What is Black Frieza? The Anime’s Strongest Form Yet

Black Frieza ball z

Everyone knows Dragon Ball Z right? And there are only a few people that have no idea about their infamous villain Frieza. He has been one of the strongest enemies of the series. He was known for his brutality and for his evil actions. This character made by, Akira Toriyama, is one of the most iconic and famous in the whole anime world, and this time it seems much stronger than ever.

Freiza is the character that was created to create havoc and cause destruction. Just what the Dragon Ball fans love. The franchise mostly focuses on the adventure of its protagonist, Goku and as he continues his journey, he faces many infamous villains. He remains victorious with some of them and also faces defeat sometimes.

But as he proceeds to move on, he always trains harder and harder every day to achieve his ultimate goal. He trains harder every day so that he can take on anyone that becomes an obstacle on his journey. Well, it’s not only Goku who trains every day, the villains also train every day to get stronger and defeat them.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, it was revealed that Freixa had unlocked his new form, Black Frieza. This form is so powerful that it is stated that the form is the strongest one in anime yet! Stronger than Ultra Instinct.

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How did Freiza unlock his new form?

The chapter left the whole fans stunned. There was no way that they were expecting such a powerful upgrade of their iconic villain, Freiza. He became so powerful that he was even able to defeat Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Let’s take a look at how Freiza got his new form, which became the strongest form of the entire anime.

Granola the Survivor Arc finally ended after Freiza’s presence. He then revealed that he had been training all the time to reach a new power level. After instantly returning to the anime he showed his immense power and defeated Gas after Goku, Vegeta, and Granola. Freiza unleashed his new form and defeated the strongest Saiyans, Vegeta, and Goku with a single punch.

It’s crazy that he defeated some of the strongest characters in the Universe. He didn’t even sweat while he was battling with Gas, the strongest character in the Universe. Gas himself was in disbelief when he found that Frieza was now more powerful than ever.

When he was asked how he became so strong because it finally revealed Gas as the strongest in the Universe. Frieza then explained that he became the strongest because he was not in that Universe. He even revealed that he was spending his whole time training in the Room of Spirit and Time and unlocked his new power and new form after training for almost 10 years.

He was super crazy because he defeated Goku and Vegeta just with a single punch. Freiza told that he was spending time in the Room of Spirit and Time, so where can this place be? Do you remember where Goku went when he was trying to control his Ultra Instinct?

He went to the Room of Spirit and Time with Space with Merus to train his Ultra Instinct and be better at handling such power. Frieza might’ve gone to the same room that Goku had gone. The room must’ve been somewhere deep inside the territory of Freiza. And there he trained for 10 years, why did he spend so much time training there?

Don’t worry we have your answer, Frieza told that he spent training there for 10 years because he didn’t want to get beaten by the Saiyans every time, this time he trained hard and for a long time so that he would remain victorious against every opponent.

In just a short time, he was able to train for 10 years and unlock Black Frieza. It seems like Goku and Vegeta aren’t even close enough to challenge Freiza in terms of power. His 10 years of training were the result of Black Freiza.

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How powerful is Black Freiza?

Damn! The power level of this guy is just pure chaos. In no time he showed the true place for Gas, who was known as the most powerful one in the whole Universe. Black Frieza was so powerful that he punched Goku and Vegeta at the same time and they both got defeated. He is currently the strongest character in the whole series.

He defeated Gas in a truly brutal way. Black Freiza stabbed Gas with his bare hand on his chest and crushed his whole skull. He died in no time. The strongest of the Universe 7, gas was no one in front of Black Freiza. He instantly probed to be one of the strongest in the Universe. Goku and Vegeta were also nothing compared to Freiza, but both of them have their epic forms as well right? what about that?

Both of the Saiyans have their Ultra forms, which are quite powerful, so powerful that they can even beat Broly with that form. Talking about Broly, do you remember the time when Broly actually toyed with Golden Freiza, which was also one of the powerful forms of Frieza?

He was easily one of the most powerful characters of the series but not powerful as Ultra Instinct Goku & Ultra Ego Vegeta. They might be strong but they struggle against Gas. And what happened to Gas, the strongest of the Universe? Dead.

In no time, he proved to be the strongest in the Universe. In fact, he is the only character who knocked True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta with a single punch. he is the only character that was able to knock them in their Ultra forms, with just a single punch. This shows us that he is just on another level than the rest of the characters.

The Black Freiza is simply unstoppable at this moment. He is so powerful that the whole anime series has never something like Black Freiza before. It’s possible that things could’ve taken a great turn if Goku and Vegeta would’ve worked together and if they were still full of energy.

Still, it won’t change the fact that he will give them a tough time. He might even win if they fought together against Black Freiza. He defeated both of the Saiyan in their Ultra form with a single punch which is a kinda hard thing to digest.

The Saiyans won’t stand a chance against Black Freiza. But still, their determination level is something beyond that of Freiza, they will never give up until they will defeat Black Freiza but this time it almost seems impossible.

It was stated that Freiza never had to work out, not for a single day because he was born as powerful as him. His transformation always gave him the strength and power to surpass his old self. Without training, he would surpass himself and become the strongest of anyone else.

But this time he had trained, and just in four months, he became the most powerful character in the Universe. Just in four months, he became more powerful than the Super Saiyan God himself. It shows how much potential Freiza actually has and in just four months he was able to unlock the most powerful form that the series had ever seen, Black Freiza.

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