What happened to Zoro’s eye?

zoro eye

One of the strongest characters of One Piece, Roronoa Zoro, was seen with a scar on his left eye after two years of the post-time skip.

This raised a huge question among One Piece fans about how he lost his left eye because it was never shown in the anime.

So what’s the truth behind his scar? What happened to Zoro’s eye? Let’s unravel the truth!!

What happened to Zoro two years post time skip?

During the voyage of the Straw Hats, they ended up in the Sabody Archipelago, where Mugiwara and his crew faced enormous consequences that changed their lives.

The Straw Hats went to Sabody to coat their ship to make the trip to Fishman Island, which was located under the sea.

To coat their ship, they searched for Rayleigh, who had the skill of coating ships that could prevent underwater pressure during their trip.

In the search for Dark King, they ended up at an auction house where he was about to get sold as an enslaved person. But Rayleigh needed money and planned to rob the one who would buy him as an enslaved person.

However, during the auction, a friend of Straw Hats and Rayleigh, Hachi’s identity was revealed as a Fishman, which caused an uproar and panic.

People feared the Fishman and discriminated against them as they weren’t of the same race. A World Nobel instantly fired a shot, stopping the uproar, but it injured Hachi.

This raged Luffy, and bursting out in anger, he got up and threw a punch at TenryubitTenryubito’shout caring for any of the rules. Zoro also stated he wanted to slice the Celestial Dragon.

He committed a severe crime immediately by punching the descendants of nineteen of the Twenty Kings who established the World Government. This news spread all over the island, and the people demanded of the Admirals.

Admiral Kizaru went to handle all of them. He was able to defeat the other supernovas like Drake and Hawkins. While on the other side, Luffy and his crew clashed with PX-5.

Zoro was injured heavily at the Thriller Bark and couldn’t couldn’toperly. However, The Straw Hats succeeded in destroying it and began to plan what to do next.

But suddenly, Sentomaru and PX-1 got in the way of the Straw Hats. After this, Luffy orders his crew to split up and run. They get split up into three groups in three directions. Sanji sticks with Nami and Frank.

While Robin and Chopper stick with Luffy on the other side, Brook and Ussop get along with Zoro. The escape begins.

zoro swords

The Sentomaru chased Luffy. When Mugiwara attacked him, he quickly deflected the attacks and knocked the Captain oCaptaintraw Hats out. At the same time, there came an explosion sound from Zoro’s diZoro’sn.

Zoro and his group ran into a worst-case scenario- they ended up in front of Admiral Kizaru. Zoro took crucial damage from the Admiral and couldn’t couldn’t Ussop and Brook tried to defend Roronoa.

But their attacks didn’t wodidn’tthe Admiral as he was the Logia User. Kizaru was about to eliminate Zoro, but in the meantime, Rayleigh came to their aid and told them to run away.

Unfortunately, another pacifista chases Zoro. However, Sanji and Brook temporarily stop it and get defeated. Chopper, with his monster transformation, also couldn’t couldn’ting.

PX-1 was about to knock the chopper, but real Kuma arrived and stopped it. Kuma asked if Zoro wanted to go on a trip and with a touch, made him disappear. The crew got shocked as Roronoa got vanished in the blink of an eye.

Likewise, Bartholomew Kuma makes all of Lufyy’s cLufyy’sappear at a particular time with ease. At last, Kuma goes in front of Luffy and, with his paw raised, makes Mugiwara disappear too.

That’s thThat’s when the Straw Hats were severely defeated.

All of the Straw Hats were sent off, and Zoro got sent to Kuraigana Island, where Dracule Mihawk, World’s SWorld’st Swordsman used to inhabit.

What happened to Zoro during the two years timeskip?

During the two years, post-time skip all of the crew members of the Straw Hats were dispersed and sent to different places.

Before they got apart from each other, the Captain oCaptaintraw Hats told them to meet all of the crew members after three days at Sabody anyhow.

Zoro and Luffy

He also got the news that Luffy’s bLuffy’s Ace died in front of him during the Marineford War.

Luffy was facing tragedy and needed his crew at that time but they all were separated so Zoro got a boat but the Humandrills-Baboon stopped him and attacked him.

Zoro thought of training and polishing his sword skill for two years with the World’s GWorld’s Swordsman because he got a newspaper where his captain iCaptaind something.

In the newspaper, Zoro saw that Luffy had a tattoo of “3D2Y” which declares the abolition of the meeting of Straw Hats after three days replacing it with two years.

He bowed down to the world’s sworld’st swordsman and asked him to train him to great more substantial. But seeing all the blood in his body, Mihawk thought that he got defeated by the baboons and refused to teach him.

But it was not the truth, Zoro said that he defeated all the baboons who had the skills using swords like Samurais. The dedication of Roronoa impressed Mihawk, and he decided to train him after his recovery.

After he recovered, Zoro began training with Mihawk and the baboons. There was a baboon who was the most powerful and had the skill like that of Dracule Mihawk.

During the harsh training of two years, Zoro massively increased his strength and sword skill. He was even able to learn how to use Haki and control it.

He was capable enough to coat his swords with Haki and turn it into black. Roronoa also showed off his skill at Sabody on his first appearance by slicing a whole ship into two.

At the same time, it was revealed that he had a big scar in his eye and lost his sight during the training with the Mihawk.

When did Zoro lose his eye?

Zoro lost his eye after he got dispersed from his crew. After the two years post-time skip, it was revealed that he had lost his sight.

In the last episode of  516, we didn’t sedidn’t losing his eye, but in another episode of 517, season 15, “A New Ch”pter Begins- The Straw Hat Crew Reunites!” Zoro wa” seen having a scar that shut his left eye.

It was not revealed how Roronoa lost his eyes. However, there are specific theories on how he lost his eye.

Different Theories on What happened to Zoro’s Ocular Dominance theory:

Ocular Dominance theory is the most reasonable theory that the One Piece community has come up with.

Ocular dominance is the focus over one eye than another eye concerning the use or sharpness of the vision. This is a power boost to the eyes in a profession like swordsmanship.

One benefits of eyes that they can work at the same level or equal to 10/10 vision. One can presume the world’s sworld’st swordsman has exceeding quality in picture as Dracule Mihawk is called “Hawkeye””

It is “uite possible that during the duel and training, Hawkeye has noticed Roronoa suffers from Ocular dominance in his left eye, which indicates that Zoro’s leZoro’s is stronger than the right one.

Considering that Mihawk perhaps marked Zoro’s eyZoro’sshut it and directed Zoro not to open it until his right eye gets trained enough.

Zoro has performed only with one eye, but what if he can use both eyes?

He might be compared with Luffy, like Shanks and Ben Beckman, because of their similar strengths as Captain aCaptaint-hand man.

If something like this happens, Zoro would be the perfect person for carrying the title of the world’s swordsman as the future Pirate King’s has also presaging already attracted all the impressions of fans in every arc after New World because of his battle skills.

Zoro has caught so much attention from fans that he might end up stealing the shoe if, anyhow he is able to use his other eye hidden with tremendous strength or something else.

Oda is known for presaging; no one knows what goes inside his head. There might be something for Zoro, too for the eye that he lost.

This theory that the One Piece community has made also suits Oda’s wriOda’sand might be a chance that this theory might come true.

But until then, this theory is not fully proven and cannot be considered truth.

Demon Asura Zoro:

Demon Asura’s tAsura’ss also another popular theory for Zoro’s eyZoro’ss theory states that Roronos’sRoronos’sclosed to keep control over his Asura power.

The core of this theory is that the swords that Zoro carries are cursed, so Roronoa is possessed by the Asura Demon.

This theory still holds as Zoro has been seen using this form in the post-time skip without opening his eye.

Most of the time, we could witness that Zoro’s leZoro’s sparkled several times, most apparently during the Water 7 saga when he performed nine sword styles: Demon Ashura.

There might be a possibility that Zoro could be successfully controlling the power and upsurge of demon Ashura which he wasn’t abwasn’tcontrol before.

This might be the clue to why Zoro’s leZoro’s sparkled when he got severe while combatting.

Granted, Mihawk was Roronoa’sRoronoa’sHawkeye might have advised Zoro to shut his eye and not to rely on the demon’s pdemon’sawkeye would probably wish to make sure Zoro surpasses him with his power without being dependent on demon Ashura’s Ashura’s he appreciates Roronoa’sRoronoa’sk and dedication towards being the world’s gworld’s swordsman.


However, till now, it has not been revealed what happened to Zoro’s eyZoro’s in the future, Oda might have something surprising for his fans regarding the scar on his left eye of Zoro.

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