What Happened To Luffy’s Family In One Piece?

Luffy’s Family

One Piece has always been one of the biggest anime with the greatest mysteries. Luffy’s crazy bloodlines shocked the whole world when it got broadcasted. What are they doing now? What happened to them?

You must be eager to know about what happened to Luffy’s family but before jumping straight into the topic, let’s get detailed information on who the Straw Hat Captain’s parents are and his connections with his close ones.

We guarantee that your jaw will drop to the floor when you’ll know about Luffy’s bloodline.

Luffy’s grandfather, Monkey D. Garp

monkey d. garp

The fans went crazy when they found out that Luffy had a grandfather, who is a Marine of the Navy Headquarters; not just an ordinary Marine, he is the “hero” of the Marine.

Garp is the vice-admiral of marine. He is one of the strongest marines and one of the most powerful characters in the series. The marines also awarded Garp the title of Admiral but he rejected it because he hated to work under the Celestial dragons.

Normally, Garp wanted Luffy to become a successful marine and go on different marine missions with him. But once Luffy met with the infamous pirate Shanks, he had already planned his goal- his goal was to be the ‘King of the Pirates’

Although Garp couldn’t convince Luffy to join the marines, he doesn’t hate him. He still loves him and after their reunion, after years the marine hero gave him a Fist of Love, a knockout punch right in his head.

Another crazy thing is that when Garp met Luffy he also told about who Luffy’s father was. This left the fans and the people near Luffy startled. Let’s see who is Luffy’s father.

Luffy’s Dad, Monkey D. Dragon

Luffy’s Dad

When Oda revealed that the father of the wanted pirate was Monkey D. Dragon, the fans had no idea who it was, and then it was revealed that he was an infamous pirate which shocked the whole crew members of the Straw Hats.

Let’s travel back in time, to episode 314. The Straw Hats were back after rescuing Nico Robin from the World Government. They are resting at Water 7, and suddenly a marine ship of Garp shows up.

Zoro notices the ship and makes a run to inform his captain but, as usual, he gets lost.

While Luffy was having a feast, Garp makes his entry and gives him a fist of love. After some time the marine hero reveals Luffy’s biological father, Monkey D. Dragon.

The whole marine crew and Straw Hats were screaming in shock when they heard about this, but do you know what Luffy responded?

“Dragon? Hey guys… What are you so surprised about?”

Luffy had no idea that his father, Dragon, was the Worst Criminal in One Piece.

Dragon has been declared the worst criminal in history by the World Governments. He leads the most infamous army “The Revolutionary Army” He formed this army to end World Government’s plans and their selfish desires.

Garp also states that Dragon saved his life at Lougetown, while he was about to get executed. Still, Luffy has no reaction while others have started to faint.

Luffy’s mother, who is she?

Luffy’s mother has always remained a great mystery in the series. There hasn’t been any kind of public announcement on who Luffy’s mother is but there is some information that Oda has left us.

“I think she’s alive. I’m still thinking hard about this. *Laughs* But if she does appear in the story, then she’ll be a very tough-looking woman. And strict. There’s no way that she’s a beautiful mother. She’s got this typical middle-aged woman’s permed hair.”

According to Oda, Luffy’s mother hasn’t died yet, she is alive somewhere and she might appear someday in the series. It’s possible that his mother will go along with Dragon on his mission, to liberate the world.

There are only a few chances where we’ll get to see Luffy’s mother, but when it does, the whole world will go wild once again. Well, don’t raise your hopes higher on appearance because Oda has stated that she won’t be beautiful. Damn you, Oda!

Luffy’s sworn brother Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace

Luffy’s relationship surely is amazing, it always leaves us startled. While Luffy was in Dressrosa, he introduced his brother Portgas D. Ace to his crew members. This stunned the crew because Ace was an infamous pirate.

He was the Commander of the second division of White Beard’s Pirates, led by Edward Newgate. Ace was serving as a commander under Whitebeard.

He was so talented and powerful that at the age of 19 the World Governments acknowledged his powers and offered him a seat for the Shichibukai(warlord of the sea). But do you know what Ace did?

He refused the offer!

Likewise Luffy Ace believed that pirates should be free so he refused the offer though there were many advantages to a WarLord.

Ace and Luffy shared similar dreams. Both of them have been together since they were kids. They both went through many tough times and saved each other multiple times when they were little kids.

Unfortunately, Ace got captured by the marines after he lost the battle against Black Beard. This gave birth to one of the greatest wars in the history of One Piece, the Paramount War.

Whitebeard pirates came to save Ace in the arena, Luffy joined them but unfortunately, they couldn’t save Ace in the end. He died while trying to rescue his brother, Akainu (one of the admirals) made a hole in his chest, destroying his internal organs.

Ace’s last words were to Luffy: “I… can’t speak loud enough for the others to hear it. Please pass on what I’m about to say. Old Man (Whitebeard), everyone, and you, Luffy. Even though I’m so worthless… Even though I carry the blood of a demon… Thank you for loving me.”

Ace’s death impacted horribly on Luffy

Luffy wasn’t ready for this, he was mentally broken and tormented when he realized that Ace was now no longer with him.

He cried so much that he was unable to sense anything. At the same time, Ace’s death inspired Luffy to become stronger and fulfill his dream because that was his brother’s final wish, to him be the King of Pirates.

You can’t deny that you didn’t cry when Ace died, everyone cried when we saw him lying unconscious in Luffy’s arm. They had a great bond with each other. It’s a shame that he died without seeing Sabo.

You might be wondering who Sabo is, but don’t worry, you have us.

Luffy’s sworn brother, Sabo


It was only revealed later that Sabo, Ace, and Luffy were together from the start. We got detailed information on Sabo during the Paramount War. Sabo was introduced in the series while flashbacks of Ace and Luffy were being played.

Luffy had two sworn brothers, Ace and Sabo. All three of them spent their childhood together and grew up sharing each other’s emotions. Each of them wanted to be a pirate and live freely away from the selfish land.

In the 493rd episode of the anime, Ace, Luffy, and Sabo shared a drink together and stated that from now on, they are brothers.

After some episodes, it was revealed that Sabo was actually a big picture. He was actually a son of the noble, but despite being a noble, he hated that and didn’t consider himself as one.

Sabo ran away from his house and started to live with Ace and Luffy in the mountains. That was his home now, but when the three of them were running around the city, Sabo’s father noticed him.

His noble family thought that he was dead but, when they found him, he was straight taken back to his house. As you know by now, Sabo despised that, so he made a run to the sea, to start his journey to becoming a pirate.

While Sabo was starting his voyage from a fish boat, he crossed paths with a Celestial Dragon. The Celestial shot his ship just because a “commoner” crossed his paths with him.

Sabo’s death news shocked Luffy and Ace. Luffy cried for days while Ace swore to become strong for his dead brother. Both of them took Sabo’s goal as their and went on their voyage to become the greatest pirate.

In episode 663 Dressrosa, Sabo makes his appearance again!

It was revealed that Sabo was actually not dead. He explains that he was saved by the Revolutionary Army.

Luffy finally reunites with his sworn brother after 12 years. When he sees Sabo for the first time, his eyes get bawled out because of the unbelievable truth. He embraces Sabo full of tears, it really was a heartwarming moment.

Luffy lost one brother but reunited with another one. It was unfortunate that Ace didn’t get a chance to meet with Savo, his beloved brother.

Who are Luffy’s Mom and Dad? About His Parents

Luffy’s mother-like figure, Dadan

Luffy foster mother Dadan

Luffy didn’t grow up with his mother or father, He grew up with the Bandit Queen Dadan.

Luffy’s father was never with him and there’s no information on his mom. His grandfather, Garp was with him since he was just a child but as a vice-admiral of the marine, he was always busy with his work so he barely had any time to spend with him.

Garp couldn’t take good care of his grandchild so he left him with Dadan, who was taking care of Ace at that time. From then, Luffy met Ace and Sabo.

Dadan will always be close to Luffy’s heart because she was always there for those little kids. Although it seemed that she was extremely careless and didn’t like Ace and Luffy, she genuinely cared for her.

She has even saved Luffy and Ace when the dumpster area near Mt. Columbo. The whole area was set on fire by the Nobles because they hated common people. While Luffy and Ace were trying to make their escape Bluejam, an infamous pirate stopped them, demanding their treasure.

Luffy wasn’t strong enough back then to fight and Ace was the only hope left but just as they were losing hope Dadan appeared.

Dadan and Ace stood there in the fire and fought with the pirate. Although all Dadan did was scream and run, she was brave enough to come looking for them and make an attempt to save them.

Dadan raised Luffy and Ace. Both of them and their friends, Sabo, were really close to them. After hearing the news about Ace’s death she couldn’t hold her scream and tears. When Garp came to the Foosha Village again, she punched him saying he did nothing to save Ace and left him to die.

Despite her annoying behavior towards the kids, she cared for them more than anything.

Luffy’s family carries the will of “D”

You and us, everyone knows that Luffy and his bloodline carry the will of D. There are only a few pieces of information about the legacy of D, but we do know that the people who carry this will are not ordinary.

It is said that people with D are the people of God’s Archenemy. They are the ones who can hold their ground against the gods and challenge them. They are one of the powerful clans that can turn the world upside down.

Only 10 peoples have D on their names;

  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Monkey D. Dragon
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law
  • Portgas D. Rouge
  • Gol D. Roger
  • Jaguar D. Saul
  • Portgas D. Ace
  • Marshall D. Teach
  • Rocks D. Xebec
  • Monkey D. Garp

If we take a look at them, then all of these 10 people are not normal. Each of them has done something to change history upside down.

The word “D” can also mean “danger” which makes sense because all of these people with D aren’t someone you want to mess up with.

The people of D are also related to the great One Piece treasure. They are somehow connected with many mysteries of One Piece like; Void Century, Joy Boy, and World Governments.

No wonder why Luffy has one of the craziest bloodlines in the history of anime.

Where are Luffy’s parents and what are they doing?

As of today’s date, Luffy’s grandfather Garp is currently in Mary Geoise.

Each time after four years, every king and queen from every nation gathers at Pangaea Castle in Mary Geoise for a seven-day conference to discuss current and future events.

Garp was seen escorting princess Sirahoshi of the Ryugu Kingdom, daughter of King Neptune.

Talking about the World Conference, Sabo was also seen there to take revenge against the Celestial Dragons. The commanders of the Revolutionary army are seen planning vengeance against the World Governments.

In episode 957, you can see that something tragic has happened to Sabo as he has appeared on the news and everyone are in shock after reading the news.

Although it hasn’t been revealed what has happened to Sabo, people’s expressions when they read the news explain the tragedy.

We can also see Dragon reading the tragic news about Sabo. Dragon gets really concerned about him when he reads the news and if we take a look at the background then we can see he is currently staying at the Revolutionary Army’s headquarters, Momoiro Island.

There is a high possibility that we’ll see Dragon in action for the first time to save his Sabo or to avenge him by destroying the World Governments.

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