules of the embedded cursed technique.

Nevertheless, over time with the increase in the number of construction of the more fatal domains, the number of users of such cursed ability also decreased.

One of the examples of Non-Lethal Domains was Hiromi Higuruma’s Deadly Sentencing. Considered to be an old-style non-lethal domain, it forced its opponent into a trial.

Incomplete Domains

There were cases in the series in which even after successfully achieving the activation of domain Expansion with a cursed technique, the domains were not fully constructed.

A domain was still susceptible to incompletion if the user was unable to fully form the barrier. The incomplete domain was not able to provide a guaranteed hit.

However, unlike the improperly casted innate domains, incomplete domains did greatly enhance the user’s cursed techniques.

The barriers that were forcibly enclosed using the shape of another environment did not incorporate sure hit attacks either.

However, it did do its work of successfully capturing the target and also powered up the cursed

An Innate Domain ( 生得領域 しょうとくりょういき, Shōtoku Ryōiki), was normally referred to simply as a Domain ( 領域 りょういき, Ryōiki), was an area created in the user’s mind that could be manifested using cursed energy.

Did  Domain Expansion have any drawbacks?

Just as strong as the Domain Expansion was there were equally greater drawbacks to this ability. One of the major drawbacks of this power was the usage of a great amount of cursed energy.

More like a high-risk, high-reward scheme, Domain Expansion provided a great advantage but the cost of an immense amount of cursed energy.

Constructing the barrier and trapping the target inside it did cost a lot of energy and even if the barriers were not fully constructed, the formation of such an incomplete domain still caused the user’s innate technique to become unstable for a short time.

Moreover, at such times if the users attempted to use their cursed techniques, it would backfire on them because using more cursed techniques caused them to burn out and fail to activate.

In the series, Kinji Hakari was only capable of casting the Domain Expansion repeatedly after hitting his domain’s jackpot to replenish curse energy and stabilize his cursed technique.

Till now the only individual who was able to use this powerful ability of Domain Expansion multiple times a day was Satoru Gojo.

How do you get out the Domain Expansion?


Domain Expansion is one of the strongest abilities a sorcerer could possess but it doesn’t mean that the domains are untouchable.

Though not an easy feat, the Domains could still be countered and one could get out from the domains. The guaranteed hit factor of the Domain Expansion can be opposed with the help of a blast of cursed energy. However, this method is not very applicable to most.

Since the Domains are separate environments created by the users, the most effective way to counter a domain is by extending one’s own domain in return. When the Domain Territoires are extended simultaneously, it is very important to know that the stronger one will take the win.

So, if you want to get out of a strong domain, you need to expand your domain and hope it is strong enough to counteract it. Simply, the stronger one will easily repel the other one making it easier to escape.

Apart from this, the trapped person has the possibility of getting out and protecting themselves from a Domain using the techniques described as the Anti Domain.

Since countering the domain with the blast of cursed energy is not seemed practicable, Anti Domain Barrier techniques are considered to be the only true defense against can’t-miss attacks. For those who cannot cast their own domain, these anti-domain techniques can be a lifesaver.

Considered to be a flaw, the barriers are reinforced from the inside but they are more vulnerable to penetration from the outside.

This gives an opportunity for the allies and friends of the target to break the barrier from the outside and save them.

Now you might be wondering why is it easier to break the barrier from inside but not outside, right? Well, turns out as we said before the barrier is more reinforced on the inside than on the outside.

Furthermore, even if the possibility of escaping from the inside is there, it is highly not recommended to do so because it is nearly impossible to achieve that feat.

It is difficult to determine the wall of the magic barrier to break it and the distances from the inside and outside are completely different making it more time-consuming from the inside.

So the safest bet here would be to use the Anti Domain Barrier techniques such as the Simple Domain and Hollow Wicker Basket.

These do not completely undo the spells cast by the opponent but they are used to rather neutralize the barrier magic to which the spells are linked.

The way to counteract the domains doesn’t always have to result in one domain conquering the other but using the Domain Expansion within another refined domain can create a hole in the barrier, which gives the trapped one to escape from the barrier.

Among the anti-domain barrier technique, there is a technique called the Falling Blossom Emotion, which work in the same way as that of the Simple Domain.

This technique allows the user to protect themselves from the Domain’s spell. This one-of-a-kind technique is believed to be a secret technique that has been passed down in the Big Three Sorcerer Families.

By now, you must already know just how powerful Domain Expansion is. But we know now you must be curious about who wields the most powerful Domain Expansion, right?

Well, we worry not as we have covered this topic as well. So to find out more we suggest you keep reading the article.

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Who had the strongest Domain Expansion?


From the very starting when the Domain Expansion of the characters from the series was shown to the audiences, there had been an uproar in the community about who held the strongest Domain Expansion.

While each user had their own unique and powerful Domain Expansion, there had always been a heated discussion among the fans that consider Gojo’s and Sukuna’s Domain Expansion to be the strongest. They were like the Superman and Batman of the Jujutsu Kaisen Wold.

Now, before we declare the strongest let us know a little about the Domain Expansion and abilities of these two.

So, starting off with Gojo’s Domain Expansion.

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Gojo’s Infinite Void

Infinite Void or Unlimited Void (りょうくうしょ Muryōkūsho) was the Domain Expansion of the Limitless used by Satoru Gojo.

One of the most skilled and strongest characters of the series, Satoru Gojo or better known just as Gojo had great abilities along with his one-of-a-kind Domain Expansion- The Infinite Void.

Being one of the greatest users of jujutsu sorcery, Gojo’s Infinite Void was considered to be the strongest Domain Expansion in the series.

His Infinite Void was first shown to the audience when he fought the special grade Cursed Spirit named Jogo.

In the fight with Jogo, Gojo unleashed his Domain expansion, which gave the audience a little glimpse of the strength of his Infinite Void.

By using the Infinite Void, Gojo was able to create a literal void of space that seemed to hit the target at the very center of Infinity.

Just like its name suggested, by using such a technique, he created a space, an environment that literally was made up of absolutely nothing.

In doing so, he not only directly manifested a void but was also able to trap the target and transport them to a space that resembled the center of the universe itself.

By the meaning of being transported to the center of infinity, it meant that the Domain played such tricks on the mind of the target that they felt that they saw and felt everything while not seeing and feeling anything at the same time.

Ins simple words the Domain just played mind games or imposed on the brain of the target all the stimuli resulting from the simple fact of being alive.

The true essence of the void was to make the target feel as if they were experiencing everything and nothing all at once. This confused the target and once trapped made it easier for Gojo to launch his attacks on them.

First Gojo constructed a space that enclosed the target and himself within a barrier and then with the help of a hand sign crossing his index and middle finger, he activated the Infinite Void.

When trapped inside the barrier, the target was immediately paralyzed and not able to think or move. Inside the barrier, the opponents were subjected to a painful and excruciatingly slow death.

The Infine Void was a strong as well as a dangerous Domain expansion, as it not only affected the ones that it was aimed at but those within close proximity of the voice were equally affected by it.

Demonstrated many times in the series, the overall power of Gojo’s Infinite Void was not only off the charts for being one of the strongest but was also known to be an extremely lethal move.

Even for most of the skilled fighters, just a mere 0.2 seconds within the Void was enough to be deadly and send them to rehabilitation, which took almost 2 months after they were free.

This alone showed just how deadly and strong Gojo’s Infinite Void was and why it was obvious for fans to go crazy the minute the episode this technique debuted was dropped.

Moving on to Sukuna’s Domain Expansion Malevolent Shrine

Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine

Ryomen Sukuna (りょうめん宿すく Ryomen Sukuna), more often called just Sukuna (宿すく Sukuna), was a mighty cursed spirit known as the undisputed King of Curses (のろいのおう Noroi no Ō).

Being one of the strongest characters of the series, Sukuna was the most powerful sorcerer, who turned into a cursed spirit after his death.

Serving as one of the main antagonists of the series, Sukun was so strong that other sorcerers formed an alliance and gave their all just to defeat him.

So we could only imagine just how powerful he was. Not only physical strength, but he was also equally strong in the sorcery part as his Domain Expansion, The Malevolent Shrine (ふく Fukuma Mizushi) was deemed as one the strongest in the whole series.

The origins of the Malevolent Shrine were not known but according to the series, he was able to use it after he was incarnated as a Cursed Spirit.

The Malevolent Shrine is a very unique kind of setup. Unlike Infinite void, where nothing existed, Sukuna’s Domain took the form of a Buddhist Shrine which was disfigured to enshrine a demon such as Sukuna himself.

The horns on the roof and skulls hanging on the corners gave the shrine a more eerie look and the bull-shaped skulls just added more to it.

Sukuna first used the Malevolent Shrine to defeat the Finger Bearer. When he used it in Shibuya, Sukuna used it to crush Mahoraga and ended up destroying everything caught within its radius, which was of an unbelievable size of 140 meters!

The Malevolent Shrine was not like the rest of your ordinary Domain Expansion. The unique Domain Expansion unlike others didn’t require creating a separate space within a barrier.

Sukuna was directly able to manifest the Malevolent Shrine onto reality while still being able to have a sure hit effect without a barrier.

This alone made it be considered a truly divine technique as the ability to realize one’s innate domain without using a barrier was the same as an artist drawing on thin air instead of a canvas.

Inside the Malevolent Shrine, Sukuna was able to use his Cleave and Dismantle to mercilessly cut and attack any targets within its proximity.

While the Cleave targeted anything with the cursed energy, the Dismantle targeted the inanimate objects.

The radius of Sukuna’s Domain expansion had a maximum radius of nearly 200 meters but it could also be narrowed down if desired.

However, because there was an absence of a barrier anyone trapped could have made an escape route, but it was nearly impossible to do so as before you could even figure out the route you would be chopped into pieces.

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So, who wins?

Inifinite Void

So, now that we know about both the Domain Expansions, it certainly did become a bit hard for us to judge them.

While both Gojo’s and Sukuna’s techniques had their own strengths and weaknesses, the community won’t quiet down until one of them is crowned the strongest.

Many believe that Sukuna’s Domain Expansion is far more powerful than Gojo’s and some believe otherwise.

Now we do know that the rule of Domain Expansion is: The stronger it is from the Inside, the weaker its from the outside. So, according to this rule, if we see Gojo’s Infinite Void, it is more vulnerable to attacks from the outside as it is enclosed in the barrier.

However, this rule cannot be directly applied to Sukuna’s as his Malevolent Shrine didn’t even have a barrier and hence was not limited to a particular area. Also, Sukuna’s Domain Expansion was huge!

While having an escape route was a major flaw of the Malevolent Shrine, Gojo’s Infinite Void is also suspectable to outer attacks.

While Gojo’s Infinite Void played with the target’s minds, Sukuna’s Malevelonet Shrine went straight for the attacks.

So anybody who entered either one of these domains was surely likely to meet their ends. Many fans believed that Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine was the most powerful and some even said that the author themselves stated it.

Nevertheless, many argue with this statement because until now many still believe that Gojo’s Domain Expansion is the strongest.

However because the series hasn’t finished yet, many believe that once Sukuna gets all his 20 fingers back, his Malevolent Shrine would achieve its true form and be deemed the strongest.

For that to happen we are afraid it will take some time and in that time being even Gojo will get more powerful and so will his Domain Expansion.

Hence, for now, we can say that the holder of the Strongest Domain Expansion in the series is none other than Satoru Gojo. So, to find out more about the series and to know if anyone will take the spot of Gojo in the near future, we suggest you keep up with the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

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